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super motard

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There have been rumors stating that since the unsuccessful launch of Aprilia ’s naked bike, the Shiver , the company just wasn’t capable of releasing new motorcycles that would boom in the market. But now, after four years of silence, Aprilia is introducing a new Dorsoduro Motorbike. The 2011 Aprilia Dorsoduro 1200 is said to be stronger than the previous Dorsoduro released years ago. This fascinating new motorbike can now be added to the Italian manufacturer’s collection when it is introduced at the EICMA show in Milan this year. It will be joining the previous Dorsoduro 750 and the Dorsoduro Factory 750 models.

The first ever official image of the Dorsoduro 1200 was recently released, and although it did not give us a good enough grasp of the features the bike will have, it did provide us with a little information. In the photos you can see that the bike’s ABS system was completely redesigned and the description attached to the image noted that the Dorsoduro will have a 1200cc 90-degree V-Twin engine. The bike’s new engine will perform at a higher compression to allow for increased displacement, so expect some robust power coming from the ride-by-wire platform. Aprilia claims that the new motorbike will have a power output of 130 hp at 8700 rpm and 84.8 ft-lb. of torque at 7200 rpm. This new engine feature is considered to be a strong point in leading over the other top bikes in the market today.

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Husqvarna seems to know how important it is for kinds to have the right tool to start their riding days on as they launch two new 50cc models for youngsters – the CR 50 and SM 50. The first a mini cross model and the second a mini motard, both machines are based on the principle that if you have young riders that are hooked on to a manufacturer from the start, they’ll probably stick with it for as long as they ride.

Basically, the 2011 model years are very simple. They both feature the same engine – a 50cc single-cylinder two-stroke developing just under 12 horsepower – and chassis – CrMo frame, Marzocchi fork, Sachs shock absorber and aluminum wheels. These lasts are also the ones that make the difference between the two models.

Overall, the bikes look great with their racy plastics and decals, which is exactly what the little fellows want. Hit the jump for the official press release and specifications.

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Not long ago, Suzuki inspired from the DR-Z400S to create their first dual sport model, a very punchy and versatile one called the DR-Z-400SM. The bike successfully addresses to youngsters in search of a light and easy to ride motorcycle that would stand both for a commuter and an adrenaline source depending on the rider’s demands.

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For the NaSty concept, GPDesign has taken Suzuki’s entry-level naked bike, the Gladius, and made their best in turning it into a supermoto version. Focusing on technology and innovation to enhance the design and emphasize safety, the NaSty concept also has the purpose of keeping riders interested in the bike as it is claimed to be very versatile.

Among its most important features we find the 2.75-inch taller seat. The sporty looking unit is actually made of alcantara leather and it is water resistant, so quality was definitely taken into consideration. Also, they’ve added supermoto handlebars with handguards and everything. These lasts together with the tall front fender and front plastic body parts do make the Gladius in its NaSty form even easier to love.

Suzuki Gladius NaSty concept brings a supermoto feel

At the back, an aftermarket exhaust and a new plate holder do the trick. What’s best about this concept is that it features fluorescent paint on the rims, tank and handguards, which makes the thing more visible at night and implicit much safer to ride. Good idea!

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Small, light and versatile dirt bikes are big part of Yamaha’s history, but we also can’t complain about their evolution on the streets either and the 2010 WR250X model is a pure demonstration of power in this concern. Nowadays, the engine’s size isn’t as important as the overall package’s weight, handling and build quality and this versatile Yamaha motorcycle does more than meeting these last demands, it actually makes us wonder which category is the most appropriate for it.

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These guys were out on the twisties having the time of their lives and filming themselves while on it when everything ALMOST came to a tragic end when a BMW rider passing a van during a turn suddenly appeared in front of them. But luckily, the surprised rider manages to countersteer his bike immediately and avoid a head on collision by going off the road. He lives to ride another day and have this post on youtube.

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A couple of days ago we presented you Oberdan Bezzi’s Ducati Desmocross concept , but in the meantime the maestro has been occupied tweaking his sketch to transform the motocross bike into a veritable supermoto. Called the Ducati Desmotard concept, the bike only features different wheels, but it looks like a whole different kind of fun both on the track and on the streets.

Also powered by a 450cc single-cylinder engine, this Duck looks just like
what the Bologna-based company would build…if only. Read the designer’s description past the break.

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Oberdan Bezzi looks keen on the Bimota Moto Morini union that he started with the MMB1 sketch as we’re now looking at his second rendering in this concern. Called MMB2 FighterMotard, the bike seems to combine the streetfighter and hypermotard styles in a way that looks just right.

A simple look at the bike made up by the two Italian brands is enough to spot Granpasso influences, but the low and aggressive stance definitely makes it a streetfighter.

The bike should address to a much larger crowd than that of enduro riders as it would most likely do well in the city, good off the asphalt and excellent down the twisties.

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Aprilia has come a long way with the Pegaso 650 and we’re now witnessing the presence of more than one such model in their lineup. The Factory and Trail are two similar and yet very different models. Although featuring the same engine and chassis, one fits in the supermotard category and the other in the enduro one. This really shows the Italian manufacturer’s talent in transforming a bike depending on the requests of riders, but also how versatile the Pegaso 650 actually is.

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In 2010, the Aprilia Dorsoduro family got bigger with the introduction of the all-new Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 Factory. Derived from the standard model , the Factory gets all the premium components that Aprilia could think of – meaning fully-adjustable Sachs suspension, Brembo brakes, a gel seat and carbon fiber fairings, just to mention a few.

There’s no word on US availability yet, but considering its €9,990 tag price in Europe as well as the standard model’s $9,599 MSRP in the US, don’t expect it to be cheap.

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