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super motard

It wasn’t that long ago that the KTM Duke was the embodiment of a pure, unadulterated single-cylinder motorcycle. After being under the radar recently, the Duke is looking to return to prominence with a line-up that makes your jaws drop to the floor.

Judging by the latest 690 Duke, someone can make a case that they’re looking at a ride that offers smoothness, room for a pillion passenger, and long-distance ride-ability.

There’s a real reason why the 690 Duke is considered one of the most cutting-edge series production single-cylinder of our times. Combining an impressive 690cc twin ignition and a precision chassis with a wealth of outstanding components has resulted in a bike that boasts of incomparable versatility.

The engine features plug-selective mapping for the best and most effective combustion, plus extended service intervals of 10,000 km and even lower fuel consumption. All that and you get a bike that produces an impressive 69 horsepower. The finely balanced crank drive of the 690 single-cylinder converts terrific combustion pressure into unrivaled single-power - thanks to its balancer shaft, which eliminates vibration even better than ever without having any detrimental effect on the life of the super-single. The 690 Duke also possesses active engine casing ventilation and the anti-hopping clutch that effectively prevents rear wheel chatter when down-shifting hard.

Speaking of its lightweight qualities, the 690 Duke comes with a 9 kg/20 lbs lightweight tubular space frame made from chrome-molybdenum steel and a 4 kg/9 lbs lightweight, high-quality, pin-jointed, die-cast swing arm that’s been built with extreme levels of torsional stiffness.

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Don’t be fooled by the bare-as-bones design of the KTM 990 SM R ; it’s got more meat than its look suggests.

Dynamic, powerful, and extremely comfortable, the 990 SM R combines a perfectly balanced chassis with a state-of-the-art V2 engine to create a bike that exudes versatility and all-around awesomeness. So is it safe to say that the 990 SM R is the most radical twin-cylinder Supermoto on the market?

Take into account the bike’s water-cooled V-engine that produces 114 horsepower and an intelligent design principle with multi-function balancer shaft, two qualities that make it one of the lightest and most compact V2s in its class. The engine, by itself, impresses with explosiveness and instantaneous throttle response. Add that to lightweight pistons and connecting rods that bestow the 990 SM R’s V2 engine with reduced reciprocated weight and it translates into instantaneous responsiveness, underlining its extremely sporty engine characteristics and further proving that the 990 SM R is one bike that rides as good as it looks.

Adding to the overall appeal of the 990 SM R is a tubular space frame that’s made from thin-walled chrome-molybdenum steel tubing with a bolted-on, light alloy subframe that only weighs 9.5 kg/21 lbs, yet it impresses with exemplary torsional stiffness. Thanks to multiple setting options, the upside-down telescopic fork and the directly connected shock absorber from WP Suspension allow optimum individual adjustment of the chassis to suit riding style, track, and load.

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The 2012 Suzuki DR650SE wants us to think that it’s a bike that comes with a new style and the civilized capabilities of a street bike with the hard-charging performance and exceptional handling of a dirt bike. To that, we believe every last word the Suzuki is saying.

The DR650SE is a versatile motocross bike with a high-performance engine hardcore riders enjoy. Combine that with a chassis and a suspension set-up that takes cues from its super moto and motocross heritage, and you have a machine that can tackle just about every imaginable surface.

At the heart of the DR650SE is a compact and powerful 644cc, SOHC, four-stroke, air-cooled, engine that features Suzuki’s Advanced Cooling System (SACS). Piston-jet cooling and an engine oil cooler that further enhances the bike’s consistent and all-world performance capabilities in a wide variety of conditions. Likewise, the engine has been tuned with an emphasis on powerful performance at low-to-mid RPM range while a gear-driven single counter balancer system minimizes engine vibration for comfortable ride. Finally, a smooth-shifting wide-ratio 5-speed transmission is complemented by an O-ring sealed final drive chain.

To go with its impressive engine credentials, the Suzuki DR650SE also handles like a true pro, highlighted by innovative cartridge front forks that provide smooth and progressive action. The bike also has a link-type rear suspension with a piggyback-style shock absorber and adjustable compression damping to give stable damping performance with front and rear suspensions, both of which provide 10.2" of wheel travel for superb performance over rough terrain.

On the road and off the road, the DR650SE shines like the sun on a hot summer day. Its unique blend of top-end performance with superior handling and all-around versatility make it a bike that’s well worth your affection.

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The Triumph Tiger 800 is letting its claws out for the whole world to see. That only means danger to all those looking at taking this ferocious feline head-on.

