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The Big Bear Choppers GTX is one of the best looking motorcycles of its type. Its low-slung stature, the unique paint job and the raised handlebars give it a cool and aggressive overall appearance. Despite its fancy design, the motorcycle offers a pretty relaxed riding position and is fitted with a comfortable seat and an ergonomically designed handlebar.

The motorcycle is available in two versions. The first is equipped with a 115.8 bhp engine while the second one is powered by a slightly weaker 97 hp unit. Both engines are paired with a six speed, Overdrive transmission.

The bike’s frame is designed in house in company’s San Bernardino facility. Every frame component (e.g. neck, side plates, tank mounts, tranny plate, axle adjusters, etc) are CNC manufactured.

Among the features offered by the Big Bear Choppers GTX you’ll find an additional auxiliary fuel tank located under the seat, totaling over 5 gallons and a large capacity oil tank.

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KTM managed to attract a lot of attention when launched the redesigned 1190 Adventure. Apart from its sharp cut style, the motorcycle is powered by a potent V2 engine with 1195 cc displacement borrowed from the KTM 1190 RC8 R superbike. The engine delivers a maximum power of 148 hp and needs to deal with a total weight of only 212 kg, so you can expect to a crisp acceleration and mind blowing speeds. Moreover, despite the fact that the 2013 KTM 1190 Adventure is more powerful it consumes about 20 per cent less fuel than its predecessor.

The motorcycle is built on a chrome-molybdenum steel tubular space frame which contributes to an excellent chassis geometry, and weighs only 9.8 kg.

To be able to deal with a wide range of terrains without any problems, the KTM 1190 Adventure is equipped with a set of capable suspensions which consist of a front upside down fork and a rear mono shock absorber, both from WP Suspension.

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The 2013 1190 Adventure R is a purposeful motorcycle developed to go head on with models like the BMW R1200GS or Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Pikes Peak.

The KTM 1190 Adventure R is powered by a 150 hp, lightweight 75-degree V-Twin. The engine has a compression ratio of 12.5:1, breathes through 52mm Keihin throttle bodies and its maximum revs are rated at 9500 rpm. As far as torque is concerned the big Twin delivers an impressive 92.2 foot-pounds of peak torque at 7500 rpm.

The motorcycle is fitted with a Bosch C-ABS (combined antilock breaking system) which guarantees extremely short braking distances. Another interesting feature offered by the KTM 1190 Adventure R is the MTC (Motorcycle Traction Control) which offers first class performances on all types of terrains. The MTC gives you the possibility to switch between four different riding modes.

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Like all KTMs, the KTM 990 SM T was built for speed and adrenaline. Though, unlike its siblings the KTM 990 SM T has a slightly more serene character and can be described like an interesting combination between a tourer, a racer and a city bike.

As you’ve probably guessed, the 990 SM T is derived from the KTM 990 SM. In terms of powers the two bikes are identical as they are both powered by the same 75-degree, liquid cooled 999 cc engine which delivers a maximum output of 114 hp @ 9000 rpm and is paired with a six speed transmission.

In terms of suspensions, the SM T’s wheel travels is slightly shorter than the one from the standard SM, but despite this fact, the bike is still able to deal effortless with any type of terrain.

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If you love two wheel adventures, then you’ll certainly love the KTM 990 Adventure too. The motorcycle has a pretty versatile character which helps it deal with any type of terrain with poise.

Born to be a tough enduro, the KTM 990 Adventure has received a long list of features which make it perfectly suited for off road riding.

With 114 hp under its belt, the 990 Adventure’s water-cooled V-engine delivers enough punch to fill your veins with adrenaline. The engine is brought to life by an electric starter and is mated on a six speed, claw shifted transmission. You also get the electronic Keihin engine management system which regulates the fuel injection system delivering top notch performances thus improving the rideability.

Other features include a stable chassis, disconnectable ABS, frame-anchored fairing and a lockable stowage compartment.

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The KTM 990 Adventure R is a sporty off roader developed with practicality in mind. The motorcycle is powered by a capable 2-cylinder, 4-stroke, liquid cooled spark-ignition engine which offers first class performances (114 hp) and a pretty good efficiency.

