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US stunt rider Chris McNeil recently got his skillful hands on a pair of new wheels and smoked the hell out of them. More precisely, he performed slides, stunts and wheelies on BMW’s superbike, the 190bhp S1000RR .

The bike appears to be adequate for such a rough treatment as in a very short amount of time McNeil managed to do great part of his worming up routine. Watch the video after the break.

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The Guinness World Book of Records has recently registered a new jump record set by Ryan Capes, who obtained a 290ft leap on his Kawasaki KX500. This means he had to push his dirt bike to a top speed of 100 mph (a real challenge, no doubt about it) before leaving the dirt ramp at the Jeremy McGraths ranch outside San Diego.

This achievement makes Capes the closest motorcycle jumper ever to reach the 300-foot mark and only if we consider the fact that he even thought at pulling a trick we can understand this rider’s true value. But knowing that he was only 25 feet or so off the ground at 100 mph, we can also understand why he reconsidered.

Although the event took place last month, the sponsor Monster Energy has only recently revealed the footage of the American’s successful world record attempt.

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As you may already know, Travis Pastrana – the kind of guy that backflips a shoe bike , jumps his motorcycle over a hovering helicopter , backflips from one building to another etc for a living – has actually pulled off his latest stunt behind the wheel of his Subaru WRX STI rally car on new year’s eve. The stunt consisted in the daredevil jumping off a ramp mounted on a boat and onto a barge-mounted landing ramp. In between those: over 250 feet of water.

What you most likely don’t know is the extensive training required to pull off such a stunt and we’ve come to find that Pastrana practiced with both a car and motorcycle for this specific world-record-setting jump and even crashed the racing Subaru car after misjudging the speed required to land smoothly over the hump of the…whatever, just watch the behind-the-scenes video that Red Bull only recently made public.

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To celebrate 20 years from the fall of the Berlin wall, French freestyle rider Julien Dupont takes on Berlin and ads another episode to his “Ride the World” series of illegal urban activities that we like so much.

Backed up by a professional team, Dupont’s Berlin ride is for the freedom symbolized by the fall of the wall in Berlin.

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People would go to any lengths to turn their dreams into reality and one such person is base-jumper Bernie Williams, who on November 28, 2009 set a first world record by flying his motorcycle from a hot air balloon in Chesaning, Michigan.

Coming down from 5000 feet relying only on the parachute and on his steady hand on the throttle, the ambitious man has shown that it is well worth waiting…20 years (in this case) for whatever makes you happy. The video is attached after the jump.

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At last year’s end, the world had witnessed the first ever Harley successful backflip achieved on a modified XR1200 by our favorite Australians. While that premier was already impressive, the Aussies are now exploiting the bike’s full stunting potential and have recently established an unofficial world record for the world’s longest Harley jump, 157.6 feet. Also, they got their hands on a HD Sportster 883 and started looping it around in the globe of death, so it’s one crazy idea after the other in the minds of those who have turned the XR1200 into a record-breaking machine. Videos are attached after the jump.

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The Evel Knievel of hamsters

Hammy is a hamster who, inspired by daredevil legend Evel Knievel, decided to make his own entry in the treacherous world of motorcycle jumping. Looking at this funny video right here, it is easy to see that faith is kind with the unconscious rodent and he lives to fight another day.

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Backflips have long become part of Travis Pastrana’s routine, but he is always finding new ways of making the old trick even more spectacular. He even did the stunt with the shoe bike not long ago and his latest achievement is the backflip from building to building. He was definitely very confident in his ability to pull out the stunt because there was no safety net involved.

Travis Pastrana Backflips From Building to Buildin
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See what can happen when two stunt riders combine lack of coordination with speed in a short video supposed to determine showoffs to be themselves less often. I believe these guys learned their lesson thoroughly.

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