Designed from the ground up to meet the demands of some of the most discerning motorcyclists, the Tiger 800 comes highly specified and delivers a unique experience for the adventure-minded rider.

The "unique experience" we’re talking about comes courtesy of the bike’s new three-cylinder 799cc powerplant, one that delivers a class-leading 94 brake horsepower and an extremely accessible 58 lb/ft. of torque. With its flat torque curve and smooth power delivery, the Tiger 800 has been designed to be easy to ride in all conditions, including off-road.

Speaking of its design, the Tiger 800 features a tough steel frame that’s more than capable of carrying large amounts of luggage and coping with the rough and tumble world of off-road riding. Ten-spoke alloy wheels - 19" at the front and 17" at the rear - allow for the use a wide range of tires, whether it’s the dirt-based dual purpose items or the pure road rubber for those who wish to take advantage of the Tiger 800’s qualities.

Color options are also a unique new wrinkle to the Tiger 800, allowing customers to choose from Crystal White, Phantom Black, and Venom Yellow, all of which come with the adoption of a graphite colored frame for the 2012 model year.

The Tiger 800 also comes with a comprehensive instrumentation that includes a fuel gauge and trip computer, while a high-specification 645w generator is included to allow riders to safely power electrical accessories. Other accessories that are featured in the Tiger 800 include numerous hard- and soft-luggage solutions, tire pressure monitor sensors, adjustable touring screen, centerstand, off-road style hand guards, bash plates, and high-level front fender.

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For a bike that packs a walloping powertrain, the Triumph Tiger 1050 looks remarkably svelte and sexy. Then again, we wouldn’t have expected anything less from the boys over at Triumph .

The British motorcycle brand’s popular Tiger 1050 has been given a sporty new look for 2012 with an improved specification, new colors, and graphics, giving it a powerful and versatile look as a rocket on two wheels. For the 2012 model, the Tiger 1050 comes with plenty of new features, including high-specification black anodized tapered aluminum handlebars that are over half an inch lower than the previous steel items for a more sporting riding position. The bike also has a tall - 32.8" - riding position that gives the rider a commanding view over the traffic, with the well-appointed saddle facilitating comfortable day-long riding.

Speaking of the bike’s remarkably meaty engine, the Tiger 1050 is powered by a 1,050cc triple engine that delivers a staggering 113 brake horsepower and 72 lb/ft of torque at just 6,250 rpm. These numbers are made all the more impressive considering that the Tiger doesn’t pass the look of a mighty cruiser.

Dressed in Triumph’s famous Metallic Phantom Black paint finish, the Tiger 1050 comes with new graphics on the fairing with a number of items “dechromed” for a more contemporary look. Wheels, sprocket carrier, and brake calipers are among the many components that have also been dressed in a black finish and further complemented by graphite footrest hangers and control plates. Exhaust canisters and heel guards now take on a brushed, rather than polished, steel finish.

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The Triumph Tiger 800XC is a true British "go everywhere" motorcycle that has been machine designed and built for adventures.

True to its calling as a tough, durable, and versatile bike, the Tiger 800XC is capable of coping with the demands of off-road riding, thanks to a combination of utilitarian design, powerful engine, and superb handling characteristics. Just as with many of Triumph’s other class-leading machines, the rider can adjust both the handlebar position and seat height of the Tiger 800XC, offering a commanding view above the traffic and a comfortable perch from which to devour the miles. The bike also has a class-leading 5.0 gallon fuel tank that ensures long-distance rides go uninterrupted. Cavernous hard and soft luggage options are available, as is a comprehensive instrumentation that includes a fuel gauge and trip computer.

As far as the engine goes, powering the Tiger 800XC is a new long-stroke triple engine that produces an impressive 94 brake horsepower and an extremely accessible 58 lb/ft of torque. With its flat torque curve and gentle power delivery, the Tiger 800XC is a pleasure to ride in even in the most demanding of conditions.

Then there’s the aforementioned handling credentials. Long-travel 45mm upside-down front forks and a rear suspension unit all combine with a 21" spoked front wheel to deliver maximum ground clearance and the ability to cope with rough trails. Likewise, a sophisticated anti-lock braking system is available as an option and can be deactivated for off-road riding, while the high specification extends to a standard coded-key immobilizer and rear rack with generous pillion grab handles.

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As if it wasn’t mouth-watering enough, Triumph’s popular Tiger 1050 has been given a sporty new look for 2012, packed with an improved specification, new colors and graphics, and the same powerhouse drivetrain that we’ve all come to appreciate.

