Cruiser bikes need not be all about looks and imposing presence; it’s also great if it can back up its stature with some great storage, unprecedented comfort, and unbeatable performance.

That’s what you get on the Victory Cross Roads Hard Bagger. Despite carrying a long name, the Cross Roads Hard Bagger is the ideal all-around cruiser that can take you out for a great ride on some weathered asphalt, breaking the wind to your heart’s content.

Packed with a 106 cc Freedom V-Twin engine, the Cross Roads Hard Bagger is the kind of stripped-down touring purist that takes its performance credentials very seriously, capable of delivering 97 horsepower and 109 lb/ft of torque. The bike’s expertly balanced credentials make for a controlled ride that feels like you’re being shot out of a cannon. Joining the powertrain is a transmission system that’s considered one of the best in the market.

Other standard features on the Cross Roads Hard Bagger is Victory’s very own Anti-Lock Brake System, a set-up that monitors what the wheel is doing and gives you consistent, smooth braking from the handlebar lever down to the rubber on the road. As far as the aforementioned storage space is concerned, the Cross Roads Hard Bagger can be set-up with a number of storage options, ranging from 17.4 gallons of soft bags storage capacity to 21 gallons of hard bag roominess.

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New models are always subject to more scrutiny than their veteran counterparts, but that doesn’t mean that these models shouldn’t be ignored completely. On the contrary, a fresh new mode offers plenty of new experiences, and that’s what Moto Morini Company wants to build with their new addition to the family, the Moto Morini 1200 Sport.

Moto Morini presented this new model at the Motormotorcycle Expo in Verona, with a new graphic style and a black and orange design on its white frame. Attractive looks notwithstanding, the Moto Morini 1200 Sport is a bike that’s been built to impress, thanks in large part to the company’s powerful 1187cc v-twin engine that produces a tidy 117 horsepower.

Apart from the engine, the bike’s chassis is another point of pride for Moto Morini, with its front forks derived from the company’s Marzocchi line and rounded out with a set of 17" Excel wheels fitted with sport-touring rubber tires. In terms of looks, the Moto Morini 1200 Sport’s classic naked styling is a perfect match to its attractive look. Add that to a slew of top quality components from the likes of Verlicchi, Brembo, Marzocchi, Paioli, and Zard, and you have a newbie bike that was built to impress and destined to become a customer favorite from here on out.

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If a bike’s name is the sole purpose buyers make a purchase, then the Moto Morini 9 1/2 will cast curious looks from a lot of people. Derived from the legendary 3 ½ twin cylinder of the 1970s, the Moto Morini 9 ½ carries a name that belies all the outstanding qualities it offers. From the style to the design and all the way up to its technological innovation, the Morini 9 1/2 is a true ode to the spirit of that Morini machine.

When we look at the features on the Moto Morini 9 ½, it will be easy to be impressed. The first indication of the bike’s tremendous appeal is the power it gets from its 1187 cc Bialbero CorsaCorta twin-cylinder engine that develops an impressive 105 horsepower at 8000 rpm. The layout of the engine is compact, making for a sturdy and impressive ride.

Handling is also a big component to the entire 9 1/2 package. The rational approach to the technical solutions and the efficiency to which it handles comes as a result of the tremendous engineering done on the bike’s overall DNA.

All told, the Moto Morini 9 ½ combines a classic, reassuring style with the performance of a powerful and excellent motorcycle.

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Victory has carved a reputation as a well-known motorcycle builder that caters to the luxury-touring motorcyclist. But Victory is more than just the proverbial one-trick pony. When it comes to targeting the hardcore Amerian rider, they also have the means to take care of that demographic.

Victory continues this for 2012 with its popular hard-bagger, the Cross Country . Due to the popularity of the 2011 model, Victory resisted on making any drastic changes on the Cross Country. Instead, the Polaris-owned company continued on the bike’s unbridled success by offering a 2012 model that comes with a mean low styling combined with comfort, much cargo space, and an integrated audio system.

