Suzuki Gladius

Suzuki Gladius

The 2012 Suzuki Gladius ABS is arguably one of the best looking models in its class. The motorcycle features a pretty futuristic design language and we especially like the sharp fuel tank, imposing frame and the unique headlight. Not to mention about the sculpted seat and the dynamic exhaust pipes.

We don’t have any complains about the bike’s color combinations either, as the contrasts of the front fender, radiator covers, fuel tank covers, side covers, steel fuel tank and frame further enhance its tasty appearance.

Once you jump on the saddle you are greeted by a useful instrumentation that includes an analog tachometer and LCD speedometer, digital dual trip meters, odometer, LCD digital clock and gear-position indicator.

In terms of power, the Suzuki Gladius ABS is fitted with a 645cm3 fuel-injected DOHC 90-degree V-Twin engine that is based on the SV650 power plant.

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For the NaSty concept, GPDesign has taken Suzuki’s entry-level naked bike, the Gladius, and made their best in turning it into a supermoto version. Focusing on technology and innovation to enhance the design and emphasize safety, the NaSty concept also has the purpose of keeping riders interested in the bike as it is claimed to be very versatile.

Among its most important features we find the 2.75-inch taller seat. The sporty looking unit is actually made of alcantara leather and it is water resistant, so quality was definitely taken into consideration. Also, they’ve added supermoto handlebars with handguards and everything. These lasts together with the tall front fender and front plastic body parts do make the Gladius in its NaSty form even easier to love.

Suzuki Gladius NaSty concept brings a supermoto feel

At the back, an aftermarket exhaust and a new plate holder do the trick. What’s best about this concept is that it features fluorescent paint on the rims, tank and handguards, which makes the thing more visible at night and implicit much safer to ride. Good idea!

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French motorcycle accessories producer S2 Concept has created an aftermarket GT kit for the Suzuki Gladius. This addresses to those willing to enhance the touring capabilities of the Japanese naked bike by significantly improving wind protection.

Characterized by aggressive design blending perfectly in with that of the Gladius, the kit is composed mainly from a half-fairing and windscreen, which are mounted using a 3-piece aluminum mount, but you also get a cooler aluminum dash to fit the sport-touring scenario.

S2 also produces other aftermarket Gladius parts such as engine spoiler, undertail, plate holder, screens of various sizes, LED stoplights and integrated signal lights as well as rear fender and many others.

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Suzuki introduced their all-new middleweight Gladius in 2009 and didn’t change it in any way for this year, but here comes a rendering showing a quite possible way to turn the funky Suzuki naked bike into a presence much strongly felt wherever ridden. The design was done by Oberdan Bezzi, Italy’s most renown motorcycle designer, and it aims towards a more aggressive look.

If we were daring, which we can become, we would say this concept could easily pass as a streetfighter, but as much as we look at it, we cannot erase the fairly dull image of the model currently being produced. That’s the sad part because with his sketch, Obiboi is trying to drift the Suzuki Gladius away from its original look and make it worthy of an “S” completing the name.

Although the designer doesn’t mention anything about a possible engine upgrade, we think this is a rather simple way of refreshing the Gladius look and increase figures on the sales charts in years to come.

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In the autumn of 2008 in Paris, Suzuki unveiled their latest (for the time and for now) entry-level motorcycle entitled the SFV 650 Gladius. Basically a refined SV650, but for the European crowd a whole new kind of riding excitement, the new bike sit on the thin line between impressive performance and awesome styling.

As a 2009 model year, the middleweight Gladius caught on to the public and it is now a much safer ride as Suzuki fitted it with ABS assisted brakes.

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As we announced , Suzuki came to the 2009 Tokyo show with a mini version of the Gladius. Called Suzuki Gladius 400, this is simply powered by a smaller, 400cc version of the 650cc V-twin behind the affordable naked Japanese motorcycle currently selling with success in Europe. The new Gladius will also come with ABS and aims at the Japanese market too.

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Suzuki released BURGMAN FUEL CELL SCOOTER, GLADIUS400 ABS and BOULEVARD400 as its world premieres at the 41st Tokyo Motor Show 2009 on October 21.

The fuel cell of BURGMAN FUEL CELL SCOOTER is air-cooled and concomitantly light, compact, and structurally simple. A 70MPa hydrogen tank (the highest-pressure tank used on a bike thus far) allows a usable riding range. And the tank is mounted within a robust frame for safety.

The Gladius 400 ABS is a stylish naked bike with a 400cm3 V-twin engine. It features a truss frame that combines rigidity with great looks. And its newly designed V-twin engine delivers plenty of power in a rider-friendly way.

The Boulevard 400 is a performance cruiser with aggressive bikini-cowled looks and a 400cm3 engine. Low, flowing body lines that give an unmistakable sense of performance are combined with inverted front forks and stylish cast wheels. The engine is a narrow-angle (45°), liquid-cooled V-twin with fuel injection.

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Suzuki has created a 400cc version of their versatile entry-level naked bike, the Gladius . The new model will even feature ABS, despite the much smaller newly designed V-twin engine.

Suzuki will have this exposed at the next Tokyo Motor Show and the bike will then start being sold in Japan. If it comes to the US, it will probably turn into a hot seller, but there’s no word on that yet.

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L-R-G performed their “routine” on the 2009 Suzuki Gladius and, strangely, their goal wasn’t speed, but off-road performance. By modifying the swingarm, adding the Leo Vince exhaust, a pair of standard-spoked Excel wheels and RM-Z front end, complete with MX fender and mudguards, the small commuter was transformed into a veritable supermoto. The standard seat and license hanger have been stripped down in order to obtain a sleeker design.

The tricked-out Gladius gets a Green and White paint scheme while the brake calipers and transmission cover are gold painted, just like on last year’s L-R-G Suzuki Hayabusa.

While we’re so caught up by this bike, we can’t help wondering if Suzuki will start thinking about an entry-level alternative for the continuously growing supermoto market.

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