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Triumph Rocket

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The Touring version of the 2014 Triumph Rocket comes with a series of special features that make it better suited for the long haul. Among them you’ll find a tall windscreen, saddlebags, a 5.9us Gallon fuel tank, a back rest for the rear passenger and a low seat height of only 730 mm. Needles to say, the riding position is relaxed and laid-back thanks to the large footboards, pulled back handlebars and the comfy seat.

The motorcycle is built around a 2.3 litre, three cylinder engine which is perfectly suited for the requirements of long travels. The engine needs to deal with a wet weight of 395 Kg and cranks out a maximum power of 106 PS at 6000 rpm and 203 Nm of torque at 2500 rpm.

The Triumph Rocket III Touring is priced at $16,999.

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The 2013 Triumph Rocket Touring is a comfortable tourer that was forged from Triump’s desire to create the perfect partner for long journeys.

The motorcycle is built around a strong 2,294 cc liquid cooled, dohc, in-line three cylinder unit that comes with increased levels of torque at low speeds (203 Nm at 2,500 rpm). The engine is mated on a five speeds transmission and is fed by a 5.9 liters fuel tank.

To be able to keep in check the huge power developed by the engine, the Rocket Touring needed a set of similarly powerful brakes. Therefore, you get twin floating 320mm discs with Nissin four-piston fixed callipers to the front and single 316mm floating discs with Brembo two-piston floating callipers to the rear.

The 2013 Triumph Rocket Touring is offered with a starting price of $ 17,299.

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Triumph revealed the 2013 version of the Rocket III Roadster model. The bike is powered by a 2.294 cc water cooled engine which delivers 146 hp at 4750 rpm and 163 lbs of torque. The engine is mounted on a high quality chassis which includes a 43 mm upside down fork, twin rear shock absorbers and standard anti lock brakes.

The 2013 Triumph Rocket III Roadster sports a classic design and is available in black finish. The aggressive design of the bike is enhanced by the twin headlights, the low slung stature and the elongated pipes. The Triumph Rocket III Roadster also features a comprehensive instrumentation package, delivered neatly in the classic twin clock design.

The company says that its 2013 Triumph Rocket III Roadster offers an average fuel consumption of 29 MPG city and 45 MPG highway. The bike’s price tag is set at $14.999.

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A classic touring cruiser needs to exude the kind of attitude that tells everybody it means serious business. Any which way you look at it, the Triumph Rocket III Touring is all that and more.

Combining classic touring cruiser style with the awesome performance of the legendary 2.3-liter Rocket III engine, the Rocket III Touring has been designed specifically for riders who demand serious long-haul capabilities.

In terms of its design, the Rocket III Touring stands loud and proud. The cruiser comes in two classic color options: Metallic Phantom Black with hand-painted silver coachlines or a two-tone Phantom Black with Crystal White infills and gold coachlines. Teardrop-shaped rider and passenger footboards are also standard features, while a long list of optional fittings, including alternative touring screens, sissy bars, racks and auxiliary lighting, make this already distinctive motorcycle even more striking. The well-appointed seat of the Rocket III is constructed using two separate layers of cushioning of different densities, providing for a comfortable ride in any capacity.

Inside this beautiful mix of metal and chrome is Triumph’s iconic 2,294cc triple engine, delivering 150 lb/ft of torque at 2,000 rpm and tuned specifically for the needs of the touring rider. The engine delivers a mighty 150 lb-ft. of torque through the low-maintenance shaft drive system. Triumph has also endowed the Rocket III Touring with its advanced anti-lock braking system, offering additional security for riders.

The Rocket III Touring’s chassis has been developed specifically to offer a nimble ride, which is helped by the bike’s low center of gravity, 16" wheels, and 180 section rear tire. The finely tuned suspension has been developed with comfort and control in mind, while practicality is enhanced with the standard fitment of a quick-release screen and 36-liter saddlebags.

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There’s a reason why the Triumph Rocket III Roadster is considered the world’s largest mass-produced motorcycle. More than just its beyond reproach 2,294cc three-cylinder engine, the Rocket III Roadster is a machine that delivers a riding experience that’s virtually unmatched in any class.

The Rocket III Roadster takes on a streetfighter stance and delivers an attitude-laden ride that all motorcyclists should experience at least once in their motorcycle-riding exploits. The ergonomics alone ensure that the Roadster delivers a completely different riding experience from any other Rocket IIIs – one that is easier to hustle through the corners. The plush seating configuration allows both the rider and passenger to sit comfortably, whether for short-distance rides or long-haul escapades.

Up front, the Rocket III Roadster sports Triumph’s trademark twin headlights to make what already looks like an imposing motorcycle even more striking. The aggressive, stripped down look carefully balances the black and chrome detail while the comprehensive instrumentation – including fuel gauge, gear selection indicator and clock – creates an appearance that rocks in every sense of the word.

The Rocket III Roadster also comes with special color options. In addition to the popular metallic Phantom Black, it comes in two flamboyant color schemes: Phantom Red Haze and Phantom Blue Haze. These are hand-painted in Triumph’s Hinckley factory and contain high sparkle content which creates an impression of incredible depth in sunlight, transforming from near black to a vibrant red or blue.

And then there’s that powertrain. If it’s jaw-dropping enough that the Rocket III Roadster comes with such a whopping powertrain, the fact that it delivers 146 horsepower at 5,750 rpm and 163 lb/ft of torque at 2,750 rpm makes this Triumph monster a true bike that’s in a class all its own.

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If the 2010 Triumph Rocket III Roadster doesn’t lead the power cruiser class then I don’t know what does. Surprisingly easy to maneuver, great performing, and extremely good looking, the British largest capacity production motorcycle is here to stay and get even better, just as it does this year.

While cruisers such as the America and the Speedmaster were revamped this late years with a fuel injection system ensuring that Euro 3 regulations are met, the Rocket III models are found in the situation of saying “been there, done that” and continue getting more power out of the monstrously big inline-triple, while the whole machine is now claimed to be a much better performer. We’ll see about that after the jump.

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The Italians from blog triumph che passione with the help of Pio have imagined a British power cruiser perfectly suitable to compete with the 2009 Yamaha Yamaha VMAX. In their vision, the Triumph Rocket III RR also develops 200 horsepower and it is fitted with suspensions and brakes taken straight off the Daytona model and modified to match the cruiser.

All possible extra weight is eliminated and the bike reduced to its bare essence. An Arrow exhaust with titan silencers will be fitted as well as Brembo brakes with huge wave discs.

No doubt about it, these guys ca really work with their computers and create an exact result of their imagination, but we reckon that this is what the Triumph Rocket III RR will remain.

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Roger Allmond is a passionate bike builder who thinks that the standard Rocket ||| is simply not enough for the most demanding of you out there so it practically built a new, lower and shorter bike which retains only the Rocket ||| powerplant.

It doesn’t have a name yet, but with the six months that were required for its building, it definitely has background. Already commissioned by Bennets Insurance, the unique Rocket retains from the original bike the engine and fuel injection system, the wiring and the shaft final drive. It looks radical and futuristic but we reckon that its looks speak for the way it performs.

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Tour in style and comfort this year with the Rocket III Touring now available at your local dealership. Authentic custom-touring style with all new frame, wheels, tank, lights, bars and footboards. Suspension tuned for touring provides sumptuous ride quality. Low seat and centre of gravity makes for easy handling. Full size quick release screen, huge 36 litre panniers, and clean as a whistle shaft drive help you arrive relaxed yet ready to go. What does it have in common with the rest of (...)

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