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The Beta Mnitrial LC is a compact bike aimed at those who love Trial circuits. It is the smallest model in Beta’s Trial lineup and was especially created for the beginners.

The 2013 version is built on an improved steel frame that hosts an all-new single cylinder, 2-stroke, liquid cooled engine. The 72.4 cc unit sends its power to the ground through a single speed transmission and is fed by a compact, 0.6 gallons fuel tank.

The engine breaths through a Dell’Orto PHBN carburetor with external adjustments for improved performance and greater regularity of operation.

The bike rides on a set of sporty suspensions that consist of a 32 mm fork and a rear single shock absorber.

For 2013 the Beta Minitrial LC is also offered with new colors and graphics inspired by the EVO 2013 models.

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As you all know, the world has heard hundreds of legends about Count Dracula and vampires, but they all have something in common – the Bran Castle in Transylvania. Famous trial rider Julien Dupont went to the Bran Castle not only to see if these legends are true, but also to ride his bike in the castle’s yard.

Even though the legends about Dracula have been circulating for around 500 years, this character remains alive not only for tourists, but also for writers who see it perfect for a new book or a new movie scenario.

Julien has heard numerous legends circulating around the Bran Castle, but only one caught the most of his attention. It seems that not far from the castle there is a cross which turns those who touch it into fearless persons. Just what Julien needed in order to pull out the most amazing tricks.

So Julien Dupont searched the respective cross on the hill near the castle, touched it and the legend turned out to be true – Julien became fearless and went crazy around Bran Castle.

But, a mystery remains…will Julien eventually turn into a vampire or not? Find out the answer by watching the video after the jump.

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Watch as 12 times trial world champion Dougie Lampkin slides and glides his way down and around Nevis Range Ski Resort just outside Fort William Scotland.

He is joined by stunt cyclist Danny MacAskill at the fabulous Nevis Range venue, which will be home to the UK round of the 2010 SPEA FIM Trial World Championship on 25/26/27th June, when the best trials riders on the planet will meet the arguably the best trials terrain on Earth. This short movie will give you a taste of what you can expect, but this is no substitute from being there in the flesh.

With three great days of action on offer, visit to make the most of the heavily discounted advanced tickets and to discover more about what promises to be the trials event of the year.

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This is the promo for the 2010 Goodwood Festival of Speed and it shows trial master Dougie Lampkin in his two-wheeled search for Formula One stars Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button around the Goodwood estate. Also taking part at the rather funny action are bike fan Chris Barrie and chef James Martin. The happy ending is well worth it.

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After celebrating 20 years from the fall of the Berlin wall in his characteristic style, freestyle rider Julien Dupont rode his trial bike on the crowded streets of Mexico City as part of his “Ride the World” video series and taught commuters a lesson about the endless benefits of riding a motorcycle instead of driving a car at the cost of the poor people’s own windshields. I believe “carajo!” was the main reaction he generated.

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To celebrate 20 years from the fall of the Berlin wall, French freestyle rider Julien Dupont takes on Berlin and ads another episode to his “Ride the World” series of illegal urban activities that we like so much.

Backed up by a professional team, Dupont’s Berlin ride is for the freedom symbolized by the fall of the wall in Berlin.

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This guy takes every single ledge as a challenge when training in the city on its trial motorcycle and the results are simply fabulous. It doesn’t stay in one place too much so that it won’t create a crowd and because the city architecture has a lot to offer, it wouldn’t be in its advantage anyway.

What I like about this video is the fact that it doesn’t try to present the guy as an expert, but as an experienced rider who, normally, makes errors. What would you give in order to have the ability to do what this character does and experience as much as he does in a single day of city riding? I’d sure give a lot!

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