Suzuki GSX-R

Suzuki GSX-R

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The patient of the motorcycling dentist apparently wanted to combine pain with pleasure (which are close, but not that much) and things didn’t turned out in his favor. His stumble had the nurse and dentist take out the heavy artillery – a Suzuki GSX-R1000 – and the result is as satisfying as it is traumatic.

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Suzuki Motor Corporation has announced the recall of 26,082 GSX-R1000 motorcycles made during 2005 and 2006 because of a frame problem. Apparently, the unit is susceptible to crack behind and below the steering neck near the front triple clamps if the bike is aggressively ridden. All recalled bikes will be fitted with a special brace that will reinforce the undamaged frames and will be covered by a five-year warranty which begins on the date of installation by the dealer. But if they detect any damage, the entire frame will be replaced with a reinforced unit in order to prevent the danger of cracking.

Are the GSX-R1000s dangerous for riders? Not in any special way! So why would Suzuki come up with such a measure? The answer is REPUTATION. Buyers of the specific model often happen to exploit their bikes beyond the machine’s capabilities or manufacturing purposes and this leads to the possible problem that Suzuki complies fixing in order to maintain their reputation.

In my opinion, riders who do wheelies and stoppies in such a manner that the frame gets damaged and implicit likely to crack won’t have a bike to send down the dealer and guess what? It isn’t the manufacturer’s fault!

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I don’t understand a few things about this character and I don’t plan on trying to, but simply enumerate them”

First, I don’t understand why this guy would ride without a shirt, nor a helmet.

Secondly, I don’t understand why he even fights back as he is guilty as charge.

Thirdly, why would you go to court dressed like that and have the attitude that he has?

And finally, if you care that much about your bike, why trash it?

I know I said I won’t look for answers, but they simply pop up. So it’s either idiocy or the quest for audience, but most likely both.

P.S. I still can’t stop laughing.

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Suzuki has just released the promo video of the 2009 GSX-R1000, their most powerful and most refined superbike product ever built.

With a new, more compact engine, shorter wheelbase and a totally new design, the GSX-R1000 raises once again the stake in the most disputed supersport class.

What is so great about this video is that it takes you through all the upgrades they’ve made on next year’s model so it is pretty much like reading a preview on the bike.

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We’ve recently “admired” every girl’s idea of a BMW R 1200 GS and it included a lot of pink. Well guess what? Things don’t change a bit in the case of this Suzuki GSX-R K4. Even more, we know that this is no photoshop modified picture as it shows the bike in action on the track as ridden probably by a Barbie girl.

No reasons to get upset guys! Everybody does whatever they want with their bikes.

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Having created a two-wheeled Department of Protective Security and Emergency, the authorities in Dubai thought that their six highly trained and specially chosen women officers must rely on some serious horsepower in order to follow up the Gulf region’s exotic cars often driven insanely crazy by rich guys. The response came in the form of black painted Suzuki GSX-R1000 patrol bikes and the fairly-slower Yamaha 1200.

Now, I don’t know how some people get that lucky, but considering my heavy hand/foot and by the looks on their faces, I reckon I don’t want to find out.

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After seeing the video in which Yamaha presents the 2009 R1, it is good to know what the competition has to offer and Suzuki’s alternative is the GSX-R 1000 K9. This video is more of a disappointment in comparison with the one I linked with, but not the bike as Suzuki rode the winds of change pretty good lately, ending up among the favorites of its class.

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Suzuki lines up to the tendencies for 2009 and ads white on the list of colors for the GSX-R 600, GSX-R 750 and the Hayabusa. As you may have noticed, these are the bikes that don’t feature any updates, the 2009 GSX-R 1000 being excluded.

The new color schemes and graphics are among the most appropriate for these models so far, leaving no questions to be asked related to technical evolution.

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Suzuki Great Britain announces GSX-R1000 Cameron Donald and GSX-R600 Bruce Anstey replicas as celebration of the Suzuki Relentless by TAS team victories in the Superbike, Superstock and Supersport categories.

The special edition motorcycles are production-based and, certainly, a dream came true for fans of motorcycle racing. They feature the team’s coloring and graphics and exert a magical attraction even from the pictures.

George Cheesman, marketing manager of Suzuki GB referring to this subject, "The Relentless by TAS team achieved incredible success at this year’s TT, almost delivering a clean sweep of wins. To celebrate this, we are pleased to offer these special edition models via the authorised dealer network in the team livery, with celebratory graphics in addition too."

Retail price for the GSX-R1000 Donald replica is £9,170 while for the GSX-R600 Anstey replica is £7,403.

Manufacturers that are successful on the track often apply this strategy in order to get more money on virtually the same product and for customer paid commercial. But as you take a look at the bikes you understand why each and every time fans compete for these bikes and then compete on them.

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