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Outrageous is THE way to go nowadays if willing to stand out as a builder and Blastolene makes an excellent demonstration with their latest creation, a trike powered by an immense Hemi V8 engine. Displayed at the Grand National Roadster Show, this three-wheeler founded hard to pass unnoticed, not only because of the motor that usually powers hot rods and/or dragsters, but also because of the unusual dimensions (in other words, it is damn long) and the amazing fit and finish despite the fact of not even being painted.

The innovative builder masks the exhaust pipes with a pair of wings welded on the engine heads while the claw-like front swingarm suspension is definitely one of a kind. We don’t know how much gas will go into that tank, but it sure looks like it can store plenty. This doesn’t leave too much room for the rider – not to mention the passenger – and I’ve got a feeling that it doesn’t handle that easy either. But does it need to? As long I can remember, drag tracks have been straight as an arrow and, apparently, this is where the Blastolene Hemi-powered trike belongs. Can’t wait to see this monster moving!

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We barely got time to realize that another year has passed by and there’s another concept trike showing us how it may very likely be the thing we’ll ride or better said drive in the future. But if it’s still here, at least let’s welcome it as should. Ladies and gentleman, I present to you the Hawk!

The design belongs to 22-year-old Alex Hodge, a designer based in New Zeeland. The young man has imagined the trike of the future as a machine powered preferably by a powerful motorcycle engine, but which would protect the user with a cockpit-like covering that swings away to allow the entry and exit to and from the vehicle.

With an alloy chassis and 19-inch alloy wheels, we already know that the thing would be light and stable, but how does it do in the performance department? Well, it seems that this designer also thinks at fuel consumption so he visualizes Hawk concept as being powered by the 999cc V-Twin engine “borrowed” from the Honda RC51 motorcycle. Now that’s pretty good considering that the specific powerplant meets a great balance between power – 120 horses – and fuel consumption which depends on how much the trike will actually weigh.

We have to admit that it looks radical, but I can’t see why he didn’t sketch a fully-equipped pilot in it. After all, what’s the point of all that transparency if you can’t be spotted when riding in style? And don’t come to me with that “view” stuff because you can see the view as you’re watching where you’re going.

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Remember the amazing 654L trike created by Brudeli Tech? Yes, the one that was suppose to go into production. Well, it still is, but it couldn’t really do that until the manufacturer released a video which would truly reflect the machine’s on and off road abilities. Here it is, so you can confidently order your own now.

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The Kawasaki-powered T-Rex is the fastest 3-wheeler in the world (157 mph) and Fifth Gear star, Tiff, takes it for a spin in some pretty harsh conditions. You don’t see a 3.5 seconds trike with a steering wheel being driven like that every day.

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Freshly unveiled at the 2008 Paris Motor Show is the entirely new HYmotion3 Compressor concept by Peugeot. A three-wheel tilting trike which features combined characteristics of a car and a scooter, the concept benefits of late Peugeot ‘HYmotion’ technology involving simultaneous powering of a petrol engine and two electric ones.

Featuring two seats and three wheels, the all-new vehicle powers the rear wheel with a 125cc, supercharged petrol engine developing 20 bhp. That only could have decently powered the Peugeot (and it actually can when selecting petrol only engine mode), but in that case it wouldn’t have been called a hybrid. So it gets two equally powerful (3kW) electric motors for each front wheel, quality that makes electric-only mode possible.

As you already suppose, the Peugeot is a highly efficient fuel economic trike, and you haven’t even heard the best of it yet. It actually features start/stop system which offers significant reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in urban and stop-and-go traffic. Still, performance isn’t that bad as it needs 11.2 seconds to hit 60 mph while a quarter of a mile will require 17.6 seconds.

Because the HYmotion3 features roll-over protection, designers made sure that wind protection and that of the elements won’t become things to worry about so a screen/roof was added, making the trike worthy of being ridden by people wearing expensive suits rather than leather jackets.

Peugeot’s master plan also includes parallelogram type front suspension, which allows the front wheels to tilt, anti-lock brakes and a regenerative braking system which charges the batteries of the front electric engines. Life on board will also be made easier by the rearview camera and ride-by-wire controls.

The way I see it, Peugeot is most likely to stay keen on this project as there is a continuous increase of commuter vehicles and I wouldn’t be surprised if it will head to the production line in a couple of years.

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If you plan on going at the Intermot it is strongly recommended that you don’t miss stand E-021 in hall 9.1. There, you can get a glance on the leaning trike made in Norway by Brudeli Tech. It is called Leanster (obviously) 645L and it combines the racing abilities of a cart with the excitement of a motorcycle-like riding position and controls. Press release after the break.

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Strange motorcycles are the salt and pepper of this industry so a compilation of these rule-braking machines are the very best thing for each one of you. Either you’re into skulls or into complete comfort when riding your bike/trike/armchair, this is the clip to see if looking for some

Never managing to disappoint, these homemade machines find their way in people’s minds and stay there until sharing them with friends. Let’s see how many you can confine.

Amazing Motorcycles That You Must See To Believe - The best home videos are here

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Harley-Davidson has just presented the 2009 models and some have already started interest. For example, the Muscle V-Rod version is a motorcycle powered by a 1250cc engine developing 122 hp @ 8500 rpm. It didn’t ended up in the line-up with no purpose, all the contrary. It is suppose to keep Harley fans on the American motorcycle now that Yamaha has launched the V-Max and its 200 horsepower look threatening.

Highly refined, the Muscle V-Rod features Brembo brakes, aluminum handlebars and led taillight and indicators. Colors available for it are Vivid Black, Brilliant Silver, Blue Denim and Red Sunglow

A great 2009 addition is the first official Harley-Davidson trike. Based on the Ultra Glide Classic, the machine is suppose to cover up this market section that Harley and the other makers seem to have missed for so long.

Apart from that, the Touring models are getting new chassis and wheels as well as Brembo brakes and a new tank. Everything is designed to add comfort for the long haul where these babies are heading.

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Made from all kinds of motorcycles and powered by all kinds of engines (V-Twins mostly, and Boxer), the trikes displayed at the Motorcycle Show at Paignton Spring 2008 attracted viewers attention with their originality and extravagations. With lots of chrome and rocket-launcher-like exhausts, there’s nothing that compares with the three-wheeled machines.

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