Suzuki B-King

Suzuki B-King

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The Suzuki B-King was introduced a few years ago on a market apparently eager for a naked version of the notorious Hayabusa, but the sales charts have disappointed Suzuki and the project represents too much of an investment for them to simply discontinue it, so the solution is to make it more attractive for potential buyers. That goal appears to be accomplished on the 2010 model year, which gets a nice blue/white color scheme and 1970s style gold rims.

This is the only bit of information about the 1300cc Japanese naked, but the bike appears to be unchanged apart from that. Sure, you all could have lived with shorter silencers, but Suzuki is keen on the rocket-launcher ones, so that’s what you’ll keep on getting.

It is not yet confirmed if the flashy color scheme will be available for bikes shipped over to the US and the price will be announced.

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The Hayabusa-derived Suzuki B-King was never meant to be practical and the pillions always complained about back pain during longer journeys, so it is good to know that someone thought at somehow solving these two problems and creating more others. A French company called D.J. Construction has created the DJ Sport B-King sidecar, which is nothing more than a detuned B-King (106-horsepower) with a modified front end (that yellow shock is actually an expensive Öhlins part) and a rather aerodynamic and yet comfortable rig.

The friends at MotoMag in France actually got the chance to ride this strange combination and their impressions are not bad at all, although they do mention the DJ Sport Suzuki B-King sidecar enjoys turning right more than it does turning left. Now why would that be…?

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Suzuki Italia has teamed up with “GP Design” to create a limited edition version of the B-King. Called Hyaku B-King, the bike arrives to celebrate 100 years of existence and the name itself is suggestive as Hyaku stands for “hundred” in Japanese.

The idea was to actually create a special kit for the Hamamatsu model, composed from: silencer, matte black fairings, redesigned headlight and taillight. This means that current owners of the specified model can buy the Hyaku kit separately and enhance the already aggressive look of their bikes.

The Hamamatsu Hyaku B-King costs €14,500 ($21,882), but the manufacturer says it’s worth every cent. And who are we to disagree?

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The Bumble B-King is the idea of a UK-based Suzuki dealer called West London Suzuki. The bike is inspired by the Chevrolet Camaro car called ‘Bumblebee’ from the Transformers movie and gets a similar paint job. Apart from the lively yellow color, this limited edition model also comes with Yoshimura exhaust and a crash protector kit (not shown in the present picture).

West London Suzuki does not mention the number of bikes that will be produced, but we hear that the price will be around £9500, which translates in $15,763. A color-matched helmet is included in the price.

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A French fan of Suzuki has imagined the Japanese manufacturer’s 2010 model range and put his Photoshop skills to work in a quite successful (in our opinion) attempt of showing how the B-King , GSX-R series, GSX650F , SV650 , SV1000 and DR-Z400SM might end up looking in the year to come.

While the visual changes imagined for each motorcycle aren’t dramatic, this might very well reflect reality for models which won’t be significantly upgraded.

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When it comes to the number of horsepower on something that goes around powered by a Hayabusa engine the possibilities are hard to imagine and practically endless, but until now there is no naked bike to compare with this Suzuki B-King.

Its 430bhp set is apart from any other motorcycle and get it even closer to its cousin, the Hayabusa, a bike known for its affinity for tuning and especially turbochargers. And this is exactly what this B-King received: a turbo charger. Suddenly, the previously considered impressive 1340cc and 181 hp on the stock look weak and make you think on mounting such a thing on your new bike, but I would recommend you not to if fitted with wife and children. Turbochargers are not good for your marriage!

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The recently launched Suzuki B-King can already be equipped with an aftermarket Yoshimura exhaust. The tuner is the first to produce silencers for the super naked which now offers even more horsepower (very close to 200 Hp) with this new unique component. Yoshimura decided to give a bit more personality with their exhaust but they had to keep the original shape in order to maintain B-King’s characteristic lines so they ended up with a triangular exhaust available in Carbon or Titanium (...)
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Through this article I followed Suzuki’s B-King from concept to reality and I studied the bike’s unique characteristics which individualize it in such a contested class.

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