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The Suzuki GSX-R600 has already proven its value and in at the moment is considered one of the best models in its class.

At the heart of the motorcycle lies a 599 cc, four cylinder engine which breaths through a 4-into-1 stainless-steel exhaust system. The engine is kept in leash by a six-speed close-ratio transmission that features vertically staggered shafts to reduce overall engine length.

The motorcycle is built on a lightweight and compact twin-spar aluminum cradle frame which is made of five cast sections and features a cast swingarm.

Other features that are worthy of being mentioned include 3-way adjustable footpegs, an adjustable shift lever, a modern instrument cluster that features an analog tachometer with LCD readouts of the speedometer, odometer, dual trip meter, reserve trip meter, clock, coolant temperature/oil pressure indicator, S-DMS and gear position indicators.

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Despite the fact that it has a relatively young age, the Suzuki Hayabusa has quickly managed to gain the icon status among super sport motorcycle lovers.

Its faultless built quality, the superb maneuverability, but also its untamed character make it one of the most savage motorcycles that the world has to offer.

The 2014 model year continues to impress us and it promises to deliver the same amount of thrills as its predecessors.

The 2014 Suzuki Hayabusa continues to be offered with the same old but ultra potent 1340cc in-line 4-cylinder fuel injected, DOHC, liquid-cooled engine with 16-valves and Twin Swirl Combustion Chambers (TSCC). The engine sends its power to the rear wheel via a 6-speed, constant mesh transmission that features oil spray to the 4th, 5th, and 6th gears to reduce wear and mechanical noise during high speed riding.

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Meet the 2013 EBR 1190RS Carbon Edition. What makes this exotic motorcycle really special is its extra low weight which is rated at only 389 Lbs (176 Kg). To achieve this performance the motorcycle was built using a lot of lightweight materials such as carbon and magnesium components. You also get verious high end parts signed by famous manufacturers such as AIM, Carillo, CP, Del West, Ohlins or Suter.

The motorcycle’s center piece is a liquid cooled V Twin engine with a displacement of 1190 cc. The engine rewards you with a maximum output of 175 Hp at 9750 Rpm and 97 Ft-Lbs at 9400 Rpm. All this power is sent to the ground through a six speed transmission with wet multi-plate, slipper clutch. The engine is fed by a 4.5 gallons fuel tank.

It is also worthy of being mentioned that the 2013 EBR 119RS Carbon Edition rides on sporty 120/70R- 17 front and 190/55R-17 rear tires.

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Ducati launched a special edition of its sporty 1199 Panigale dedicated to the famous formula 1 rider Ayrton Senna. This special edition marks the 20th anniversary of the death of former Formula One G Brazilian rider.

The new 1199 Panigale S Senna made its debut at the Sao Paulo Motorcycle Show and it will be available in only 161 units. This number represents the total number of Formula One Grands Prix that Senna raced in. It is also worthy of being mentioned that this special edition will be available only on the Brazilian market.

The motorcycle features a grey and red color scheme which is the same color combination used for the motorcycles ridden by Ayrton Senna during its collaboration with the Italian company.

The motorcycle will be offered for sale from June 2014 and will be fitted with a racing exhaust system and serial number engraved on the top clamp. For the moment we don’t have any details about the price.

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EBR has fully revealed its all new 1190RX. The motorcycle has all it needs to be considered an impressive super sport model as it is fitted with the latest technologies in the business.

Talking about the new EBR 1190RX, Erik Buell declared: “This is the culmination of decades of dedication, innovation and teamwork. We have been working to create a pure rider’s machine and a true world brand.”

The motorcycle weighs only 419 lbs and is built around a 72° V-Twin, liquid cooled, four-stroke engine with a displacement of 72.6 Cu In. (1190cc). Fire up the unit and it will reward you with a maximum power of 185 hp at 10.600 rpm and 137.8 Nm of torque at 8200 rpm.

The motorcycle’s backbone is represented by an aluminum frame with integral fuel reservoir which is paired with an aluminum swingarm.

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The Ducati 1199 is one of the fastest motorcycles from the tracks. Its power and agility can’t be rivaled by many models in its class and for many riders it represents the ultimate sports machine.

