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What you see here is the unique idea of Polish firm Marotti about a trike. They’ve created and tested this prototype model powered by a 750cc Honda motorcycle engine and recently announced they will start production of what’s very possible to become the world’s fastest production three-wheeler. That is all due to the 397bhp/ tone power to weight ratio as the trike’s production powerplant is expected to be an 187bhp 1.4-litre engine and the whole thing will weigh only 440kg (970 lbs).

To us, this is as close to a Batmobile as we’ll ever get (hopefully), meaning that the jet-fighter inspired styling does its job properly.

Source: autoexpress
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“Push it to the limit and beyond.” This should be the motto behind this amazing trike project that we recently came across while surfing the web. It is more like a limo trike built in the hot rod style and powered by a Volkswagen motor, but these are all car words. What makes it appear on the motorcycle page of this website is the Harley-Davidson Fat Boy front end. This last “detail” and the fancy limousine-like interior could easily turn this into the world’s most luxurious trike if an award will ever be given for this.

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Those with a soft spot for trikes can finally fulfill their passion without getting into trouble. What you see here is a three-wheeled vehicle that looks like the Stealth bomber, allowing us to suppose that the cops won’t be right on your tail once you give that Corvette engine some juice. Called the Cheetah, this is one of the most unusual trikes we have seen lately and it is powered by a fuel-injected, Corvette LS-1, mid-engine V8, which is mated to a 4-speed automatic transmission, meaning that this unique cat is not as hard to master as you would think.

From obvious reasons, this project started from a brand new chassis made of stainless steel, while the aluminum bodywork with hydraulic tilt is what actually gets the peoples attention, apart from the fact that it takes as much parking space as an SUV.

Source: richmondlabs
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Suzuki never saw the Hayabusa as a trike, but this doesn’t stop others to customize it in the way they think it will suit them best. This Hayabusa reverse trike was spotted on eBay, where it is posted with a $34,999 asking price.

The biggest disadvantage that the TT-Busa, as it is called, has over the stock bike is the fact that it doesn’t appear to lean. The extra wheel does make it a little bit safer, but gets rid of the Hayabusa fun factor and that’s no advantage. This thing is meant to catch the attention of people as it rolls down the streets with its two custom built front wheels and extended swingarm with 300 rear tire.

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There are people who simply can’t keep stuff in their heads for too much time, so they simply go ahead and build what they imagine. This is probably someone’s childhood dream and it is now reality.

Although it looks like one of those lego toys, the V8 engine mounted at the back betrays the friendly look of this trike. Also, it has a roll bar and seat belt, meaning that it’s as serious as they get.

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Drawing inspiration from its very own Street Glide and Tri Glide models, Harley-Davidson has come up with its second production trike, the 2010 Street Glide Trike. Lighter, more compact and benefiting of the same quality built and reliable performance, this new model takes production trikes to a whole new level and also shows how satisfied was the American Company with their first trike, the Tri Glide Ultra Classic. Both models are now being produced in parallel.

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Everything Sonic is a short Harley-Davidson film, which features Dave Grohl playing drums while his Road King’s engine is running. Foo Fighter front man is talking about his passion for motorcycles and how it all started for him in this domain, but also how it influenced his life and music.

The artist, family man and father is currently taking some time off to focus on a newborn, but still working on the upcoming Foo Fighters Greatest Hits and spinning the wheels of his Harley-Davidson bikes and trike.

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In the attempt to make it possible for vehicles to benefit of more power (sometimes in huge quantities) motorbike/trike makers end up adding an extra wheel, for more stability. But how do you call something that has four wheels, a 500 bhp BMW V12 engine that runs on bio-ethanol, and yet is rode like a veritable motorcycle?

Apparently, we will have to settle with talking about the Lazareth Wazuma as being a quad with French origins and an absolutely mind-blowing $284,000 price tag.

After the jump, see a beautiful video courtesy of MotoRevue.

The Can-Am Spyder roadster is a three-wheeled vehicle which has generated massive interest ever since it was unveiled. It is powered by a Rotax® 990 V-Twin engine produced by BRP Rotax. The engine delivers 106 hp and sprints the machine from 0 to 60 mph in 4,5 seconds.

Given these facts, the manufacturer has released two long safety videos explaining how the Can-AM Spyder should and shouldn’t be operated, in what conditions and what makes the rider authorized to make use of this trike on public roads.

We find these videos very helpful for all owners of three-wheeled vehicles, not only those of the Spyder, and stand by the idea of manufacturers offering this kind of support material; it really shows how dedicated they are to satisfying their customers.

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The SS Trike is a fresh new approach towards the idea of having a three-wheeled vehicle that is rode like a motorcycle. In fact, it actually addresses to “non trike” riders, but requires no balancing skills whatsoever. Power comes from either a 96 or 113ci engine of the same V-twin configuration and the transmission is a six-speed unit, allowing for better mileage and more speed out on the highway.

Probably the best (for those who appreciate the style) about the SS Trike is the extremely low riding position and the unique look that comes with it. There’s currently nothing like it on the market, but neither the SS Trike isn’t that official. The production version will make its debut at the Sturgis Rally in the production class of the 2009 AMD Official World Championship of Custom Bike Building next week.

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