Canada is famous for a lot of things, including ice hockey, health care, and Tim Horton’s doughnuts. Producing top-of-the-line motorcycles, on the other hand, isn’t one of them.

In an attempt to change that perception, Quebec-based company, Amarok Consultants, has introduced a new electric motorcycle prototype called the ’P1’.

The P1 comes was designed with the intent of making it as light as possible by putting in a 7.5-kilowatt-hour battery to go with two Agni 95 electric motors on a body that tips the scales at just 325 pounds. The powertrain is capable of producing 75 horsepower and combined with the lightweight body, could pose as a serious threat in the TTXGP , an international racing series made up of electric motorcycles.

No word yet on when the bike is going to go to production, but Amarok is optimistic that it should go over well with the public. So optimistic, in fact, that the company is already hard at work in developing an electric motorcycle that shaves off 50 pounds from the P1 prototype.

In a world increasingly infiltrated by electric vehicles, the Amarok P1 should be a fresh alternative for riders who prefer a greener way in getting around and about in their two-wheeled machines.

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Although founder of TTXGP Azhar Hussain wasn’t successful in his attempt to have the zero emissions race organized on the Isle of Man this year, at seeing the latest TTXGP promo, reasons to think we’re now witnessing an eGrandPrix series revolution abound. According to this video, the World’s first Zero Carbon Championship will have 13 rounds in 2010 and they will take place on some of the world’s most famous race tracks.

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Are you in love with motorcycle racing? If so, you’ve probably heard of TTXGP, the world’s first electric motorcycle race held on the Isle of Man TT last year, but I bet you didn’t knew they’re making a movie about it. Actually, it will be a documentary called Charge. Ewan McGregor is the narrator and viewers can watch plenty of behind-the-scenes sequences as well as listen to the creators of the bikes themselves, such as Michael Czysz. Please watch the trailer after the jump.

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Roehr starts the year with the right foot as the American motorcycle manufacturer made famous by their 180 horsepower 1250sc model priced at $49,999 (see picture above) has just announced a completely new electric model range. The eSuperbike will supposedly be a new US TTXGP competitor relying on a 10 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery pack and AC induction to develop 96 hp and 210 pound-feet of torque. But Roehr has also thought at making a lower spec’d version called eSupersport, which will be powered by a similar motor fed by a 6kWh battery pack, but develop only 48 hp and 105 lb-ft. This translates into a top speed of 100mph.

The full press release, which we attached after the break, does not mention the starting prices, but stay tuned for when we have more information about Roehr’s surprising move.

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The word is out that in 2010 Mavizen could join TTXGP with their TTX02 electric motorcycle unveiled at the SEMA show in Las Vegas and with the bike’s RC8 chassis and approximately 100 hp Agni 95 electric motors, the team should stand a chance against the stiffer and stiffer competition. The 130 mph electric supersport motorcycle’s low speed battery management system was recently tested, so we got our hands on the detailed pictures and video made there. Enjoy!

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We usually don’t like rumors, but when we heard that Derbi has most likely built an all electric race version of their GPR 125, we dug more into the subject and came to find that the so-called rumor is actually supported by a video posted on Youtube by Sevcon, a UK based manufacturer of electrical equipment. According to the source of the video, this is Derbi’s all-new electric bike which uses a controller supplied by Sevcon.

Seen in the mysterious video is the full bike called the Derbi GPR EV being unveiled and tested at Parc Motor De Castelloli in Barcelona, Spain. To us, this looks like the latest open class TTXGP competitor, but there’s no official word about it yet, so we’re only left with seeing the bike in action until new information. The video is attached after the break.

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Electric motorcycles manufacturers are eager for global recognition and the 2010 TTXGP series is THE way to obtain such thing nowadays. As we saw yesterday, Zero Motorcycles have understood this perfectly and entered the competition, but today Mission Motors have also made their much-awaited announcement – they will be racing their 150mph Mission One during the 2010 TTXGP on the Isle of Man and the series’ inaugural American race at Infineon in May. The firsts to sign in before Zero Motorcycles and Mission Motors were Team Agni and CRP Racing, but the grid is far from being complete. Hit the jump to see the Mission One establishing the current land speed record for electric motorcycles at Bonneville and read the full press release.

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Zero Motorcycles has announced their entry into the 2010 TTXGP series, which turns them into competitors for Team Agni and CRP Racing. The company’s race bike will be built around a Mavizen TTX02 chassis, the same as on KTM’s RC8 superbike, while the battery packs and electric motors will be those of the Zero’s Z-Force.

Sounds like the competition is getting stiffer and stiffer in the TTXGP’s electric motorcycle racing series, eGrandPrix and we can’t wait for next year’s May, when the first race is scheduled at Infineon in California.

Press release is attached after the jump.

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