Victory Ness

Victory Ness

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The Victory Cross Country motorcycle touring edition has proved itself to be one of the best examples of its bagger breed. Thereby, the famous custom motorcycle builder Cory Ness gave it a touch of class, and the result is great.

The Ness accessories include the chrome door handles, shift pegs and brake chrome, mirrors, custom billet passenger footrest, engine covers and radio display Ness. Moreover each of Cory’s Custom Cross Country motorcycles bears a number and an etched facsimile of Cory’s John Hancock.

The Cory Ness Cross Country is smoothly rumble down the road. The Cory Ness Cross Country is getting quickly up to speed despite carting around its considerable 800 pounds, less slightly than a Street Glide. The 106/6 powertrain cranks out more and more horsepower and torque than even H-D’s TC103, chugging away nicely from as low as 1500 rpm.

You also get a fairly comfortable, laid back riding position thanks to an ergonomically designed custom suede seat.

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Cory Ness and his father Arlen Ness have become famous thanks to their tasty-looking custom motorcycles. One of their latest creations is the 2012 Cory Ness Signature Victory Jackpot.

The 2012 Victory Cory Ness Jackpot is powered by a big bore 106 cc Freedom V-Twin engine, mated on six speed overdrive constant mesh gearbox. The company says that the 2012 engine received a series of tweaks and now delivers 14% more power than the previous unit. Its maximum output is rated at 97 hp @ 5000 rpm and 113 lb.ft of torque achieved at 4300 rpm.

The limited-edition 2012 Victory Cory Ness Jackpot comes fully loaded with the Ness custom-designed paint, hand-stitched leather seats and Ness Signature chrome. You’ll especially lik the chrome Ness grips and mirrors, Ness footpegs, Ness billet wheels and the fat 250mm rear wheel wrapped in a Dunlop Elite 3 Tire.

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Zach Ness designed a series of accessories for the limited edition Victory Zach Ness Vegas. Technically the Zach Ness Vegas 8-Ball utilizes a stock Vegas 8-Ball model and adds many styling accents such as custom wheels, a metallic paint with custom Ness graphics, engine covers and a metallic frame. It’s also worthy of being mentioned that each model comes with a special plate on the engine that features Zach’s logo and its signature.

The 2012 Victory Zach Ness Vegas is powered by a 1731 cc 4-stroke 50° V-Twin 4-stroke 50° V-Twin engine which is mated on a 6-speed overdrive constant mesh transmission.

The Victory Zach Ness Vegas’s ride quality is assured by a front 43 mm telescopic fork, which offers 130 mm of wheel travel and is combined with a rear single, mono-tube gas, with rising rate linkage that delivers 75 mm of wheel travel.

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If looks could engulf us in flames, the Victory Arlen Ness Signature Series, which made its debut in 2004, is a bonafide scorcher on two wheels. And for the 2012 model, Arlen decided that a splash of added attitude just may be what pushes this bike over the top.

If you like futuristic styling, the Victory Arlen Ness Vision is a bike that will definitely make heads turn, particularly the use of heavy black paint on the bike, as well as the abundance of chrome and accessories directly in contrast to the collection of Ness. The bike also comes with custom graphics such as this fiery and blazing graphic detail. On top of that, the bike also has comfortable seats that make long journeys a pleasure to make. Add that to the Ness radio display, Ness flamed engine covers, and a comfortable leather seat, and you have a bike that’s just itching to be taken out on joyrides.

Speaking of joyrides, that wouldn’t be possible if you have a bike that comes with a mediocre powertrain. Fortunately, there’s nothing mediocre about the Arlen Ness Vision, including its 106-cubic-inch Freedom V-Twin engine that produces a stout and very capable 97 horsepower.

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Bike builders Arlen and Cory Ness both had the opportunity to leave their unique touch on the 2008 Victory Jackpot models which are now introduced under two fancy and slightly different names. The Arlen Ness Signature Series Vegas Jackpot and, you guessed it, Cory Ness Signature Series Vegas Jackpot are both stand-out custom models that feature the same mechanics as the simple Jackpot.

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