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Anyone can enjoy an impressive riding experience with this Yamaha Dual Purpose TW200 because of its long list of impressive features and comfortable ride.

At the heart of this vehicle, you’ll find a 196cc air-cooled, four-stroke single, smooth-shifting five-speed transmission with manual clutch, internal engine counterbalance, and a maintenance-free CDI ignition system to ensure accurate, dependable spark for peak engine performance at all rpm.

Furthermore, the chassis includes the 33mm telescopic front fork with 6.3 inches of travel, lightweight box section swingarm and single rear shock with 5.9 inches of travel, and the hydraulic front disc brake that ensures better stopping power with less effort.

To get a better comfortable position, you’ll be provided with the big fat tires along with a low seat and compact chassis.You’ll also get the standard instrumentation including a speedometer with odometer and resettable tripmeter as well as indicator lights for neutral, high beam, and turn signals.

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In building the KTM 690 SMC R , KTM adhered to one motto: "what isn’t there doesn’t weigh anything either."

It sounds a lot simpler than it looks, but KTM did a fantastic job following this saying with the 690 SMC R while fitting it with a new 690cc LC4 single-cylinder engine, an improved chassis, and world-class Supermoto ergonomics. Really, everything you’d want in an enduro bike is part of the entire 690 SMC R package.

The new 690 SMC R is an unrivaled Supermoto for the most demanding requirements, which leaves all others in its wake. It is suitable for racing or everyday use, features a potent design, and is state-of-the-art.

Talking about its ergonomics, the 690 SMC R comes with a self-supporting rear fender/fuel tank unit that’s made from robust plastic bears with a new, equally comfortable and low seat. The redesigned tank fairings and the ideally angled, wide aluminum handlebars form a perfect arrangement, allowing for simpler controlling and navigation on any kind of road surface.

Then there’s the bike’s state-of-the-art, water-cooled LC4 single-cylinder engine that delivers an impressive 66 horsepower, combining powerful acceleration from the lowest rpms with an outstanding free-revving nature and refined engine running. The bike’s electronic engine management system features fuel injection that offers the rider the choice between three different mappings for influencing the engine characteristics. Likewise, the "electronic power throttle" ensures that the throttle commands from the rider are translated electronically into the optimum throttle valve opening at all times, giving rise to tremendously progressive power development that very few bikes in its segment can compete with.

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"Ready to race" in its purest form, the KTM 450 SMR provides perfect technology for the racetrack, one that riders will come to enjoy for all of its awesome benefits.

For the 2012 model, the 450 SMR is equipped with the very finest components that money can buy, including a new chassis with high-quality WP suspension components and high-tech brakes and a renowned powerhouse of the 450 SX-F engine that has turned the 450 SMR into an invincible weapon in every Supermoto race.

We shouldn’t expect anything less, either considering the bike has been built with a huge amount of innovative technology, clearly setting the standard in production Supermotos. Headlining the bike’s list of impressive features is a 450cc DOHC engine that comes mated to a 5-speed transmission that has been specially designed for Supermoto and an APTC anti-hopping clutch. This provides everything you need as standard for landing on the very top of the podium.

The APTC anti-hopping clutch on the 450 SMR precisely prevents the rear wheel from chattering, therefore improving control when drifting into curves. This design also significantly reduces the hand strength required to operate the hydraulic clutch. The Magura hydraulic system is completely maintenance-free and guarantees precise application with the minimum of effort.

Lastly, you’re going to get a real good treat with the KTM 450 Supermoto R and the fact that it has been integrated with an extremely lightweight titanium exhaust header and the innovative "Header Pipe Resonator System“ (HPRS), in conjunction with the new silencer, guaranteeing even greater performance at further reduced noise levels.

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Just by its sheer design alone, the KTM 990 Adventure is already a winner in our book. Add that to the fact that it’s one of the few bikes that can run on different kinds of roads and you really do have a bike that’s as fun and versatile as it is beautiful.

Thanks to its authentic rallying heritage, the 990 Adventure is just as likely to go on extended trips into the desert as surfing through the curves. With a stable chassis, a disconnectible ABS, and plenty of touring goodies, the 990 Adventure is the most offroad-capable travel enduro in the world.

