Triumph Bonneville

Triumph Bonneville

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There’s little what people reproach to the standard Triumph Bonneville , but at seeing what the guys at Deus can do with it, suddenly there’s a whole lot needing to be improved. If it is to follow the Deus recipe, the Bonnie would have to be 2 inches lower and 2.5 inches longer than the original. Still, the modified rear frame section makes for a 4 inches shorter tail section.

Triumph Bonneville by Deus

This gives ‘Dave’s Bonny’ an aggressive stance and sure makes it a greater performer at high speeds, but there’s a whole list of features that make this café racer special. While you can check those out in the list found below, we’ll just name some of the parts that make this project stand out. To begin with, the tricked out Bonnie features a Kawasaki W650 tank with the fuel injection unit tucked inside and a Deus fiberglass seat unit. At the front, Dave gets 41mm clip-ons from Australian specialist Tingate and Triumph Trophy 955 handbar controls. We also like the Deus headlight brackets.

In the end, the bike looks nice and clean with all the wiring hidden but it is the custom paint job by Dutchy that finishes it even nicer. Also note the black powdercoated engine covers and 2-pack gloss black fuel injection bodies.

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The Triumph Bonneville was the subject of infinite customization projects during the past decades and it seems that there’s always found a new way of turning GB’s iconic motorcycle into a better ride. Madame Bonnie represents such a project, but it comes from Italy, where Triumph specialists Pettinari have tricked it out.

No bike can be called a Bonnie unless the parallel-twin engine is present, so the Milan-based tuners retained the stock engine, but fitted it with 39mm Keihin CR racing carbs, a high performance air filter and a free-flow exhaust. These parts allow the motor to spin easier and sound much more aggressive.

Triumph Bonneville by Pettinari

Still, the main focus was on handling, so Madame Bonnie loses its stock suspension for Showa forks and Öhlins rear shocks. Also at the rear, a boxed aluminum swingarm was added. In the end, braking performance was significantly increased by adding Street Triple twin 310 mm front discs and Nissin calipers.

Surely, this custom retains its classy look, but technically it is a step further than anything going off the production line in Hinckley, England.

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Italian customizing specialists Gallimoto have recently presented three new Triumph Bonneville specials that they’ve put together. Called Bonneville Six Days, Goldenboy and Bullitt, the English bikes with an Italian feel are pretty much the same, but oh so very different.

The Italian way to Triumph

The Bonneville Six Days is based on the current Bonnie and stand out thanks to a khaki green paint job, black wire wheels, biturbo twin shocks and new indicators. The bike pays tribute to Steve McQueen who competed in the International Six Days Trial in 1964 on a Triumph and costs approximately $16.5K.

The Goldenboy started as a stock Bonneville SE, but now features black finished mag wheels, low fitted handlebars, an aluminum front mudguard and seat unit and megaton exhausts, but also Dunlop sportsmax-tires, sintered pads and adjustable twin shocks. Finished in red and gold, this special one also costs around $16.5K.

The Bullit gets mag wheels and Biturbo twin shocks as well as an alloy fuel cap and control levers and pressed aluminum chainguard, sprocket cover and front and rear mudguards. It is finished in silver and with a cost of approximately $16.8K it is the most expensive of them all although the difference is inconsiderable when you’re paying that much for a Bonneville.

Although these bikes don’t seem to have undergone radical customizing processes, they’re whole different stories than their standard siblings and we’re glad to see that café racer influences still catch on to the European motorcyclist today.

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You take a look at this bike and already have troubles recognizing the brand and we’re sure that mentioning how it is called – Sun of Mule that is – won’t help much. But here’s the story. This is actually a 2006 Triumph Bonneville which Richard Pollock of Mule Motorcycles bought from eBay in order to satisfy a customer’s request of a special bike for little money.

Bonneville Street Tracker by Mule Motorcycles

Although the bike isn’t highly modified as the accent was put on styling and ride quality, while the only engine upgrade consists in a British Customs exhaust, it is hard not to spot this as a unique build. Click past the break to see what Richard Pollock, owner of Mule Motorcycles and builder of the Sun of Mule has to say about his latest custom after the jump.

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Triumph revamps the 2010 Bonneville lineup for the model’s 50th anniversary and we dare saying from the very beginning that it is their best one yet. The facts backing this affirmation up consist in both the presence of a fuel injection system for the legendary powerplant as well as that of three different models apart from the T100 one.

Although the British motorcycle manufacturer was keen on retaining the original 1960s look of the Bonneville, the standard and SE models are both modern interpretations of their old timer’s sibling and, of course, they feature the same engine.

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The Triumph Bonneville needs no presentation whatsoever as it is surely the symbol of the British motorcycle industry, but we can definitely change a few words about this Triumph Bonneville bobber concept that we recently came across while searching for aftermarket parts to fit on a stock 2009 model. Belonging to Dan Anderson, an Australian industrial designer, the Bonnie concept attracted our attention for representing a complete change of style without too much work. To begin with, the frame suffers no modifications whatsoever and apart from the fact that both exhaust pipes run on the same side, you won’t spot any changes in the engine department either.

It is all about the visual impact and this is enhanced by the bobbed rear fender and truncated seat pan, not to mention the dropped bars and bobber rubber. We’re struggling to spot more differences, so help us out if you have a trained eye when it comes to Bonnies. Still, a bikini fairing would have been nice as well, but those who want to go the whole way will surely be inspired by this .

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Before we say anything about this unique Triumph Bonneville, we have to mention that no, this isn’t Brad Pitt’s latest motorcycle, although it looks like something that the respective celebrity would ride with pride.

The Bonneville bobber started live as a stock British piece of engineering until ending up in the hands of Detroit-based ’bobber Dave,’ who certainly made the thing wear his fingerprint. To begin with, Dave cut several inches of the rear sub frame and brought in short travel 11” Harley-Davidson shocks to lower the thing even more (I believe he doesn’t plan to pass over many speed bumps with this gorgeous thing).

But the first thing that strikes you isn’t the small ground clearance. The custom seat, which has a vinyl cover made from full gloss metal-flake bar stool material, is this Bonnie’s piece of resistance. A side mounted number plate, ace bars and vintage red grips complete the package. I don’t know about the chrome on the mechanical parts, but I guess it lights the bike up a little bit.

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Triumph and TAG Heuer have joined forces to create a unique motorcycle named “Bonneville Heuer”. The bike is inspired by Steve McQueen and the Porsche 917 K that he raced in the movie “Le Mans” while wearing the famous Gulf Oil Blue and Orange colors.

Enthusiasts waiting for us to mention the limited number of units scheduled for production and the very special price will most likely be disappointed to hear that there will be a single such motorcycle built and it will be used for promotional purposes.

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This year Triumph celebrates 50 years from when the first Bonneville was produced and in order to mark the half of century of existence on roads around the world, the British manufacturer has created two brand new limited edition models, one designed by Belfast, and the other by Ewan McGregor.

The first is black painted and features gold pinstriping and Triumph announced to sell a few models till the end of this year.

The second one is copper-plated and the fact that Ewan McGregor designed it makes it one off and will be auctioned for raising funds for UNICEF.

It seems that the model that has taken the Triumph name around the world never stops bragging about its great and long existence and we can say it once again: “It’s a Bonneville!”

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Triumph adds another VIP to the fanbase! Actor Ryan Phillipe recently purchased a Bonneville in black. He joins a growing list of actors, actresses, musicians and artists who own and actively ride Triumphs. Ryan Phillipe has had starring roles in many movies, including I Know What you did Last Summer, Cruel Intentions and Crash.

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