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super motard

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Following an earlier leak concerning their 2011 Freeride bikes, KTM releases the first images and press release for their all-new EVs that are scheduled for production a year and a half from now.

As initially seen, the two bikes share the same platform – delta box frame with self-supporting subframe – and lithium ion battery, all while weighing in at 198.4lbs. The Austrian firm claims performances similar to those of a 125cc supermoto/motocross internal combustion bike.

From the two, the supermoto bike will be street legal, while the MX one will keep all the fun on the track. The Freeride bikes will make their debut in Europe for the equivalent of $14,585, while riders in the US should “comply” with the much more competitive Zero Motorcycles . Read the full press release after the jump.

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Although the Austrians from KTM have tried to keep a low profile in what their all-new Freeride electric motorcycles are concerned, German magazine Das Motorrad published the first leaked pictures of the much-awaited KTMs. Damn, why can’t we feel sorry about this?

Expected to retail for approximately $13,500 (or just under €10,000), both bikes rely on 30bhp and 33lb/ft of torque while weighing in at 198.4lbs. Hmm, that cannot be impressive. At least the 2.5kWh lithium-ion battery pack is capable to keep the good stuff coming for around 1.5-hours.

One a supermoto and the other an enduro, both bikes feature what appears to be a tubular steel frame.

This pretty much blows KTM’s element of surprise, but at least we can see the Austrian company entering confidently into a totally new segment mainly dominated by Zero Motorcycles in the United States.

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Hypermotards are all about combining the right amount of power with perfect balance and chassis geometry for excellent feedback. It all resumes to upgrading those aggressive riding skills and obtaining better and better lap times. That’s what Ducati concentrates on with their 2010 Hypermotard 1100 EVO and EVO SP models, ensuring that every single owner brags about its ride each time it takes it closer to its limits.

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After being launched last autumn at the EICMA Show in Milan as a middleweight super motard, Ducati’s all-new Hypermotard 796 turns out being, as expected, a smaller and much more versatile twin-cylinder Italian motorcycle with sportbike credentials and very aggressive looks. Let’s see what more.

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Kawasaki presents their 2010 entry-level supermoto model, the KLX250SF, a motorcycle derived from the dual sport one with almost the same name. The engine and frame are those of the KLX250S , while the wheels are now suitable mostly for street exploitation and the suspensions position the bike as low as possible. That means a big “Aim here!!!” for beginners attracted by supermoto bikes, but also for those in search of a fun and versatile motorcycle capable of much more than what this category stands for.

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The Honda NX 650 Dominator is a budget dual-sport motorcycle powered by a 644cc single-cylinder engine, produced by the Japanese manufacturer between 1988 and 2003.

Italy’s motorcycle design guru Oberdan Bezzi has come up with a rendering for a new Honda Dominator. Nowadays, such a bike would have to compete with models such as the Yamaha Yamaha XT 660Z Tenere, BMW F 650 GS and Kawasaki KLX 650, but if the previous Dominator’s reliability and great mileage were also taken in consideration, we reckon the middleweight dual-sport segment will soon have a new leader. Still, that is only and only if Honda ever decides to revive the Dominator.

Looks like even a supermoto version isn’t to be neglected either.

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Aprilia plays with the 2010 Dorsoduro Factory and we’ve just got our hands on the leaked pictures showing that. While the standard version is very aggressive already, just like the Italians like their bikes to look, the Factory adds carbon fiber parts and a black frame, achieving an overall much more aggressive result.

In what the engine is concerned, this remains the 749.9cc twin developing 92 hp at 8,750 rpm and 60lb/ft at 4,500 rpm. While these numbers are more than decent for a midsized super motard, the engine also works closely together with the “Ride by Wire” system, which is available in three modes: sport, touring and rain.

The suspension equipment now translates into a Sachs kit, which is adjustable to as much as 45mm, while the braking system maintains the same 320mm discs and now works with four-piston Brembo calipers. The sad part is that ABS doesn’t find its place in this equation, like in the case of the standard version.

Expect the Dorsoduro Factory to gather quite a crowd at Aprilia’s EICMA stand this year.

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Moto Morini had to come up with something special for the 2009 EICMA show and an upgraded version of their Granpasso turned out to be the solution, such as these first photos of the new bike reveal.

Built on the platform of the standard Granpasso – their big adventure tourer – the SM will have a more aggressive riding position and feature new suspension and braking systems, sporty wheels and tires as well as a different exhaust system to help retune the engine. Sounds like Moto Morini created the Granpasso 1200 SM for the supermoto track, but don’t really think that the Ducati Hypermotard 1100 has serious reasons to worry about.

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Moto Morini has long been preparing the supermoto version of the Granpasso and these first pics that we came across confirm the all-new bike’s upcoming official unveiling at the EICMA show. The pictures belong to Italian news site Motociclismo, which’s tester took the unfinished version of the Grand Motard for a spin.

Although we’ll have to say that this looks ready for the Italian manufacturer’s EICMA stand, they’re still talking code names such as “V12M01″ for the new machine that will be powered by an upgraded version of the Granpasso water-cooled 1187cc 87° V-twin motor. This will develop 127hp, 9 ponies more than on the adventure bike.

MM may have aimed towards a sporty style and character for their new motorcycle, but they also retained the best of the Granpasso , which is the 7-gallon fuel tank. This means more supermoto fun with fewer stops for gas. Expect us to bring more information and the official shots as they arrive.

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Ducati recently made public the video for the 2010 Hypermotard 796 and we have to say that it doesn’t manage to start our interest as much as it could considering the 81hp and 55.7lb/ft of engine performance on a motorcycle that weighs only 368 pounds. This should translate in never ending wheelies, skids and burnouts, but we don’t see much of that happening during what appears to be a relaxed Sunday ride. The bikes look great though and the relaxing music kind of takes our minds away from the “professional rider on a closed course” kind of action.

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