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Motorcycles, like no other form of transportation, lend themselves to long distance adventure traveling. Discovering remote countries on your motorcycle is easier than using car (or bicycle). They’re maybe not as comfortable, but you can go places cars can’t go, or at least with difficulties.

That’s why you see so many people taking their motorcycle and riding Round The World (RTW). Just have a look at the two actors, Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman (TV series Long Way Round and Long Way Down). Everyday, 100’s of riders are criss-crossing the globe on their motorcycles. Many are traveling around the world, or just going to some remote country to have a look. There’s so much to see, and so little time.

Long distance motorcycle adventure rides are not easy, and often a personal challenge. The issues of safety, visa, regulations, logistics, etc can be a nightmare to the most seasoned traveler, but it’s the unknown that makes it interesting. Any motorcycle will do, though the majority use BMW. But people have used Harleys, Yamaha R1 and even 50 cc mopeds.

For most international travelers there is only one source of information: Horizons Unlimited! Horizons Unlimited is a club and website offering the ultimate source of information to anyone wanting to travel abroad on their motorcycle.

If you’re looking for a company to ship your bike from the USA to Tonga, or need to know if it’s safe to ride through Sudan, what visa and paperwork you need to comply with when visiting Outer Mongolia, there really is only one place you can go to. Want to meet up with other travelers on the road while crossing a “dangerous” country? Head over to Horizons Unlimited.

The Horizons Unlimited website is called “The Hubb”, and there you’ll find many other travelers, some budding, some seasoned, but all with one common objective, discover the world on their motorcycles.

Horizons Unlimited also organize regular meetings, usually with guest speakers who have done the deed. Going to these meetings is not only fun, but you can really learn a lot if you want to go discovering other countries. You’ll be surrounded by people who don’t think you’re crazy for wanting to travel to Columbia, or ride through Africa to Cape Town. In fact, they’ll be helping you to achieve your dream.

Many travelers post their stories on The Hubb, so you can follow their rides in detail. There’s also a list of riders on the road at this moment.

If you want to see what it’s like to go RTW, have a look at Allan Karl site (http://worldrider.com/) He set out in 2005 for a RTW trip. Look at his story and great photos. Warning: you’ll be spending hours reading his story!

Click here to go and have a read at Horizons Unlimited: http://horizonsunlimited.com/

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Did you go at the movie Easy Rider when it was rolling back in 1969? Starring Dennis Hopper, Peter Fonda and Jack Nicholson, the movie captures the journey across America of two motorcyclists in total freedom. Also famous due to its soundtrack called Born to be Wild, composed and interpreted in the late sixties by Steppenwolf, the movie had a lot to do with the rebel attitude that characterizes the period.

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The title of this short post is also the title of the DVD illustrating a man with a goal. It synthesizes Gaurav Jani’s successful attempt to border China from Delhi to Changthang Plateau in Ladakh on the saddle of its 350cc Royal Enfield motorcycle and without any support whatsoever. There is no cameraman except himself, no sound guy, nobody!

On the seventy days trip, Gaurav filmed himself gathering miles, interacting with people, or simply admiring the wonderful sights that permanently surrounded him. Some of them were never even filmed before.

By simply checking out this short news and enjoying this video the adventurer spirit in every one of us comes to life and makes us crave for even a comparable experience. Who knows, maybe I’ll write something about your own adventure one of these days. It is all up to you. Until then enjoy this video!

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From a solo trip in the desert for weeks, to a few days off the beaten track closer to home, adventure motorcycling means different things to different people. It requires commitment - physical, mental and financial - but the rewards are far greater. Could 2008 be the year that you finally decide to take The Big Trip on your motorcycle? If so, then a new book has just been published which tells you everything you need to know to plan and complete the journey of a lifetime. Adventure (...)
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The famous BMW Safari, now into its 14th year, offers two opportunities for adventure in 2008, with the off-road GS Safari in March and on-road TourenSport (TS) Safari in August - and overseas visitors are most welcome. Early registration for the GS Safari has resulted in many places being snapped up, with just a handful now remaining. BMW riders with off-road ability are invited to attend the BMW GS Safari, which will take place in the spectacular Victorian and New South Wales ’High (...)
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An amateur photographer from Konya, Abdülkerim Uysal is set to go on a motorcycle trip of 5,180 kilometers across Turkey in an effort to contribute to the promotion of Turkey. Uysal ventured out on a similar Turkey trip lasting nine days last year when traveled by train to mark the 150th anniversary of the establishment of the Turkish State Railways (TCDD) and opened a “Locomotive Photographs” exhibition, comprising the photos taken during his journey in Konya, Ankara, Adana and Istanbul. (...)
Source: www.turkishdailynews.com
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Exploring a new country by motorcycle really is the best way to travel, but how about using the opportunity to not only visit a new area, but also test ride several of the latest BMW bikes at the same time? BMW Motorrad’s experienced travel partner, Münchner Freiheit, has just released details of its 2007 programme and one of the latest incentives includes a new test ride touring programme. These tours, which last from two to six days, give customers the opportunity to test ride almost all (...)
Source: www.bmw-motorrad.com
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Looking for a little extra excitement in your next vacation? You’re certainly not the only one. In fact, according to iExplore Inc., a leading resource for information about experiential travel, the adventure vacation industry is worth more than $40 billion and growing at a rate of 10 percent each year. Whether it’s climbing the Rocky Mountains or jumping on a motorcycle and touring the breathtaking coastline of California, more Americans are adding a dose of much-needed pep to their (...)
Source: about.newsusa.com
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San Diego, CA — Sunday Morning Rides, a powerful new online trail and road mapping portal, has announced a new collaboration with Motoquest, Mexico’s leading online motorcycle touring resource, to promote adventure riding in Mexico and Baja. The two websites will share technologies and content to showcase Motoquest’s historic tours that distinguish Mexico as one of the truly great motorcycle adventure destinations. By integrating Motoquest content via the SMR mapper interface, the (...)
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Former world triathlon champion Felix Bergmeister decided that his own ’neighbourhood’ wasn’t big enough, so he decided to circumnavigate the planet and is currently in Namibia, riding to raise awareness of, and funds for UNICEF. It’s hard to imagine just how fit you have to be to compete in ’ultra-triathlons’ such as the 10 times Ironman event, which Felix won in 2004. This back-to-back event alone consisted of a 38 km swim, followed by an 1800 km bike race and a 422 km run. Only a select (...)
Source: www.worldofbmw.com

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