The 990 Adventure has been designed to fit the needs of riders everywhere. The perfectly padded twin-level seat ensures firm contact with the ground for all riders and long-distance comfort for both rider and pillion, while also providing crystal-clear feedback for a sportier pace. Even the fairing on the Adventure provides effective protection from the wind and weather while also accommodating the clearly structured multi-function cockpit that supplies the rider with all essential information. For all of the details KTM went through to build a bike that’s exceptionally built as this one, one of the most underrated features of the 990 Adventure is the orange powder-coated, extra-stable tubular crash bars so that the bodywork is not so quickly damaged in the event of any spills or crashes.

To compliment the 990 Adventure’s world-class styling, the bike also carries a powerful, water-cooled V-engine that produces 114 horsepower – precisely the power you need on fast motorways or in deep sand, making for an impressive combination of powerful acceleration, superb performance, and spontaneous throttle response.

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Time and again, there have been questions that continue to baffle us. With motorcycles, finding the right answer to these questions are made easier when you can point to something that has all the right elements to be considered one of the best in the market. That, in a nutshell, is what the KTM 990 Adventure R is all about.

With a formula that involves more power plus a lower center of gravity, and a tauter chassis set-up, KTM has found the perfect recipe to build the 990 Adventure R.

A supreme sports model for power travelers that cuts just as good a figure on a long trip as it does winding through the curves, the Adventure R becomes an even bigger scourge of the superbikes without relinquishing its fundamental tourer qualities.

Keeping up with its offroad styling, the Adventure R’s perfectly padded sports seat ensures suitable long-distance comfort for both rider and pillion, while also providing freedom of movement and crystal-clear feedback for a sportier pace.

Meanwhile, The Adventure R’s water-cooled, 85 kW (114 hp) V-engine impresses with powerful acceleration, superb performance, and spontaneous throttle response thanks to state-of-the-art four-valve cylinder heads, each with flow-optimized ducts, two overhead camshafts, and an electronic Keihin engine management system that regulates the modern fuel injection system on the 990 Adventure R. This focuses on optimum behavior under partial load and spontaneous responsiveness.

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The KTM catalogue of sports bikes reads like a list of some of the most desirable motorcycles in the market today. While the choices are plentiful, to say the least, narrowing it down to the perfect sports bike that’s both powerful and efficient will lead you to the KTM 990 SM T.

The 990 SM T unites a sporty, high-precision chassis with a state-of-the-art V2 engine, a frame-anchored fairing, great comfort, and a sensitively regulating ABS system that you just can’t find anywhere else.

Speaking about the engine, it comes packed with a liter’s worth of displacement with the DOHC twin offering a choice between full-on power for vigorous throttle-twisting or refined power for making progress with ease, amounting to 114 horsepower and setting the benchmark for free-revving twins. The intelligent design principle of the engine accounts for a multi-function balancer shaft, making it one of the lightest and most compact V2s in its class. In addition to the bike’s combustion chamber design, the major factors behind the outstanding performance of the engine lies in the state-of-the-art four-valve cylinder heads, each with flow-optimized ducts and two overhead camshafts. The 990 SM T also features an electronic Keihin engine management system that regulates the modern fuel injection system on the 990 SM T, focusing on optimum behavior under partial load and spontaneous responsiveness.

Despite boasting of some serious horses, the 990 SM T is actually as comfortable a ride as any bike in its segment. The perfectly padded twin-level seat ensures suitable long-distance comfort for both rider and pillion, while also providing freedom of movement and crystal-clear feedback for a sportier pace.

All told, the 990 SM T is a unique combination of racer, tourer, and city bike rolled into one, combining sports talent with endurance, comfort, and sustainability.

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The Duke . The name itself already speaks of royalty, and when it’s taken in the context of a bike that’s as versatile as the 200 Duke, the name certainly applies.

The 200 Duke is the personification of lightness rediscovered combined with maximum riding fun, powerful propulsion, and optimum user value, all of which was accomplished through KTM’s unmistakable thoroughbred motorcycle technology.

Comfort is essential for a bike of the 200 Duke’s built, and KTM paid careful attention to it by designing a two-piece seat that provides surprising long-distance comfort, perfect support, and first-class ergonomics for rider and pillion. At 810 mm, the seat height is low enough for a secure standing position, but also high enough for sports-oriented use and a genuine big-bike feeling.