Power is sent to the rear wheel via a six speed transmission and the 999cc unit is also combined with a Keihin engine management system which regulates the modern fuel injection system improving the power delivery.

The KTM 990 Adventure R’s engine is mounted on a stiff tubular space frame made from thin-walled chrome-molybdenum steel tubing with a bolted-on, light alloy subframe. The entire frame weighs only 10.5 kg and is combined with a long swingarm with conical profiles.

The front wheels are fitted with a front modern upside down fork and a rear shock absorber from WP suspension.

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The Blackline is a Harley-Davidson Softail pared to the bone with visual elements of the original bobber movement combined with a raw style embraced by today’s young bike builders. The rear fender is bobbed high-and-tight over a slim, 144 mm tire that emphasizes an authentic hardtail profile.

The rider hugs the frame on the lowest two-up seat offered by Harley-Davidson, while reaching high for the new Split Drag handlebar. The rigid powertrain allows tight packaging of the engine and frame to create a solid connection between the rider and the power that moves the Blackline.

Power comes from an air-cooled, twin cam 103B engine which has a displacement of 1690 cc. The engine is combined with a 6-Speed Cruise Drive gear box and delivers an average fuel consumption of 42 mpg (city/highway). As far as torque is concerned the Harley-Davidson Softail FXS Blackline puts out 134 Nm @ 3,250 rpm.

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The Honda NC700X has a lot to love. The bike was created for those who put fun and functionality on the first place and is packed with a long list of features which help it offer first class performances and top notch agility.

At the heart of the 2012 Honda NC700X lies Honda’s new 670cc parallel-twin engine which rewards with enough power and torque to fill your brain with a tasty mix of dopamine and adrenaline.

The liquid-cooled, parallel-twin engine features a single overhead cam, four valves per cylinder and a counterbalancer along with a PGM-FI fuel-injection system and Honda’s second-generation DCT transmission - a technological mix that guarantees advanced performances. In terms of power, the engine is rated at 51 hp at a modest 6250 rpm and 45.7 ft-lb. at a low 4750 rpm.

On top of that, the bike carries a slew of new features, including a watertight, locking compartment, a 41mm fork that provides 6" of travel, a Pro-Link shock that delivers 5.9" at the rear wheel, and a single 320mm brake disc squeezed by a two-piston caliper - three pistons on the C-ABS model - up front and a 240mm disc/single-piston-caliper combo out back.

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One could easily mistake the Honda Integra with a big scooter, but the bike is much more than that. Though, It is true that the Integra has a pretty mixed personality and even Honda calls it a "Scooting Motorcycle".

The bike was built with comfort in mind. Thereby it features an ergonomic riding position with a comfortable seat and handlebar.

Power comes from a strong 51-horsepower water-cooled 700cc inline-two engine with a 73 mm x 80 mm bore-stroke ratio for its cylinders. The engine delivers an average fuel consumption of 27/l and is paired with a dual clutch transmission, which, for the 2012 model, is lighter and more compact than the previous version. Another significantly improvement is the simplified hydraulic circuit.

You also get a new learning function that has been added to each running mode to perceive a variety of riding environments so you can also stick to a 6-speed manual if you want.

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The 2013 Honda NC700S is based on the Honda’s ‘New Concept Fun Naked’ concept which is a relatively new approach in this segment.

As most of Honda’s nakeds the BC700S features a modern design language with sharp lines, dynamic shapes and clear cut surfaces. Not to mention about the wide range of paint schemes available which further enhance the modern look of the motorcycle.

The 2013 Honda NC700S is equipped with a 670 cc, 2-cylinder, SOHC, PGM-FI engine that develops a maximum speed of 47 horsepower at 6,250 rpm and a peak torque of 60 Nm at 4,750 rpm. The engine is paired with a dual clutch transmission which delivers a pretty good fuel efficiency, as can hit 27 kilometers on a liter.

The 2013 Honda NC700S is kept in check by a set of front and rear disc brakes combined with an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS).

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