Thierry Van Den Bosch

Thierry Van Den Bosch

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Thierry Van Den Bosch, along with his Aprilia SXV 4.5, reconfirmed his leadership of the World S1 Supermoto Championship. After winning the European Grand Prix one month ago, he was able to repeat that result in the second international round of the season: the Italian Grand Prix at Castelletto di Branduzzo (Pavia). On Saturday, Van Den Bosch put everyone in their place on the dry track, marking the best time in the qualifying round. He repeated that performance on Sunday morning when he (...)
Posted on by Anthony Kodack

After having picked up the S2 World Constructors’ Supermotard title with one race left in the season, Aprilia reeled in the S2 Riders’ title in Athens at the Greece Grand Prix with Thierry Van Den Bosch. The race’s ending included an inter-Aprilia battle between the two official riders, Van Den Bosch and Jerome Giraudo. After disputing seven races, the two Frenchmen were the only ones left in the running for the final victory. They held nothing back as they fought atop their SXV 4.5’s, the (...)

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