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The Suzuki SV650S is a sporty motorcycle that rewards you with a thrilling riding experience. It sports an attractive fairing combined with an aerodynamic windscreen and a set of sleek headlights.

It is built on an innovative aluminum-truss frame, formed with high vacuum casting technology. This modern frame helps it deliver first class performances when it comes to ride and handling.

Once you jump on the sculpted seat you are met by a sporty handlebar combined with a modern instrument panel that keeps you posted on various stats.

The motorcycle is propelled by a 645cc, 4-stroke, 2-cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 90° degree V-twin, fuel injected engine which sends its power to the ground through a six speed, constant mesh transmission. The engine is fed by a 17 liters fuel tank, so you can expect to a pretty decent riding range.

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The Suzuki SFV650AZ is a modern naked with a touch of classic style. Its unique red, black and yellow paint scheme draws inspiration from the 1970s Suzuki RG500 Grand Prix racer.

At its heart “beats” a 645cc, 4-stroke, 2 cylinder, liquid-cooled DOHC, 90° V-twin engine that rewards you with a fair amount of power and generous low end torque. The engine’s power is kept in leash by a six speed constant mesh transmission. It is also worthy of being mentioned that the engine is fed by a 14.5 litres fuel tank.

But power without control is useless, therefore, Suzuki equipped its SFV650AZ with sporty front and rear suspensions that feature adjustable spring pre-load.

The stopping power is handled by front and rear disc brakes combined with an advanced digital ABS system that compares wheel speed to road speed every 1/100th of a second to maximize the stopping performance.

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The 2013 Suzuki Inazuma 250 offers agility, power and comfort in a pretty compact package. This sporty naked features an aggressive design language that inspires agility and speed. We especially like the sharp-cut lines of the fairing, the sculpted fuel tank and the tasty headlight. Not to mentioned about the comfortable handlebar, the perfectly placed foot pegs and the spacious seat which help you get a fairly relaxed riding experience.

The Suzuki Inazuma 250’s center piece is a 248cc, four stroke, liquid-cooled, SOHC, fuel injected engine especially tuned to offer a perfect balance between power and efficiency rewarding you wint an average fuel consumption of over 85 mpg. The engine is fed by a large capacity fuel tank (13.3litres) that offers a decent riding range.

The 2013 Suzuki Inazuma 250 is offered with a starting price of £3,408.

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With its aggressive design language, the 2013 Suzuki GSR750 ABS is a pretty imposing presence. Its tasty style makes it hard not to fall in love with it, while its modern technologies help you get the sharpest handling and the best performances.

Talking about performances, the Suzuki GSR750 ABS sports a 749cc, 4-stroke, 4-cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC engine derived from the GSX-R750. The engine rewards you with a crisp acceleration and a great throttle response. All its power is kept in check by a 6-speed constant mesh transmission.

The 2013 Suzuki GSR750 ABS rides on 120/70ZR17M/C (58W) front and 180/55ZR17M/C (73W) rear tubeless tyres.

Once on board you are met by a modern instrument panel with adjustable brightness, that keeps you posted on all vital stats.

The 2013 Suzuki GSR750 ABS is offered with a starting price of £7,399.

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Yamaha launched its fresh 850cc street-focused triple with a starting price of only £6799. The new bike was especially created for the European market and features a sharp style, an upright riding position and a modern 850cc traverse three cylinder power plant.

As far as performance is concerned, Yamaha claims that its 850 cc unit delivers a maximum output of 115 hp at 10500 rpm and 62 lbft of torque at 8500 rpm which put the MT-09 in direct competition with models like the Ducati Monster, Triumph Speed Triple, and even BMW F800.

The motorcycle’s backbone is represented by an all new CF aluminium die-cast frame which is lightweight and stiff offering a great overall balance at high speeds.

The light frame is combined with a pair of light 10-spoke alloy wheels that are shod in newly-developed radial tyres - 120/70ZR17 at the front and 180/55ZR17 at the rear.