At the heart of the Cross Country is a type 4-stroke 50o V-Twin engine that makes every other aspect of going the distance as effortless as possible. By adding precise, automotive-style cruise control, the right mitt can now simply hang on and enjoy the ride. The bike also carries single overhead camshafts with 4 valves per cylinder, self-adjusting cam chains, hydraulic lifters, and Electronic Fuel Injection with dual 45mm throttle body. As far as the suspension goes, the front of the Cross Country carries an inverted cartridge telescopic fork with 43 mm diameter and 5.1" travel, while the rear comes with a single, mono-tube gas, cast aluminum setup with constant rate linkage and 4.7" / 120 mm travel.

The Cross Country is also equipped with the stylish and protective fork-mounted fairing that provides excellent protection and houses instrumentation and an integrated audio system.

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Riding around town or in the countryside need not always be about pure speed thrills. So for those that prefer a change of pace and take their time while basking in the sights, sounds, and smells of the world passing by, the Moto Guzzi Norge GT 8V is the bike for you.

At the heart of the Norge GT 8V is a V-shaped 90° transverse twin-cylinder "Four valve" engine, considered the highest performing engine among all the families of powertrains manufactured at Mandello del Lario . Riding along that impressive powertrain is the Norge’s soft suspension, one that can be adjusted for preload front and rear with the shocks featuring rebound adjustment.

All the improvements done in the development of the bike’s powertrain have also increased the Norge’s overall drive dynamics. The changes in setting of the suspension, such as replacing the spring set on the fork and shock absorber, allow the bike to achieve optimal hydraulic response on the two suspension units. Moreover, the bike also comes with a powerful, new electronic ABS braking system which is combined with front brake discs fitted with a new high performance brake band. This setup provides the kind of safety standards that make riding this bike easy.

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The Moto Guzzi Stelvio 1200 4V differentiates itself as a no-frills, stand-up bike. It may not have the cache as some of its peers, but make no mistake, this is one bike that’s ready to rock and roll at a moment’s notice.

To say that this bike doesn’t come packed with features is a gross understatement to what it’s capable of. For starters, the Stelvio sits on a 19" spoked front wheel that tracks effortlessly on your chosen path. The riding position is comfortable for long journeys due to a large seat and adequate padding. The design is aerodynamic for its parts, the windscreen is manually adjustable, and nosecone moldings chop a good sized hole in the atmosphere. The bike also comes equipped with wide cases, engine protection guards, GPS navigation, heated hand grips, hand guards, fog lights, tank bags, and an anti-theft system that is available as an added accessory. As far as luggage space is concerned, the Stelvio 1200 4V comes with a small storage space in the tank shell that opens with a switch.

At the heart of the Stelvio 1200 4V is a new 90-degree, V-twin quattrovalvole - hence the 4V designation - engine that delivers a mouth-watering output of 103 horsepower. With this much power, the Stelvio 1200 4V has a suspension set-up that strikes a decent balance between compliance and control.

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When it comes to performance credentials, the Victory Hammer S holds a back seat to no one. This bike is powered by a 97-hp Victory Freedom 106/6 V-Twin that is calibrated especially for the kind of muscle cruisers that deliver sporty performance for riders of all ages.

At the heart of the Hammer S is a powertrain that informs the world of your arrival with every crack of the throttle. It is combined with the best performing transmission on the street that collects the power generated by the massive V-twin and allows the Hammer S to roll fluidly between the curbs.

When it comes to muscle cruisers, Hammer S definitely knows its own strength. 300mm floating rotors equipped with 4-piston calipers provide the kind of sure-footed stopping that inspires confident riding. Add that to the inverted cartridge telescopic fork that has 5.1” of road-smoothing travel, and the Hammer S will provide the kind of smooth and easy steering that makes it such a joy to be in command of. In addition, with a 250mm tire on the back of a muscle cruiser like the Hammer S, the rider and the machine will both look like they are ready for anything the road has to dish out.

