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Seyyed Javad Ghaffarian lives in Iran and its wonderful ideas could one day bring you the safety of driving a tricycle on the highway and the versatility of riding a motorcycle in future city congestions.

A student, Javad has created the “Magic Tricycle”, a machine designed to role down the highway on all its three wheels and then face the urban jungle as a motorcycle. How is that possible, you will wonder? Its left wheel can rotate around a longitudinal axis and be sustained on top of the cabin. This brings all the benefits of a motorcycle after keeping the thing steady as a car at high speeds.

After being lifted up, the third wheel opens up its helicopter tail propeller style blades which increase stability. Another unique feature consists in the seats which rotate in order to keep occupants in an upright riding position.

What is both unique and attractive at this bike and tricycle is how easy and simple it can take one form or the other and still look great no matter what. This was the main goal of the Iranian designer and it has successfully achieved it.

I don’t know what to say about the name though…Magic Tricycle? Couldn’t it come up with something better? What do you think?

Source: gizmodo
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The “Troubled Waters”, as it was named, is a custom creation of Phoenix Trike Works and the result of a lady’s order. The future owner lives in Palm Spring, CA and what better place to come up with such an outrageous creation. Why outrageous? Well, check out the title! It is powered by a 2 liter Porsche 911 boxer-6 engine!

Slightly retuned in order to perform and sound as a trike motor, the unit was mated to a five-speed transmission and hooked up with a unique exhaust that has never previously seen its way onto a Porsche engine. But everything has a start. As well as the hand built headers, carburetor stacks, leather seats, air brushed paint featuring images of many sharks, air ride, polished billet stainless steel forks, handlebars, rear A-arms and many other pieces that have never been associated with the Porsche name before. Also being fitted with a 23 diameter front wheel with matching, one of a kind custom cut 20” diameter 18 inch wide in the rear, our lady won’t have any troubles at all standing out under the California sun.

Experience is all that counts when building trikes and the team at Phoenix Trike Works has plenty of it. Willis Wilcken has been building three wheelers ever since the mid-sixties and after his son Joseph was born he co-opted it in the family business. This gives Phoenix Trike Works an old and new feel which reflects on their products, leaving people open-mouthed.

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Cars especially made for those with disabilities are nothing out of the ordinary, but the American bike builder that broke all the possible rules has done it again, creating a trike especially for people who spend their lives in wheelchairs. Starting from the idea that everybody should be able to benefit of the Boss Hoss V8 rumble, the innovative manufacturer practically transformed their trike. A lift was added as well as hand controls and that was enough to make handicapped people (...)
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Claus Mess is from Germany and after doing a bet it ended up building this 3034cc motorcycle that he decided to call the HG3000.

It is definitely the strangest thing I’ve seen so far and if you take a closer look, you’ll notice that it is actually a trike, not a usual motorcycle.

The builder decided that it doesn’t require much investment so it put it together from bits and pieces of Volkswagen Volkswagen and Porsche, while the suspensions are made by BMW. What was I saying about investment? The guy must live next to a junkyard or something like that!

I don’t believe it is road legal, but it runs and it can definitely be ridden. The only major problem is most likely the level of vibrations which I can imagine being bone shaking.

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By seeing the picture above, you’re all probably thinking that there will be a time needed for the water to turn into steam on the damn thing, but the surprise is that there is no steam involved in the commuting process that the steampunk tadpole tricycle so strangely proposes.

Powered by foot, this three-wheeler is designed by nostalgic Alan who also makes a short demonstration of the machine’s comfortable traveling abilities during the short video attached below.

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It is a known fact that, especially in Great Britain, fun weekend kit cars are often being fitted with motorcycle engines in order to achieve great performances at the organized races that they participate and love so much. But it now seems that such cars are starting to lose one wheel at a time and get closer and closer to the machines that provided their powerplants.

Unidentified Driving Object

This one is a trike powered by a 1000cc four-cylinder inline Honda motorcycle engine bolted on a super light TIG welded frame. Also, the rack and the pinion steering make sure it won’t miss any corners when turning the Momo steering wheel.

And if unfortunately it does miss a turn, the carbon fiber and Kevlar body will get the pilot safe out of it and still wiling for some three-wheeled fun. These features also have it weigh only 650 pounds so you go and do the math and tell us back the power to weight ratio.

I believe that the guys who spent 18 months developing and building it definitely knew what they were doing.

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Don’t try to understand what it says. Simply look at the damn thing and imagine you riding it! Oh, and it isn’t a Guiness World Record holder because this is actually a small version of a Monster Moto that hasn’t yet been caught on tape.

Source: Masmoto
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Is this the bike on which Chris Vermeulen plans on winning the 2009 MotoGP? We’ve come across this photo from the first tests of Chris Vermeulen on the evolution version of the GSV-R with which the Australian pilot will attempt to conquer the 2009 MotoGP title. Perfectly reflecting the team’s strategy, the bike, equipped with sidecar and car wheels as balance and the aerodynamic features do all the trick. I don’t know how a shoulder-to-shoulder final lap will look with this thing on the track, but the idea is daring, challenging and funny.

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When testing a motorcycle we usually talk about how long you can ride it before needing a rest and, frankly, we don’t take in consideration emergency stops, but it seems that this bike excludes even that kind of emergency. And if you feel like taking a bath, there is no problem in doing that also. A generous bath tab is happy to receive you at any time as long as it rained previously. I told you caravans are out of fashion!

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Santiago Chopper could not use a better way to present the “Barry Sheene” Trike. The bike is entirely made by hand and the American manufacturer fitted it with the massive 1850cc Harley-Davidson engine in order to sound as good as it looks.
Check out the picture gallery and then tell me it wasn’t inspired in the automotive hot rod culture. Enjoy!

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