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super motard

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When you have a job to do, I say stick to it as tempting as the vehicle you’re commuting on might be. This guy clearly didn’t and all the fooling around on his supermoto bike messed out his delivery. Just wait for the second run.

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L-R-G performed their “routine” on the 2009 Suzuki Gladius and, strangely, their goal wasn’t speed, but off-road performance. By modifying the swingarm, adding the Leo Vince exhaust, a pair of standard-spoked Excel wheels and RM-Z front end, complete with MX fender and mudguards, the small commuter was transformed into a veritable supermoto. The standard seat and license hanger have been stripped down in order to obtain a sleeker design.

The tricked-out Gladius gets a Green and White paint scheme while the brake calipers and transmission cover are gold painted, just like on last year’s L-R-G Suzuki Hayabusa.

While we’re so caught up by this bike, we can’t help wondering if Suzuki will start thinking about an entry-level alternative for the continuously growing supermoto market.

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It is now official! The 2009 Aprilia SMV 750 Dorsoduro will line up to the SXV550 and conquer together the American market. We wouldn’t conceive otherwise as ever since Dorsoduro’s presentation, the US public went nuts.

And if you wonder why, the answer is hidden in the Aprilia’s self-developed 750cc liquid-cooled V-Twin engine that is capable of 92-horsepower. Now that’s more than decent for a twin-cylinder engine and the bike has no problems in going against the Ducati Hypermotard which’s engine displaces 1100ccs.

Looking like that and being backed up by 43mm inverted forks holding wave-shaped disc brakes clamped by radial calipers, the Dorsoduro simply invites riders to have an aggressive attitude towards it.

Press release after the jump.

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Following Zero X’s success will be the Supermoto non-polluting Zero S model displayed in the picture above as the recently born company announces. They’ve planned the new model’s arrival for the Spring of 2009 and have already presented the official headline figures: 70mph top speed, 60-mile range and 50lb/ft. Considering that an electric motor is behind all this, you cannot stop wondering how that’s even possible. It seems that they’ve went for a "Patent-pending lithium ion array" high-capacity battery which might require an on-board quick charger.

The great thing about Zero motorcycles is not the fact that they’re existing as there is still a lot of petrol to be burned on this planet (rich people’s ideas), but the fact that they’re expanding their offering and actually head to the Supermoto track. Still, the bike will be street-legal and $1,000 deposits have already started being accepted.

Go to the Zero Motorcycles website to find out more.

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Husqvarna’s 2009 ascension starts with the new SM 450 R model unveiled at the Intermot show recently, a bike that has both potential and guts to make a difference after the company has been acquisitioned by industry’s giant, BMW.

For starters, the 2009 model year is expected to be an even sharper handler due to the all-new frame aimed at enhancing those racing abilities while the engine is perfected for even more performance and longer life.

At the exterior, a redesigned headlight will easily stand out together with 2009’s graphics. Overall, Husky claims a weight reduction of no more or less than one kilogram, leaving us wondering how many horsepower the engine gains.

That, my friends, we will find out as soon as Husqvarna releases the full specifications on this new model.

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According to a spy shot from Solomoto, Aprilia is currently working at the Dorsoduro 1200 and, most likely, the Shiver 1200 which gives us reasons to believe that the upcoming EICMA show in Milan reserves many surprises from the Italian maker. The same sources claim that Aprilia is also expected to unveil an all-new Caponord 1200 and a new bike that stands as a future competitor for the BMW R1200GS.

But, sticking to what we know for the moment, the Dorsoduro and Shiver will be powered by the same 1200cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, DOHC, 8-valve V-twin engine that will produce 130bhp at 9000rpm and 120Nm at 6500rpm. Now, with those numbers in mind, note that the weight increase will only be around 5 to 7 kilos, proving that the Italian engineers haven’t rested on their laurels.

With a little bit of luck, the EICMA show in November will clear things out. And if it doesn’t, we’ll dig to find out some more.

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Ducati introduces the pearl white color for the Hypermotard and Multistrada motorcycles. These two models are latest to receive the now famous Ducati color which has already made the Ducati 848 and Ducati 696 sell with even greater success.

The fiery Red Ducati color will only cover the frame while the new carbon-grey finish is applied to the outer engine castings of the simple Hypermotard 1100.

On the Multistrada 1100, only the “S” will feature the Ducati pearl white livery. The new shade contrasts with the frame’s racing grey and with the racing-like carbon-fiber components which are present on this model, making it as classy as it is sporty.

Ducati plans on presenting the two models at the International Motorcycle Show in Cologne (October), even though they will start being sold this month.

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The KTM stand is expected to be pretty crowded this November at the EICMA show in Milan as the Austrian manufacturer announces the official release of one of its most notorious naked motorcycle, the 990 Supermoto R.

At a first glance, the new bike distinguishes from the 2008 model year due to the new color scheme featuring a set of white plastics mounted on the orange powdercoated frame. Also, the rims feature a nice, Y-spoke design and the swingarm is black painted on the 2009 model year.

The only downside yet to be identified is the reduced fuel capacity. Apparently, the gas tank became smaller in the designer’s attempt to create a sportier riding position.

Mechanical improvements haven’t made public, but one thing is for sure: the 2009 KTM 990 Supermoto R will revolutionize the naked class with its bold look and already highly-performing single-cylinder engine. But can we dream at a V-Twin?

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We are anxiously waiting to find out at the EICMA show in Milan, but there have already been enough “leaks” on the internet so that we can put together this short anticipation news.

For starters, there is the all-new KTM Supermoto 990 R, which has just been derived from the already fabulous Supermoto 950, and if it all goes as planned you will be booking yours in March 2009.

Lots of changes are expected to characterize the model, among which we’d like to mention the Super Duke R 999cc LC8 engine and high-performance Brembo brakes featuring monoblock radial-mount calipers as well as the fully-adjustable front and rear suspension systems. Stylistically, a larger gas tank is worth being pointed out.

KTM future plans also include the RC8 1190R, an immediate effect of the original bike’s success. This one is expected to be packed with high-end racing features.

And, last but not least is the Venom, a KTM concept that has been around from 2004. Also expected to be presented as ready for production at Milan, the naked bike is a close cousin of the RC8.

It seems that the Austrian bike manufacturer didn’t rest on its laurels, especially after RC8’s launch and these three bikes will be all-new special additions to an already highly-expanded motorcycle offering.

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