taxi motorcycles

taxi motorcycles

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You may paint a delivery scooter to look like a yellow cab, but you won’t manage to drift it away from its original purpose…carrying pizzas. No need to, especially if trying to remark yourself among the competition as the original New Yorkan style pizza shop.

This reminds me of a young man named Peter Parker who never managed to deliver those pizzas on time. He would have looked much better on this custom painted beauty.

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This is not something you’ll not read very often, probably never. The State Minister in the African nation of Uganda has told “Boda Boda” motorcycles to overload their bikes!

A Boda Boda is nothing more than a taxi-motorcycles. Riders (often with no traffic rule knowledge, experience nor safety gear) hire the Boda Boda from companies and ride around the city looking for passengers. Since fares are low, and there aren’t that many motorcycles around, the Minister has allowed Boda Bodas to take on 2 passengers! (Note: read more about Boda Boda →

Unfortunately for the Minister, she didn’t tell the cops about the new law. The local Police have been fining Boda Bodas for carrying more than one passenger. After some discussions, the Police agreed to allow the cabs to take on more than one passenger. Then the local law enforcement recanted, and are back fining the riders. The Minister had not passed a law, so the Police are following the letter of the law.

What a mess!

God knows where they’re going to put them, and we’ll probably see a dramatic increase of accidents, but at least so far the operators are happy.

Source: allafrica

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