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The Beta EVO 80 Sr is the big brother of the 80 Jr. It is propelled by a 79.66cc, single cylinder, 2-stroke, liquid-cooled w/ reed valve engine which is paired with a six speed transmission with wet multi-disc clutch. The engine is fueled by a 0.7 gallons fuel tank and is paired with a new ø 21 mm Dell’Orto carburetor.

The motorcycle weighs 145.5 Lbs. (dry) and rides on 8mm Paioli front suspensions and a rear single shock with adjustable dampening and spring preload. It is also worthy of being mentioned that for increased smoothness the motorcycle’s swing-arm is mounted on roller bearings.

The Beta EVO 80 Sr rides on rugged 21” front and 18” rear rims wrapped in Michelin Trial tires.

As far as prices are concerned, the Beta EVO 80 Sr can be yours for no less than $3,999 and comes with a 6 month limited warranty.

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If you are looking for a capable trial motorcycle for your kid then you should take a closer look at the Beta EVO 80 Jr. This agile bike was specially developed for the young riders (9-11 years old) and comes with a comprehensive list of features which make it great for beginners.

The Beta EVO 80 Jr is powered by a 79.6cc, single cylinder, 2-stroke, liquid-cooled engine with a compression ratio of 14.7:1. The engine transfers its power to the rear wheel by means of a six speed transmission with wet multi-disc clutch.

The motorcycle weighs 132.2 Lbs. (dry) and is packed with a 0.7 US Gallons fuel tank.

The ride is kept in leash by a 33mm Paioli front suspension and a rear single shock adjustable with adjustable dampening and spring preload.

The Beta EVO 80 Jr is priced at $3,499.

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The 250 ST continues Sherco’s tradition and is built using only high quality components which means that you get a top trials motorcycle that rewards you with great performances.

Its ergonomic design, agile chassis and light weight help you deal great even with the trickiest situations. Needles to say that the motorcycle’s 249,70 cc, two strokes engine cranks out more than enough power to keep you far from trouble.

The bike rides on lightweight Morad graphit anodized aluminum rims that measure 21” up front and 18” at the rear. Other features worthy of being mentioned include forged aluminium adjustable footpegs, an ergonomic kick starter and gear shift levers, a redesigned right engine case and an improved skidplate.

The motorcycle’s speed is kept under control by hydraulically activated, floating Ø 185 mm (7.28) in front and Ø 145 mm (5.71 in) rear disc brakes.

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The Sherco 125 St shares many elements with its bigger sibling, the St 2.9. Like its brother, the Sherco 125 ST was designed with agility in mind and is built on a modern chassis.

The bike is equipped with a 125 cc, two stroke engine that has received a series of improvements which make it better suited for the requirements of today’s riders. The motorcycle’s clutch was also improved as well as the carburetor and brakes which now features hydraulically activated, floating 185 mm front and 145 mm rear discs.

The engine’s power is kept under control by a 5 speed sequential gearbox which features a security selector system to prevent false shifts.

The motorcycle rides on a front Tech Ø 39 mm hydraulic telescopic fork (165 mm travel ) and a rear progressive link system with a single adjustable shock absorber ( 175 mm travel).

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In the latest years the electric motorcycles have started to be more advanced than ever and even if their overall performances can’t equal those of the conventional motorcycles, they still have a few aces hidden in their sleeves. And exactly because of these special features we continue to like them despite their limitations.

Kuberg is one of the main electric motorcycle manufacturers and its lineup includes only compact models. Their Trex is an adult sized electric trial motorcycle that has all it needs to help you deal great even with the most difficult situations.

The bike is built around a Brushless DC motor that delivers a maximum power of 7 kW and a peak torque of 20 Nm available at zero rpms (a feature that can be found only at electric motorcyles). Start the motor and it will be able to propel you to a maximum speed of 55 kmph. It is also worthy of being mentioned that the unit comes with four different power maps including ECO, TREK, WET TRIAL and DRY TRIAL modes.

The riding range is rated to up to three hours.

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The new Alp 200 follows in the footsteps of the classic Alp and sets new standards in terms of versatility. It is a pretty interesting concept that gives you the possibility to switch from an off roader to a trials bike in a matter of minutes.

The 2013 Alp 200 comes with a new design, new cycle parts and low running costs. Its backbone is represented by a new trellis frame that was carefully forged to help you handle the Alp with agility.

The Beta Alp 200 weighs only 108 kg and is powered by a 199 cc, single-cylinder, 4-stroke, air cooled, S.O.H.C engine. The engine is combined with a 6.0 liters fuel tank and a five speed transmission with wet-multidisc clutch.

To be able to climb the toughest tracks with poise, the Beta Alp 200 needed a set of rugged tyres. Therefore it comes with 90/90-21 front and 120/80-18 rear off road tyres.

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The Beta Mnitrial LC is a compact bike aimed at those who love Trial circuits. It is the smallest model in Beta’s Trial lineup and was especially created for the beginners.

The 2013 version is built on an improved steel frame that hosts an all-new single cylinder, 2-stroke, liquid cooled engine. The 72.4 cc unit sends its power to the ground through a single speed transmission and is fed by a compact, 0.6 gallons fuel tank.

The engine breaths through a Dell’Orto PHBN carburetor with external adjustments for improved performance and greater regularity of operation.

The bike rides on a set of sporty suspensions that consist of a 32 mm fork and a rear single shock absorber.

For 2013 the Beta Minitrial LC is also offered with new colors and graphics inspired by the EVO 2013 models.

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As you all know, the world has heard hundreds of legends about Count Dracula and vampires, but they all have something in common – the Bran Castle in Transylvania. Famous trial rider Julien Dupont went to the Bran Castle not only to see if these legends are true, but also to ride his bike in the castle’s yard.

Even though the legends about Dracula have been circulating for around 500 years, this character remains alive not only for tourists, but also for writers who see it perfect for a new book or a new movie scenario.

Julien has heard numerous legends circulating around the Bran Castle, but only one caught the most of his attention. It seems that not far from the castle there is a cross which turns those who touch it into fearless persons. Just what Julien needed in order to pull out the most amazing tricks.

So Julien Dupont searched the respective cross on the hill near the castle, touched it and the legend turned out to be true – Julien became fearless and went crazy around Bran Castle.

But, a mystery remains…will Julien eventually turn into a vampire or not? Find out the answer by watching the video after the jump.

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Watch as 12 times trial world champion Dougie Lampkin slides and glides his way down and around Nevis Range Ski Resort just outside Fort William Scotland.

He is joined by stunt cyclist Danny MacAskill at the fabulous Nevis Range venue, which will be home to the UK round of the 2010 SPEA FIM Trial World Championship on 25/26/27th June, when the best trials riders on the planet will meet the arguably the best trials terrain on Earth. This short movie will give you a taste of what you can expect, but this is no substitute from being there in the flesh.

With three great days of action on offer, visit www.ukworldtrial.com to make the most of the heavily discounted advanced tickets and to discover more about what promises to be the trials event of the year.

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