But it seems like the guys from MotoCorsa weren’t satisfy with the racy character of the stock Ducati 1199 and decided to give it a touch of…dirt.

Their take on the Ducati 1199 Panigale bears the name Terracorsa and is basically an off-road super sport motorcycle equipped with rugged tires and covered with a desert-inspired paint scheme.

The idea behind this project started when Bossman Arun Sharma from MotoCorsa and Ducati North America’s Quentin Wilson were preparing for their trip to Eastern Oregon and they decided to let their creativity go crazy to make the trip more interesting.

You have all the rights to believe that a job like this is pure blasphemy, but at least the motorcycle used by MotoCorsa was already wracked, so we won’t judge them too harsh.

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With its sporty allure, strong engine and avant-garde style, the 2014 BMW K 1300 S is ready for fun every time you jump on its back.

This sporty ranger is powered by a 1293 cc, water-cooled, 4-stroke, in-line, four-cylinder-engine with four valves per cylinder, two overhead camshafts and dry sump lubrication. Fire it up and you’ll be assaulted by a herd of 175 mechanical horses and a maximum torque of 103 Ft-Lb (140 Nm) at 8,250 rpm.

This strong engine is linked to a throaty hexagonal exhaust and delivers a top speed of over 125 mph. All this madness is kept in check by a constant mesh six speed gearbox with a hydraulically operated multiple-disc clutch.

Needles to say that the BMW K 1300 S is offered with all the technologies expected from a high class motorcycle including ABS as standard with ASC and ESA optional.

The 2014 BMW K 1300 S is offered with a starting price of $15,750.

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Meet the 2014 BMW HP4, a scary German machinery that wears a High Performace badge. The motorcycle was derived from the S 1000 RR so it is powered by the lightest 4-cylinder engine in the segment.

The 999cc, water/oil-cooled, in-line 4-cylinder, 4-stroke unit puts out a peak power of 193 Hp (142 KW) at 13,000 rpm and 83 Lb/Ft (112 Nm) at 9,750 rpm. All this power can propel you to a maximum speed of over 125 mph and is kept in leash by a constant mesh six speed gearbox.

The engine is mounted in the center of an aluminium composite bridge frame which sits on a front upside down telescopic fork with Dynamic Damping Control DDC, Adjustable Spring Preload and Electronically Adjustable Damping. Out back there is an aluminium dual swing arm with dynamic damping control DDC (central spring strut), hydraulically adjustable spring preload, adjustable compression and rebound damping.

The 2014 BMW HP4 is offered with a base price of $20,835.

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BMW presents its 2014 S 1000 RR - a true superbike with a racy DNA.

It is useless to say that the motorcycle comes with a comprehensive list of high tech features that were carefully developed to maximize its high speed performances.

Features such as radial brakes, ABS adjustable riding modes or traction control put the 2014 BMW S 1000 RR on top of the food chain.

Not to mention about the high tech aluminum bridge type frame that offers a perfect mix between light weight and rigidity maximizing the motorcycle’s handling abilities.

The frame is wrapped around a 999cc, water/oil-cooled 4-cylinder 4-stroke in-line engine with four titanium valves per cylinder and two overhead camshafts. The unit puts out a maximum power of 193 Hp (142 KW) at 13.000 rpm while the peak torque is rated at 83 Lb/Ft (112 Nm) at 9.750 rpm.

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Meet the 2014 Yamaha FZ6R. The motorcycle didn’t receive any major upgrades, but continues to be a sporty all-rounder offered at a pretty attractive $7,790 price.

Yamaha retains the full aggressive nature of the FZ6R, continuing to offer a great mix of comfort, power and agility.

The 2014 Yamaha FZ6R features a light, diamond shaped frame that hosts a 600 cc, liquid cooled 4 stroke, DOHC 16 valves, fuel injected engine. The unit’s maximum output is achieved at 10,000 rpm while the torque is available at its peak at 9000 rpm. The engine is linked to a 4-into-2-into-1 midship exhaust that offers a tasty exhaust note and includes 3-way catalytic converter technology to reduce exhaust emissions.

The stopping power is kept in check by 298 mm front and 245 mm rear hydraulic disc brakes front that feature semi-metallic pads.

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