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Harley Davidson has revealed the 2014 version of its famous trike, the Tri Glide Ultra. The vehicle has received the Rushmore treatment, so it comes with a few upgrades that make it better suited for the demands of today’s riders.

At the heart of the motorcycle lies a 103.1 cu. in. twin-cooled, high output twin cam 103 engine that was tweaked for 2014 to deliver more low-end torque, more passing power and a throaty exhaust note.

As far as comfort is concerned, the Harley Davidson Tri Glide Ultra has received significant improvements in the passenger space, legroom, airflow and heat management departments. You also get new seat textures, revised back rests and fresh hand controls.

Other modifications were made to the motorcycle’s inner fairing that now features a fresh layout, a bigger display screen and new gauges.

The 2014 Harley-Davidson Tri Glide Ultra is offered with a base price of $32,549.

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Ural has a long history behind it and somehow it managed to stay alive since the World War era. However, despite the serious number of ears that have passed since then, the style of its motorcycle’s didn’t changed much.

Therefore, after 100 years Ural’s bikes look pretty close to the bikes ridden by our grandpas. Luckily despite their vintage appearance, the new Ural motorcycles are fitted with contemporary engines and technologies, so their performances are at least on the decent side of things.

Keeping up with its tradition, the company has recently announced that they will reveal a new sidecar that will share Ural’s core values, but will be a completely different concept then the rest of its models.

The 2014 model is called the Gaucho Rambler and was born from Ural’s collaboration with Pendleton Woolen Mills.

For the moment we don’t have many details about the new Ural motorcycle, but the company was kind enough to show us a teaser.

Stay tuned for more details.

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The Ural Tourist is a comfortable motorcycle that comes with a sidecar attached to its side.

The motorcycle is equipped with a series of features especially designed to maximize the rider’s comfort during long journeys.

For enhanced versatility, the Ural Tourist comes with a black cordura tonneau cover for the sidecar and a large windscreen. You also get both electric and kick start, electronic ignition, and a spacious trunk.

The motorcycle is built around a Boxer, OHV air-cooled, 4 stroke, 749 cc engine which cranks out a maximum power of 40 hp at 5600 rpm and 38 lb-ft at 4600 rpm. This power is kept in check by a four speed transmission and the maximum speed is rated at 65 mph.

The 2013 Ural Tourist is offered with a starting price of $12,099 and is available in Red or Black.

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Yamaha is working on its first electric bike and has already revealed the first details. The new model has the potential to raise the standards of e-bikes higher than ever as it could be the first one that shows how stability and efficiency can be joined together in one motorcycle.

The new Yamaha EC-Miu Electric Concept uses two wheels in the back and one wheel on the front, so we can expect to perfect balance and stability. The company says that the concept was designed especially for women and puts safety and ergonomics on the first place.

The Yamaha EC-Miu Electric Concept can be recharged using the same G-Station charging stations used by any regular electric motorcycle. The Yamaha EC-Miu Electric Concept is also equipped with Wi-Fi capability which will help the riders use smartphone-based navigation and telematics services.

The Yamaha EC-Miu Electric Concept has made its official debut at the Tokyo Motor Show in November 2011.

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Remember Blastolene’s Hemi-powered trike displayed last year at the Grand National Roadster Show? Well, it is called the Frogman Rocket II Trike and it is now in the hands of happy owner Tim Cotterill who had the kindness of having a film made in which all trike lovers can see the 1000hp supercharged Hemi V8 trike in action.

Produced by Andrew Cappelletti, the video is all about taking this beast in its natural environment, feed it tons of gas and get a rush from it. To us, it looks like it shouldn’t exist or at least be legal, but it is and that guy is the luckiest we’ve seen on three wheels so far. Hit the jump for the video.

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Although we have to admit that it’s the babe that caught our attention in the first place, we’ve come to find that this is not a regular trike, not at all. Notice that there is nothing where the V-twin engine would normally sit and if you’ll look at the back you will see an airboat engine and propeller with a protection web and everything.

We know that trikes are supposed to catch people’s attention and while this one sure does so we can’t see how it copes with the other machines in its family. One thing is for sure: you wouldn’t want to ride behind that thing…

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The Ducati Desmosedici Trike is one of those concepts that you know won’t ever make it to the streets – at least not in production form – but it can make a rider beg Ducati to consider this as an alternative to enlarge their lineup. The concept belongs to Nicolas Petit from Creil, France, a 25-year-old professional motorcycle mechanic with a soft spot for Ducatis. In his creation, he retains the rear end of the Ducati Desmosedici, but brings in a two-wheel front from whatever reason you can find in his project description:

"This project is a mix between a motorcycle and a street quad. The base is without its Desmosedici fork, the rear is slightly restyled. The ATV-type front is grafted directly on to the engine chassis – simple and effective, Spartan and light,”

To us, only the idea of a 200bhp trike makes our minds go in places they normally shouldn’t, but who cares…just take a look at this.

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They say you need to be a certain kind of biker in order to ride a trike and it is not hard to recognize the type as the biking crowd passes along, so hearing about a guy having turned a 2001 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-12R into a trike raises a few question marks regarding to what kind of rider would do that and why. A very special kind of rider let me tell you and also one who wants to have fun and feel a little safer on two wheels.

Simeon Hill is a brit who’s 155mph Kawi trike featuring a custom-built frame, a push-button gearshift system, Akrapovic exhaust, modified axle and differential from a Ford Sierra made it to Trike magazine. Sure, the 17-inch rear wheels with 235 x 50 tires also had much to do with the achievement, but mostly with what our man built it for. So let’s see what Hill has to say: ‘I built this trike to handle. I have turned a few heads and surprised many sportsbike riders on twisty Yorkshire and Lincolnshire roads. It’s taken me on local jaunts, weekend trips and longer trips around Europe, not only keeping up with my friends’ sportsbikes but also giving them a good run for their money.’

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For the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, Honda has prepared a rather unique concept vehicle called the Honda 3R-C Concept. It is actually a single-seat trike that accommodates the rider in a fully enclosed cockpit and which is, obviously, powered by batteries.

Honda 3R-C Concept unveiled ahead of Geneva show

This is more like the kind of concept you’d expect from innovative designers eager of global recognition, but considering that this is an official Honda concept and it is going to Geneva, it actually stands great chances to be proposed for production. Read the full press release after the jump.

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Conceptualized obviously by an Indian designer – Arun Thomas –, the Yog trike is somehow related to the physical and mental discipline that Hollywood stars like so much to brag about practicing, Yoga. The shape of this futuristic trike is supposedly derived from Yoga, so is it rightful asking if the riding position induces a certain state? Because nobody certainly doesn’t want to start meditating at 100mph as I understand the thing is meant to go fast too.

This brings us to the other strange thing about the Yog vehicle: power. This comes from artificial thunderstorms created in a closed system that converts lightning into electricity, which feeds the propeller of an aircraft engine. Ok, I certainly don’t want my a** on one of these things very soon and the fact that it even has a skid steer mechanism and elastic hubless wheels won’t make me change my mind. How about you? Would you ride this thing and eventually practice Yoga on it?

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