Suzuki DR

Suzuki DR

The 2012 Suzuki DR650SE wants us to think that it’s a bike that comes with a new style and the civilized capabilities of a street bike with the hard-charging performance and exceptional handling of a dirt bike. To that, we believe every last word the Suzuki is saying.

The DR650SE is a versatile motocross bike with a high-performance engine hardcore riders enjoy. Combine that with a chassis and a suspension set-up that takes cues from its super moto and motocross heritage, and you have a machine that can tackle just about every imaginable surface.

At the heart of the DR650SE is a compact and powerful 644cc, SOHC, four-stroke, air-cooled, engine that features Suzuki’s Advanced Cooling System (SACS). Piston-jet cooling and an engine oil cooler that further enhances the bike’s consistent and all-world performance capabilities in a wide variety of conditions. Likewise, the engine has been tuned with an emphasis on powerful performance at low-to-mid RPM range while a gear-driven single counter balancer system minimizes engine vibration for comfortable ride. Finally, a smooth-shifting wide-ratio 5-speed transmission is complemented by an O-ring sealed final drive chain.

To go with its impressive engine credentials, the Suzuki DR650SE also handles like a true pro, highlighted by innovative cartridge front forks that provide smooth and progressive action. The bike also has a link-type rear suspension with a piggyback-style shock absorber and adjustable compression damping to give stable damping performance with front and rear suspensions, both of which provide 10.2" of wheel travel for superb performance over rough terrain.

On the road and off the road, the DR650SE shines like the sun on a hot summer day. Its unique blend of top-end performance with superior handling and all-around versatility make it a bike that’s well worth your affection.

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Very few bikes can combine all the positive qualities of a super moto and a moto cross bike into one exciting package. But of those few, one that stands out is the Suzuki DR-Z400S .

Packed with impressive performance credentials and all-world handling capabilities, the DR-Z400S allows riders to travel on just about any imaginable surface. The powertrain - a 398cc, DOHC, liquid-cooled, dry-sump engine - produces strong low-RPM power while its compact 4-valve cylinder head features large 36mm intake valves and 29mm exhaust valves, helping produce broad, tractable power and torque. Suzuki also added in its own Composite Electrochemical Materials cylinder to provide impressive heat transfer in a lightweight and durable package. There’s also a forged aluminum piston that’s 10 percent lighter than a cast piston and receives additional oil-cooling to the piston crown through a crankcase oil jet.

Besides its impressive performance credentials, the DR-Z400S also comes with a firm and sturdy chassis and suspension set-up that includes a narrow frame that combines thin chrome-moly steel tubes for exceptional torsional rigidity with minimal weight. Meanwhile, the backbone tube, front down tube, and steering head gussets form the dry-sump engine oil tank while a bolt-on aluminum subframe helps reduce weight and simplify maintenance, allowing for an ease-of-use that very few bikes can rival.

The DR-Z also comes with a sturdy aluminum skidplate to protect its underbelly, along with plastic guards that will put up token resistance to defend the water pump and left sidecover. The lights set-up features on-road legal lighting with a bright 60/55 watt H4 halogen headlight and a compact tail/stoplight, as well as lightweight, rubber-mounted turn signals.

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The 2012 Suzuki DR-Z125 is a motocross bike that upstart riders can get into without having to worry about the complicated mechanisms of some of the more powerful models in the market.

It’s not enough to have a bike that offers good looks, especially for novices looking to learn the ropes; you need one that has matching performance and handling credentials, two characteristics that Suzuki pays full attention to.

Aggressive bodywork, complete with a two-tone seat cover, a rear fender, graphics, and number plates, makes the DR-Z125 a complete, stylistic replica of the championship-winning RM-Z machines.

The DR-Z125 offers a compact 124cc 4-stroke, SOHC, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine that has been designed for ease-of operation and low maintenance, perfect for upstart riders looking to break into the world of motocross. The engine also has a digital-type CDI ignition system with timing set to enhance the engine’s low-rpm power characteristics while a five-speed transmission with a link-type gearshift system offers precise operation and positive feel for complete control of the bike.

