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Victory Vegas

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The Victory Vegas 8-Ball is a versatile motorcycle designed to feel comfortable for both long and short journeys. The bike is propelled by a 1731 cc engine which features EFI, 4-valve overhead cams and self-adjusting cam chain tensioners. The engine’s torque is rated at 110 lb. ft which is more than enough to reward you with sporty performances every time you fire it up. The engine’s power is sent to the wheels through a refined six speed overdrive transmission which offers smooth and precise gear changes.

Apart from being strong and refined, the Victory Vegas 8–Ball is also pretty catchy to look at. The low 25.2” seat height and pulled-back handlebars give it an aggressive look, while the lower controls are set back so they’re easy to reach. Not to mention about the tasty black bullet headlight and the black stingray wheels which are combined with blacked-out exhaust pipes.

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Zach Ness designed a series of accessories for the limited edition Victory Zach Ness Vegas. Technically the Zach Ness Vegas 8-Ball utilizes a stock Vegas 8-Ball model and adds many styling accents such as custom wheels, a metallic paint with custom Ness graphics, engine covers and a metallic frame. It’s also worthy of being mentioned that each model comes with a special plate on the engine that features Zach’s logo and its signature.

The 2012 Victory Zach Ness Vegas is powered by a 1731 cc 4-stroke 50° V-Twin 4-stroke 50° V-Twin engine which is mated on a 6-speed overdrive constant mesh transmission.

The Victory Zach Ness Vegas’s ride quality is assured by a front 43 mm telescopic fork, which offers 130 mm of wheel travel and is combined with a rear single, mono-tube gas, with rising rate linkage that delivers 75 mm of wheel travel.

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The name suggests a risky proposition, but when it comes to the Victory Vegas 8-Ball , there’s nothing risky about riding this classic cruiser on the road.

For the 2012 model, the Vegas 8-Ball gets refreshed styling, courtesy of a Blackline on the design and components, showing off a look that’s very classic in styling. The spherical-shaped accessory headlamp and the very small speedometer located above it exude even more of the classic look that Victory was going for.

More than just the classic styling, the Victory Vegas 8 Ball Cruiser is also powered by the Freedom 106/6 stage 2 V-twin, a fuel-injected, counter-balanced, air-cooled engine that produces 113 ft.-lb. of torque. This engine is mated to a 6-speed transmission that has true overdrive and neutral assist, making it easy to find neutral when stopped. The best performing transmission on the street collects the power generated by the massive V-twin and allows the Vegas 8-Ball to roll fluidly between the curbs. Likewise, helical-cut gears ensure that each shift will be as smooth and clean as the bike itself, while the starter lets you feel the deep, unbridled power of the bike like an eruption of low-end torque on your chest.

With each precision-tuned piston stroke, the Freedom V-Twin’s 4-valve overhead cams and perfectly matched 6-speed overdrive transmission promise to provide unmatched throttle response, acceleration, and passing power.

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You want to strike a home run on your next motorcycle purchase? Well, look no further than one bike whose name exudes good luck: the Victory Vegas Jackpot.

With unique styling that looks like it came straight out of a custom shop, the Vegas Jackpot will turn some serious heads, thanks to its stunning cruiser looks and remarkable performance credentials.

Standard features found in the Vegas Jackpot range include a 250mm wide rear tire, a 21" anvil billet front wheel, a color matched frame, custom inspired paint, and loads of chrome. The Vegas Jackpot also comes packed with plenty of power courtesy of Victory’s world-famous Freedom V-Twin powertrain that produces 97 horsepower and 113 lb/ft of torque, mated to one of the best performing transmissions on the street. Unleashing the sheer power of the Vegas Jackpot is right in your hands; all you need to do is press the starter and the eruption of 97 ponies immediately comes to life.

Adding more impressive credentials to the Vegas Jackpot’s overall package is its custom inspired paint job, detailed color-matched frame, and headlight configuration. This cruiser doesn’t only look to impress, but actually performs incredibly well, making you feel like you really won the lottery.

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The Victory Vegas has a name that certainly backs up its overall capabilities. More than just being able to turn heads wherever it goes, the Victory Vegas also has performance numbers that can reap some serious power.

Packed with Victory’s noted 106cc Freedom V-Twin engine, the Victory Vegas is more than capable of producing 97 horsepower and 113 lb/ft of torque. In addition to its outstanding engine prowess, the Vegas also has a low 25.2" seat height and a split-tail fuel tank, allowing for great performance credentials that very few bikes on the market can compete with.

Aiding in the bike’s powertrain is the best performing transmission on the street capable of collecting the power generated by the massive V-twin and allowing the Vegas cruiser to roll fluidly between the curbs. The Vegas also features helical-cut gears that ensure smooth and clean shifting wherever you go. Press the starter of the Vegas, and immediately, the deep, powerful engine erupts to life, making it primed and ready for action whenever and wherever.

Meanwhile, the aforementioned low 25.2” seat height works in tandem with the pulled-back handlebars to ensure a firm and comfortable ride that provides a precise, automotive-style cruise control so the rider can enjoy the road without having to worry about losing control of the bike.

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We don’t know if people are gonna ride this bike around the bright Vegas streets or not, but we do know they’ll be accommodated in a much comfier riding position as a result of Victory’s efforts to make it a little more forgiving on the back and legs and so allow riders to take it down the open road more often. In fact, three Vegas models are available: the simple model, the 8-Ball and a Limited Edition claimed to be their baddest motorcycle yet.

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At a first glance, this motorcycle appears to be no more than a 2010 Victory Vegas available in Fire Ball Red, Competition Yellow, Pearl White or Turbo Silver and featuring a side-mounted 106 race plate graphic, color-matched frame and swingarm and blacked-out forks and drivetrain, but it is in fact Victory’s new Vegas Limited Edition model, which they also happen to claim being their “quickest motorcycle ever produced”.

The technical solution making that claim possible consists in Stage 2 cams being fitted to the 106-cubic inch V-twin motor now developing 97 horsepower and 113 pound-feet of torque.

Victory only plans to produce 100 of these bikes in 2010 and they will come with a $15,999 price tag. Orders are being taken until February 15, so if you want one, then you better hurry up. Click past the break for the official press release.

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Victory considered that the American cruiser doesn’t implement the much admired custom style so it created what everyone considers being the most attractive bike to ride when the night is young and the dices start rolling. Characterized best through its appealing style, but immediately recognized when the throttle is widely opened, the Victory Vegas sees its own way in this very competitive class.

A straight-up custom cruiser with the reliability and quality of a factory-production bike, the VegasJackpot makes absolutely no compromises. The first thing you’ll notice is the deep, rich paint and ultra-fat 250 mm rear tire. look a little closer, and you’ll see the color-matched frame, custom-inspired headlight and super-low 25.7"* seat height. Of course, the Vegas Jackpot’s beauty is not only skindeep. Underneath you’ll find Victory’s own fuel-injected, counterbalanced Freedom 100/6 V-Twin. You want torque? You’ve got it - from way down low all the way to redline. So the choice is yours. Stand out in the crowd or just leave it in the dust.

From the new custom-inspired headlight to the scalloped tank and flush-mounted taillight, the Victory Vegas reels you in with its smooth, flowing lines and long, low, stretched style. Then it slingshots you into an unforgettable riding experience with Victory’s own 100 cubic-inch Freedom V-Twin and true six-speed overdrive transmission.

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