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The Kawasaki Z800 follows on the footsteps of the old Z750 that made its debut in 2003. Compared to the previous generation the new Z800 is a totally improved motorcycle that keeps all the advantages of the old model but significantly improves some of its flaws.

For a middle weight super-naked model the Kawasaki Z800 is a surprisingly capable motorcycle that offers an excellent ride quality, a smooth engine and a huge amount of power.

Talking about power, the Kawasaki Z800 e version sports a Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, In-Line Four, 806 cm3 engine that is paired with a six speed transmission. Fire up the engine and you’ll be assaulted by 95 pennies of power and 76 Nm of torque achieved at 8000 rpm.

The motorcycle’s speed is kept in leash by new opposed, 4-piston calipers (ABS version only) that grip large-diameter 310 mm petal discs. The rear wheel is kept in check by a 250 mm petal disc paired with a single-piston.

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The Kawasaki Z1000 Special Edition combines a strong engine with an agile steering and modern technologies in a fairly sporty package.

The bike features an aluminium twin-tube frame that was especially developed for high speed riding. This modern frame hosts a liquid-cooled, DOHC, 16-valve 1,043 cm3, In-line four engine that rewards you with a maximum power of 138 PS at 9,600 rpm and 110 Nm of torque at 7,800 rpm.

Besides being strong, the Kawasaki Z1000 is also pretty good looking. You’ll especially like the sharply sloped front cowl, the slim line-beam headlamp and the minimalist tail section.

As far as wheels are concerned the bike rides on a pair of 5-spoke cast units shod in 120/70ZR17M/C (58W) front and 190/50ZR17M/C (73W) rear tyres.

The Kawasaki Z1000 Special Edition is offered with a starting price of £ 9,299.

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When it comes to sport motorcycles, Kawasaki is one of the most appreciated manufacturers. Its products are true work of arts and apart from their modern technologies they also come with futuristic styles that make you fall in love with them at the first sight.

One of the most desirable sport models in Kawasaki’s lineup is the Z1000 Sport. This beauty features an aerodynamic design language that helps it cut though the air with ease and numerous styling cues that underline its agile stance.

Leaving behind the tasty, muscular look, the Kawasaki Z1000 Sport is blessed with a four-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC, four valves per cylinder, inline-foure engine with a displacement of 1,043cc. The engine breaths through a modern exhaust system that features a 4-into-2-pre-chamber-into-2 layout.

The motorcycle’s backbone is an aluminum backbone frame designed specifically for high speeds performances.

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Overview The big, muscular CB1300S C-ABS is the king of Honda’s Naked stable. Its retro styling centres around its impressive inline-4 engine; a fuel-injected, liquid-cooled DOHC power plant that’s tuned for maximum enjoyment. It’s capably delivers raw excitement while placing a firm focus on seamless control and strong midrange performance. Acceleration is strong and exhilarating while Combined-ABS boosts rider confidence. Handling is enhanced by a low seat height for a machine of this (...)
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The Honda CBF1000F is a true beast wrapped in a pretty modern design language. Talking about design, the motorcycle features an aerodynamic that seems to merge with the sporty fuel tank. Needless to say that the bike has also received perfect ergonomics, so you won’t have to worry about comfort even when a long journey waits in front of you.

The Honda CBR1000F is propelled by an inline 4 cylinder, liquid-cooled 4-stroke, 16-valve DOHC, 998 cc engine with PGM-FI electronic fuel injection. The engine puts out a maximum power of 79 kw at 9000 rpm and 96Nm of torque at 6,500 rpm. Its power is kept in leash by a modern six speed transmission.

But power without control is useless; thereby the CBF1000F has received a set of sporty suspensions which give you a great handling but also a pretty comfortable ride. They consist of a rear Pro-Link configuration with gas-charges HMAS damper (120 mm axle travel) and a front 41 mm cartridge-type telescopic fork (120 mm axle travel).

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