In addition to its sublime powertrain, the DR-Z125 also comes with precise and agile handling characteristics, featuring a long-travel, oil damped front fork and a link-type rear suspension that provides a smooth, compliant ride. A lightweight and durable steel frame and swingarm, as well as equally lightweight aluminum rims reduce the bike’s weight while providing agile handling and improved suspension performance.

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We’ve already established all the impressive qualities of the Suzuki DR-Z125, but in the event that the bike’s a little on the small side compared to your, shall we say, "dimensions," Suzuki has a bigger version of the DR-Z125 called the DR-Z125L. The latter pretty much carries all the same features as that of the former with the only notable exception being that the DR-Z12L is bigger. Hence, that "L" designation at the back of its name.

The DR-Z125L was designed with aggressively styled bodywork, number plates, and graphics that were built and inspired to look exactly like the higher-spec, race winning Suzuki RM-Z competition models.

On top of that, the powertrain is also the same as that of its ’smaller’ counterpart - a compact 124cc 4-stroke, SOHC, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine that comes with a five-speed transmission with link-type gearshift system for precise operation and positive feel, a digital-type CDI ignition system with timing set to enhance the engine’s low-rpm power characteristics, and a MIKUNI VM20SS carburetor for smooth throttle response.

And then there’s the matter of the bike’s handling characteristics, which are impressive relative to its overall characteristics. A long-travel, oil damped front fork and a link-type rear suspension provide a smooth, compliant ride while lightweight aluminum rims offer reduced weight, providing agile handling and improved suspension performance.

From the top to bottom, nothing rides on dirt quite like the Suzuki DR-Z125. And if that doesn’t fit you, then you can opt for the DR-Z125L, which is pretty much the same thing, albeit in a slightly larger package.

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After the launch of the all-new Suzuki DR-Z70 back in 2008, the Japanese manufacturer carries on producing this model with little changes, something that makes us suspect that youngsters won’t be seeing this exercise applied on Suzuki’s small off-road model pretty soon. Not only the bike is a favorite in its category and there’s no reason to change something that isn’t wrong, but we also have the example of the bike’s bigger siblings, the DR-Z125/L .

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An unbeatable combination of style and performance is what characterizes the two bikes that got on our hands recently, Suzuki’s DR-Z125 and DR-Z125L. The same engine and chassis is used on both bikes, but the “L” model features bigger wheels, seat height and ground clearance and so it addresses to the taller crowd, while the simple model is what average sized riders would like to ride.

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Not long ago, Suzuki inspired from the DR-Z400S to create their first dual sport model, a very punchy and versatile one called the DR-Z-400SM. The bike successfully addresses to youngsters in search of a light and easy to ride motorcycle that would stand both for a commuter and an adrenaline source depending on the rider’s demands.

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Following the evolution of its bigger sibling (the Suzuki DR650SE ), the Suzuki DR-Z400S remains visually unchanged for 2010, but ads a few distinctive touches in order to stand out by its own. Mechanically, the new DR doesn’t feature any late additions worth to brag about, so it remains the same bulletproof built machine on the trails and a docile commuter when not on them.

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Either the owner of this Suzuki DR is willing to take his enduro bike across the continent or only to the cesspit and back as he has fitted the bike with probably the world’s larges panniers, so there’s got to be a great purpose for someone to ruin his bike like that.

Still, we have all the reasons to believe the guy actually uses that stuff to carry his luggage as the panniers can be locked…why would anyone lock the garbage? Also, he has a fuel canister on the side, so this is definitely a homemade long distance motorcycle. Love it or not, it gets the job done.

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The Suzuki DR200SE is designed to help you discover both trail and street riding. It has a sturdy diamond frame, long-travel suspension and high traction tires, so it soaks up rough terrain and handles well on tight trails, but it also has all the needed features to make it street legal, along with a wide powerband and smooth acceleration.

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