Suzuki Hayabusa

Suzuki Hayabusa

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Meet motorcycle enthusiast Leslie Porterfield. She was recently confirmed by the Guinness World Records book as being the world’s fastest woman on a motorcycle. Although she established the 232.522mph record in the 2008 BUB Speed Trials at the Bonneville Salt Flats, she has only now been officially declared the fastest woman to ever go beyond the 232mph pass.

Porterfield, who also owns a motorcycle dealership – High Five Cycles – in Dallas, Texas said: “I couldn’t believe it when they called. It’s takes awhile after filing the paper work with the FIM (International Federation of Motorcycling) to get the record certificate, and then with Guinness – this has been going on for awhile and when they called I was just thrilled.”

The American woman achieved the speed record on a 2002 2000cc Turbo-charged Suzuki Hayabusa and the achievement comes to raise the 229.361mph stake set in 1978 by motocross rider and stuntwoman, Marcia Holley with a single engine streamliner motorcycle.

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Since we’ve seen the Predator Hayabusa last week, we got more interested about Pitstop Motorsport’s past projects and came to see that the shop has made a tradition from creating scary as hell Hayabusa bikes. This here for instance is the King Kong Hayabusa, a standard bike underneath and a monster outside.

The King Kong paintjob with New York in the background is simply more than we can take, but when this bike is moving, it has New York with it on the tail unit, which is a nice touch as well. The only problem is that we can’t spot the beauty anywhere near, but we can only guess it is a matter of time until we do.

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Predator, the famous alien with a taste for people, has inspired New Jersey custom builder Pitstop Motorsport to create a corresponsive two-wheeled version, which will surely frighten anyone seeing it in the rear view mirror.

Essentially a 2007 Suzuki Hayabusa, the bike is technically unchanged while the bodywork modifications are more than obvious and always gather a crowd around the Predator Hayabusa. Now this is something that owner Roderick “Slick Rick” McCullough found out from the very first ride as it got two tickets because onlookers held up traffic.

We can’t imagine how scary this visually modified Suzuki Hayabusa looks at over 190 mph, but can’t really confess we’re that eager to find out, so it is better the video attached after the jump shows the scariest Predator bike standing still. See it after the break.

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Suzuki never saw the Hayabusa as a trike, but this doesn’t stop others to customize it in the way they think it will suit them best. This Hayabusa reverse trike was spotted on eBay, where it is posted with a $34,999 asking price.

The biggest disadvantage that the TT-Busa, as it is called, has over the stock bike is the fact that it doesn’t appear to lean. The extra wheel does make it a little bit safer, but gets rid of the Hayabusa fun factor and that’s no advantage. This thing is meant to catch the attention of people as it rolls down the streets with its two custom built front wheels and extended swingarm with 300 rear tire.

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Gregg’s Customs and Jon Reed of Sport Chrome have modified this unique Suzuki Hayabusa to resemble its smaller GSX-R siblings by mounting a completely new tail section on a subframe made in-house. The custom unit will become available from Gregg’s Customs in the future and will allow owners to enhance the sporty looks of their high performance bikes.

Named the Rockstar Hayabusa, this custom doesn’t feature turbos, nitrous and not even chrome (like most custom Hayabusas do), showing how the customization process should be based on originality and resourcefulness, not necessarily on fitting a Busa with the most expensive performance parts and simply chrome the bodywork instead of going for an immediately recognizable paintjob. Way to go on this one!

The bike is currently for sale on eBay, so if you have the same opinion about it as us + financial resources ($10,100), it might just be the one for you.

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For some people, the color schemes available for the Suzuki Hayabusa are simply not shiny enough and, as a result, we end up seeing more and more such fully chromed motorcycles. This one was spotted at the Daytona Bike Week.

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Lady Canadian rider, Trillium Muir, proudly holds “The World’s Fastest Woman on a Motorcycle” title after obtaining an ECTA-certified 239.36 mph (382.98 km/h) on her Hayabusa motorcycle at Maxton.

The twenty-eight years old record holder is based in Sudbury, Ontario

World's fastest woman: Trillium Muir

and it has been riding for only four years. Still, it beat the 234.197mph (374.72km/h) world speed record previously achieved by Leslie Porterfield at the BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials in the US.

As Trillium states for FasterandFaster, she got into motorcycle land speed racing after watching such an event at Maxton NC in September 2006. Soon after that, she became the first woman ever to hit 200 mph.

Achieving such a performance implies knowing your bike, doing mechanical work and even wiring is nothing out of the ordinary for the current record holder as she states: “I rode our 2003 Suzuki Hayabusa that has a GT35R turbo from RCC turbos. The bike is also fitted with an Aims data logger, JE Pistons, Crower rods, MTC lock-up clutch, Elka shock, custom-built swingarm, RCC back cut transmission and much more. The motor and the turbocharger were built by RCC. I do most of our clutch work and have the patience for wiring. Anything that needs to be done, I can do it, and have.”

Find more about the fastest woman in the world by reading FasterandFaster’s interview or, better yet, go straight to the source:

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Drag racing is the way to go if you plan on becoming the fastest female motorcycle rider on Earth and it seems that Jennifer Robertson has got that right. Growing up in a family that is passionate about racing, Jennifer inherited the passion for motorcycles from his father and started to rider since it was six years old.

Currently, she is riding a Turbo Hayabusa and attempts to hit 223mph – the record for the fastest women on a motorcycle – and claims “…we just got to get the bike to work. I can do it”. Well, that’s the spirit!

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Suzuki lines up to the tendencies for 2009 and ads white on the list of colors for the GSX-R 600, GSX-R 750 and the Hayabusa. As you may have noticed, these are the bikes that don’t feature any updates, the 2009 GSX-R 1000 being excluded.

The new color schemes and graphics are among the most appropriate for these models so far, leaving no questions to be asked related to technical evolution.

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Last month at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, Jason McVicar of Vancouver experienced a crash from the Suzuki Hayabusa 1300 as he was establishing the speed record for the fastest production motorcycle ever: 391 km/h.

What makes the story even more amazing is the fast that it survived the crush without serious injury. We can’t say the same thing about its bike though as it was bended, disintegrated and burned as a result of the amazingly fast accident.

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