Even the most independent of riders feels the need for human interaction once and a while. The Hammer S’ stylish, color-matched cowl can be turned into a passenger seat. And when you’re ready to get back to that drag bike demeanor, simply reattach the cowl and return to one-up heaven.

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What if we told you that you could get a pretty slick sports bike for an affordable price? The Moto Guzzi Stelvio 1200 NTX ABS is an eye-catching machine and will turn more heads than most other bikes of its ilk. And the best part? You could score this wonder bike for just £11,878, which is about $19,000 based on current exchange rates. Pretty sweet, right?

The NTX is the greatest version of the Stelvio, and has all the great technical features of the basic version mixed in with some exceptional new features, including the sturdy "armor" that comprises the oil sump guard, engine guard, cylinder guard, full cover hand-guards, and the extra large windshield. Moreover, it also has extra wind deflectors to protect the rider and his bike against the hidden dangers throughout his trip. The top fairing and the half-fairing of the bike come with integrated turn indicators, features that add even more dynamic elements to the bike. The Stelvio 1200 NTX also comes with spacious aluminum panniers and additional halogen lights, creating ample space for long haul travels.

As for the engine, the Stelvio 1200 NTX comes packed with a V-shaped 90° transverse twin-cylinder engine that produces a peak output of 105 horsepower and 83 lb/ft of torque at just 5,800 rpm. Meanwhile, the frame on this 2012 Moto Guzzi Stelvio 1200 NTX ABS comes with a twin-spar design that’s made of high-strength steel and decorated with 2.5 mm thick directional tubes that anchor the engine through six connecting points, giving the bike even more strength and rigidity than the standard lot.

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You want to strike a home run on your next motorcycle purchase? Well, look no further than one bike whose name exudes good luck: the Victory Vegas Jackpot.

With unique styling that looks like it came straight out of a custom shop, the Vegas Jackpot will turn some serious heads, thanks to its stunning cruiser looks and remarkable performance credentials.

Standard features found in the Vegas Jackpot range include a 250mm wide rear tire, a 21" anvil billet front wheel, a color matched frame, custom inspired paint, and loads of chrome. The Vegas Jackpot also comes packed with plenty of power courtesy of Victory’s world-famous Freedom V-Twin powertrain that produces 97 horsepower and 113 lb/ft of torque, mated to one of the best performing transmissions on the street. Unleashing the sheer power of the Vegas Jackpot is right in your hands; all you need to do is press the starter and the eruption of 97 ponies immediately comes to life.

Adding more impressive credentials to the Vegas Jackpot’s overall package is its custom inspired paint job, detailed color-matched frame, and headlight configuration. This cruiser doesn’t only look to impress, but actually performs incredibly well, making you feel like you really won the lottery.

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Victory knows how to build some of the most stunning bikes in the market, and even if they have to strip down the bike to its bare necessities - an aesthetic throwback of sorts - they know how to do it in style.

The all-new Victory High Ball fits all the qualifications of a no-nonsense cruiser with the spirit of the classic bobber style oozing from its design. The bike was built piece by piece around Victory’s road-pounding 106 Freedom V-Twin, ensuring a ride that not only offers unbridled power but also the kind of remarkable agility that Victory bikes have come to be known for. The blacked-out Apes on the bike exudes a stunning profile. Moreover, the High Ball also comes with a short front fender that offers protection from whatever the road throws your way without taking away from the “bare necessities” spirit of the bobber style. The High Ball also carries a pair of 16" wheels with an old-school lace design and white sidewalls, carrying the throwback look to stunning new heights. Even the matte-black and white color schemes on the tank tie in with the rest of the bike’s retro look while a specially designed, painted-on logo provides the final touch on a truly unique cruiser bike.

In addition to its tremendous cruiser looks, the High Ball is powered by Victory’s renowned Freedom 106 V-Twin engine that produces 97 horsepower and 113 lb/ft of torque.

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