The 200 Duke also has a featherweight chassis that comes with high-quality components and first-class brakes. The bike carries a high-quality upside-down fork from WP Suspension with the same 43 mm outer tube diameter as the RC8 R, which is a true statement of the bike’s overall comfort and versatility.

The compact, three-chamber silencer is positioned close to the machine’s overall center of gravity. This aids centralization of masses and improves the playful handling of the 200 Duke. Not only noise, but emission levels are also exemplary thanks to the regulated catalytic converter.

At the heart of the 200 Duke is another improvement for the 2012 model: a state-of-the-art, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder four-stroke engine that generates 60% more displacement and correspondingly fully developed power to the tune of 25 horses. Add the new camshafts, bigger valves, a larger piston with a completely new crank drive, new airbox and a new exhaust layout, and it all results in a bike that offers punchy torque with irresistible smoothness.

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Don’t be duped into thinking that the Aprilia SX 50 is a lightweight on two wheels. On the contrary, this bike, while clearly dedicated to young riders seeking the best technology around matched with head-turning good looks, is one that’s been designed with high-performance capabilities that few bikes in its segment can compete with. You certainly don’t expect anything less from Aprilia , a company that has taken the task of building the most efficient bikes in the market, whether it’s 50cc machines or their flagship models.

The SX 50, in particular, draws from years of innovation and expertise on 50cc bikes. The design offers sharp, clear-cut lines that are derived directly from the RXV/SXV off-road style icons, a testament to the enduring design of Aprilia bikes in all its forms. The SX 50 supermotard is also the epitome of a high-performance 50 cc machine, as evidenced by an advanced liquid cooled, single cylinder two stroke engine that uses the latest in single-cylinder technology, ensuring exceptional performance from a surprisingly low weight bike.

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When it comes to the Hypermotard 1100 EVO, Ducati has adhered to a tried-and-tested formula grounded on minimalism and functionality.

The Hypermotard’s unique and innovative design stands out head and shoulders above the competition, highlighted by a distinctive beak that blends into the stylish headlamp fairing, making it an instantly recognizable bike. Couple that with a carefully shaped tank that tapers into a skinny waistline and you have a bike that looks and feels like a proven winner.

When the bike was first shown in concept guise at the 2005 Milan Bike Show, it represented the creation of a new segment that bridged the gap between refined sportbikes and minimalist supermotards. Despite initial reservations on the look of the bike, Ducati signed off on the production of the Hypermotard, driven by the belief in the upright and in-control riding position of a dirtbike, but not the harsh characteristics of its single cylinder engine.

In the end, the Hypermotard has proven to be a popular choice among Ducati aficionados. From the sturdy look of the Marzocchi front forks to the Ducati signature single-sided swingarm and underseat exhausts, the Hypermotard’s design remains unique and pure Ducati.

The result is a bike that’s not only easy to handle, but also offers unbelievable agility, incredibly sure-footed handing, and a flexible engine that can tackle any road.

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From a concept bike that wasn’t initially well received, the Ducati Hypermotard has evolved into a really special machine, spawning the 1100 EVOSP Corse Edition that injects some real racing fervor into the Hypermotard concept. With a higher ground clearance than the standard model, a top-spec suspension, higher bars, and the aggressive Corse colour scheme, the Hypermotard 1100 EVO SP is ready to rip up the racetrack in an instant.

The Hypermotard concept created an innovative segment that bridged the gap between hyper-sports bikes and supermotards. In essence, it took the high speed handling and smooth engine from a hyper-sport bike and combined it with the aggressive styling, lightweight minimalism, and slow corner precision of a supermotard.

Whereas the Hypermotard created a new market unto itself, the 1100 EVO SP has taken that concept and given birth to a true favorite among extreme riders. With those people looking for a bike that provided extra beef and more functionality, especially in extreme conditions, the Hypermotard 1100 EVO SP offers plenty of riding characteristics that extreme riders enjoy.

The combination of a 1100 L-Twin engine with an improved chassis are only two of the most important traits of this bike. It’s no wonder that Ducati has made this bike one of the most important in its roster. Not only has it morphed into a true prized ride, it has also turned the attention of those that had initial skepticism about it. In the end, the Hypermotard 1100 EVO SP has become a true extreme wonder bike, and in so doing, has given Ducati enthusiasts even more reason to love the brand.

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