A truly versatile motorcycle, the Triumph Tiger 1050 SE is a rare creature that’s versatile and adept on just about any road surface. There’s no question that its well-rounded nature has made it one of Triumph’s best-selling models in recent years and given it a huge following around the world.

Sit astride the Tiger 1050 and you will understand just why so many year-round riders choose them as their daily rides. The tall - 32.8" - riding position gives the rider a commanding view over the traffic, with the well-appointed saddle facilitating comfortable day-long riding. New for the 2012 model are high-specification black anodized tapered aluminum handlebars. These are over half an inch lower than the previous steel items to give a more sporting riding position. The standard Tiger Tiger 1050 SE comes in three different color options: Diablo Red, Crystal White, and a two-tone Matte Black/Matte Graphite combination. The higher specification Tiger 1050SE also benefits from Triumph’s ABS braking system, as well as the standard fitment of hand guards, centerstand and 43-liter saddlebags, optional extras on the standard Tiger 1050.

Then there’s the powertrain, a staggering 1,050cc triple engineering feat that has been a staple of Triumph over the years, capable of effortlessly delivering 113 brake horsepower and 72 lb/ft of torque at just 6,250 rpm.

For 2012, the Tiger 1050 features redesigned suspension internals and new damping characteristics front and rear, with a stiffer spring at the rear. The result is a more controlled ride, both solo and with a passenger, with reduced dive under braking, making for an all-around, versatile bike that’s ready to conquer the road.

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Very few bikes can combine all the positive qualities of a super moto and a moto cross bike into one exciting package. But of those few, one that stands out is the Suzuki DR-Z400S .

Packed with impressive performance credentials and all-world handling capabilities, the DR-Z400S allows riders to travel on just about any imaginable surface. The powertrain - a 398cc, DOHC, liquid-cooled, dry-sump engine - produces strong low-RPM power while its compact 4-valve cylinder head features large 36mm intake valves and 29mm exhaust valves, helping produce broad, tractable power and torque. Suzuki also added in its own Composite Electrochemical Materials cylinder to provide impressive heat transfer in a lightweight and durable package. There’s also a forged aluminum piston that’s 10 percent lighter than a cast piston and receives additional oil-cooling to the piston crown through a crankcase oil jet.

Besides its impressive performance credentials, the DR-Z400S also comes with a firm and sturdy chassis and suspension set-up that includes a narrow frame that combines thin chrome-moly steel tubes for exceptional torsional rigidity with minimal weight. Meanwhile, the backbone tube, front down tube, and steering head gussets form the dry-sump engine oil tank while a bolt-on aluminum subframe helps reduce weight and simplify maintenance, allowing for an ease-of-use that very few bikes can rival.

The DR-Z also comes with a sturdy aluminum skidplate to protect its underbelly, along with plastic guards that will put up token resistance to defend the water pump and left sidecover. The lights set-up features on-road legal lighting with a bright 60/55 watt H4 halogen headlight and a compact tail/stoplight, as well as lightweight, rubber-mounted turn signals.

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When talking about Kawasaki and its versatile, do-everything bike, the name that will always come up is the Versys . It doesn’t have the same heritage as its Kawasaki contemporaries, but when it hit the scene a few years ago, it received universal praise from everybody, including being named the "Motorcycle of the Year" by Motorcyclist Magazine.

This year, Kawasaki is bringing back the Versys and if the 2010 model is any indication of what we’re in store for with the 2011 model, then prepare to make room for this bike in your garage.

It’s not even the most powerful bike in the Japanese bike maker’s line-up, but where it lacks in power, it more than makes up for in just about everything else. It looks great; it’s got enough performance capabilities to exude the Kawasaki tradition; and it’s got top-quality suspensions to make the ride as pleasant and as comfortable as possible.

Don’t mistake this bike for anything else. If you’re looking for breakneck power and speed, look elsewhere. But if you’re looking for a bike that gives a decent amount of everything you want, there’s nothing better than the Versys.

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The all-new Honda CRF230M is a street-ready bike that can handle its business on just about every road it travels on. Hours of urban and backroad adventure are nothing to the CRF230M, because it’s something that the bike can do seamlessly.

It’s business as usual for Honda , who may be more popular for their cars, but have likewise crafted a reputation as one of the best motorcycle manufacturers in the world. Offering the kind of comprehensive details that make it such a unique bike, the CRF230M gives you a mixed bag of upstanding design, superior handling, and impressive performance numbers.

On top of that, it’s hard to second-guess something that has the unmistakable Honda seal of approval. The Japanese company has built a foundation crafted on excellence with their products, and the CRF230M is just the latest in a long line of bikes that have upheld this tradition time and time again.

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