Suzuki Burgman

Suzuki Burgman

We find it extremely difficult to pick a scooter without taking second or third glaces at the Suzuki Burgman 400 because there’s something about this scooter that just draws us in.

Maybe it’s the aesthetic design, which we’re really high on because it looks smooth and futuristic. And that’s not even taking into account all the notable design qualities it has, including the new pinstripe decals on the front and rear wheels; the front bodywork that contains three covered storage compartments, including a large 10-liter compartment and two smaller compartments above it; a convenient DC power outlet that allows you to charge electric devices while on the move; abundant luggage space that features a huge storage bay large enough for two full-face helmets and a smaller compartment for personal items; a comfortable well-padded seat with a backrest that’s adjustable in five 10mm increments at the press of a lever; and finally an easy-to-read instrumentation includes a speedometer, tachometer, odometer, twin trip-meters, clock, indicators for the ambient temperature, average fuel consumption, fuel level and coolant temperature.

Then there’s the matter of the powertrain. The Burgman 400 carries a 400cc, 4-stroke, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC, fuel-injected engine that was designed to produce broad, useable power with quiet operation and low maintenance. It is matched up to a CVT transmission that helps in carrying instantaneous punch while going off the block. Suzuki also added an electronic Idle Speed Control (ISC) that helps improve cold starting, reduces cold-start emissions, and stabilizes engine idle under varying conditions.

All told, the Suzuki Burgman 400 ABS provides an ample amount of power, handling, mileage, and, strangely enough, storage space that makes it increasingly difficult to pick another scooter over this one.

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The words ’scooter’ and ’executive’ aren’t usually associated with one another, but in the case of the Suzuki Burgman 650 Executive , certain exemptions have to be made.

Relative to its market, the Burgman 650 Executive rolls like a boss and comes packed with plenty of up-standard features that other scooters only dream of having. From the choice between a Pearl Moon Stone Gray or Pear Mirage White paint finish all the way to its enormous proportions, the Burgman 650 Executive has definitely earned that ’Executive’ name.

Much more than it aerodynamic and ergonomic design, the Burgman 650 Executive also packs an impressive powertrain in the form of a powerful, liquid-cooled, 638cc, DOHC, 8-valve, twin-cylinder engine that features Suzuki’s fuel-injection system and vibration-reducing dual counter balancer shafts to provide smooth and powerful acceleration befitting its stature as one of the most polished scooters on the market. Although it looks the part of the scooter, the Burgman 650 Executive feels more like a bike that knows its business all the way around.

This posh scooter also comes with a smooth, responsive chassis and suspension set-up featuring a tubular frame and aluminum-alloy swingarm that allows the engine to be mounted in a forward position for excellent balance and agility. Telescopic front forks with 41mm inner tubes provide 4.3" of wheel travel for sport performance and a comfortable ride while an aluminum swingarm-style rear suspension system features twin preload-adjustable shock absorbers offering 3.9" of travel.

Any which way you look at it, the Suzuki Burgam 650 Executive is about as awesome a scooter as you can find anywhere. It’s striking combination of looks, handling, and performance makes it a must-have for all riders out there.

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This Suzuki Burgman 125 scooter is clearly having a bad day as the owner left it parked on the sidewalk and then workers came to pour concrete all over the place. It seems that the thing is now an integrated part of the Via del Porto Fluviale in Rome.

Hmm, last time I checked, Japanese scooters weren’t an ingredient of Roman concrete.

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Suzuki released BURGMAN FUEL CELL SCOOTER, GLADIUS400 ABS and BOULEVARD400 as its world premieres at the 41st Tokyo Motor Show 2009 on October 21.

The fuel cell of BURGMAN FUEL CELL SCOOTER is air-cooled and concomitantly light, compact, and structurally simple. A 70MPa hydrogen tank (the highest-pressure tank used on a bike thus far) allows a usable riding range. And the tank is mounted within a robust frame for safety.

The Gladius 400 ABS is a stylish naked bike with a 400cm3 V-twin engine. It features a truss frame that combines rigidity with great looks. And its newly designed V-twin engine delivers plenty of power in a rider-friendly way.

The Boulevard 400 is a performance cruiser with aggressive bikini-cowled looks and a 400cm3 engine. Low, flowing body lines that give an unmistakable sense of performance are combined with inverted front forks and stylish cast wheels. The engine is a narrow-angle (45°), liquid-cooled V-twin with fuel injection.

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Searching the web, we’ve come across this beautifully styled Suzuki Burgman 400 which is a scooter replica of Suzuki’s road racing lineup. At a first glance there really isn’t anything not to like about the recently unveiled concept at a Las Vegas Suzuki conference.

Suzuki GSX-R series inspires Burgman concept scooter

Like the GSX-R series, it features an aerodynamic front end characterized by perfectly integrated headlights, signal lights as well as air scoops, everything being adapted to the fairly bigger scooter front end. The seat is extremely spacious and the passenger’s handles unite into what replicas a racing rear end on top of the scooter one.

There are also performance additions to the quiet, fairly small machine that often finds its purpose of life underneath modern European couples. These are the powerful brakes featuring waved discs and the exhaust which, like on the GSX-R models, have that nice triangle shape and follow up the machine’s design lines.

God knows what they’ve done to the engine, but as far as we can see, the road behavior has been improved by lowering the concept scooter while the color scheme is exactly like the one of the bike that inspired its creation in the first place.

Now, I love super sport bikes and everything that has to do with them, but if you can come up with a plausibly reason to why would anybody wish such a transformation, I am ready to accept it. Until then, I find no reason for it to go into production as it isn’t practical at all…though I would love to swing a leg over it during a day at the track.

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Get ready for the ride of your life - on the stylish Burgman 650 Executive, it has all the great features of the Burgman 650 with ABS, an electic adjustable windshield and a passenger backrest.

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