TT Isle of Man

TT Isle of Man

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Simply put, this is a spectacular video resuming the 2010 edition of the Tourist Trophy, a memorable year for the five victories of Ian Hutchinson. That’s a first in the 103 years of racing on Isle of Man.

High-speed curves, jumps and even saves – not to mention the crazy moves of those copilots in the sidecars – don’t recommend this video to the faith hearted.

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Photo credit: Noel O’Reilly / Tony W. Elder

Guy Martin was racing last Friday on the Isle of Man TT course and was doing quite well with a registered average speed of 131.108mph during the first lap at Glen Vine. But the Senior TT race was to come to a sudden end for the highly experienced rider and his Honda CBR1000RR due to a 150mph crash that ended up generating this immense fireball. The incident happened during Guy’s third lap on a fast left/right section of the course and the race had to be red flagged.

As a result of the crash, Guy Martin is now in the hospital recovering from his broken ribs, bruised lungs, twisted ankles and fractured vertebrae. That’s nothing considering the speed at which the crash took place and also two key factors that kept Guy alive consist in him separating from the bike early in the crash and wearing the D-Air airbag-equipped leather suit. He’ll be back on its feet soon.

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The SEMA Show in Las Vegas is all about standing out from the crowd in a way or another and the 2009 edition turned out to be the ideal occasion for Azhar Hussain, TTXGP founder, to officially unveil the TTX02 electric racebike.

This is the 2010 production version of the exact same bike that won the 2009 TTXGP Isle of Man Electric Motorcycle TT race and it is powered by twin Agni 95 electric motors providing a great deal of torque just above idle and little under 100 horsepower at full blast. Energy (11 kWh) is supplied by three lithium ion battery packs and everything is housed in a KTM RC8 chassis, a good choice considering that the TTX02 is a 130 mph supersport motorcycle.

At least that is what we consider it to be (according to the official claims, of course), but Hussain refers to the TTX02 as being a "laptop on wheels." That is mainly due to the fact that each machine features a dash-mounted computer that runs on Linux, comes with its own dedicated IP address, on-board web server and connectivity to wireless networks, just to start your interest. For more information watch the two videos of the bike’s launch that we attached after the break or go to

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After gaining popularity by racing the Enertia TTR sportbike at this year’s Isle of Man TT motorcycle race, Brammo announces that their bikes are now available at select Best Buy stores.

Brammofan blog was already interested in the subject and after reporting that the Enertia TTR racers were on display at select West Coast Best Buy stores, they started to dig deeper into it. So they went at the Cascade Station Best Buy in Portland, Oregon to take this picture of the bike and also to find out that there are three in stock. Those having a license with a motorcycle endorsement can take the electric bikes for a spin, but hopefully without trying to imitate the way professional racers rode the bikes back in June. Still, we’ve added a video of the Brammo Enertia TTR at the Isle of Man TTX GP in order to start your interest even more.

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In the video attached to this post, Dainese takes us through different versions of their D-Air system and, implicit, through the history of the innovative airbag safety jacket.

Most important, the latest Dainese D-Air airbag suit was recently put to the test by TT star Guy Martin, who’s impressions are: "It’s mega, the suit feels the same as my normal race suit. After about 10 seconds, the airbag goes back down and you could carry on racing.Top, mega, I love it."

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The MotoCzysz E1pc has been finalized, photographed and it is now ready for the TTXGP electric motorcycle race at Isle of Man. The pictures reveal the fact that only 6 of the 10 battery packs are exposed (3 on each side) and that the bike uses an iPhone for a dash.

The final step of the building process leaves us with an opened mouth and the Brammo TTR with shaking wheels. Also referred to as the D1gi1al Superbike, this is one electric bike that the world of racing has long expected, the journalists speculated about and which only needs to get on the track in order to prove that it means business. June 12th 2009 will be the day of truth!

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The MotoCzysz E1pc has recently been spied during tests undergone at Portland International Raceway, USA. With zero emissions and achieving 120 mph in around seven seconds, the bike, which is powered by three electric motors and runs all of them in the following videos, will race in the world’s first emission-free road race, the TTXGP, which is scheduled to take place on June 12 at the Isle of Man.

See videos after the jump.

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This year’s TT Isle of Man edition, the most famous road race in the world, is scheduled to start on Saturday, May 30th and will end on Friday, June 12th. Although this promotional video doesn’t mention that, it does show the most beautiful moments filmed during last year’s edition and throughout history.

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