Victory Vision

Victory Vision

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One of the latest creations of the famous motorcycle builder Arlen Ness is its custom Victory Vision. The motorcycle features a red paint job combined with tasty graphics and every model received a unique numbered metal badge mounted on the case which includes Arlen’s logo and signature.

The motorcycle sits on a tasty pair of Hot Rod Ness Billet custom wheels which are a perfect match for its fancy look.

Power comes from a four stroke, V-Twin 1731 cc Freedom engine which delivers a peak torque of 108 lb-ft. The engine is mated on a six speed overdrive constant mesh gearbox. To accentuate the custom look of the bike, Arlen Ness decided diamond-cut the cylinders and heads.

The ride is assured by a conventional 46 mm telescopic fork and a rear air adjustable, mono-tube with constant-rate linkage.

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The Victory Vision Tour is propelled by a 106 cubic inch Freedom V-twin. The counter-balanced, fuel-injected engine delivers 108 ft lb of torque, offering smooth and sporty ride. Power is sent to the rear wheel through a 6-speed overdrive transmission which features helical-cut gears that ensure that each shift is smooth and clean.

As far as comfort goes, the 2013 Victory Vision Tour is equipped with heated handgrips and heated seats. The driver has Hi and Lo settings on the hand controls to ward off the chill, and the seats provide the driver and passenger with individual Hi and Lo controls.

You also get a pair of generous side storage compartments and a spacious trunk. Both the side compartments and trunk are weather-sealed and lockable, while the latter also provides a padded passenger backrest and two audio speakers.

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As far as luxury cruisers are concerned, there are plenty of options to choose from in its segment. But if you’re looking for a bike that has a Victory badge on it, the Vision Tour will answer your call. Returning in full-luxury format and providing riders with comfort, protection, convenience, and much cargo space, the Vision Tour makes no bones about all the benefits that come with it as a luxury cruiser.

The distinctive body style of the Vision Tour incorporates a full fixed fairing with the set-up of the bike fixed for touring, thanks to the side-storage compartments, and a lockable trunk with 29 gallons serving as extra cargo space. At the trunk of the Vision Tour is a passenger backrest with additional audio speakers incorporated to pair with the ones integrated in the fairing. The bike also features a comfortable 2-up seating, a low driver seat height of just 26.5", an electric windshield height control, heated seats, and heated handlebar grips.

Handling is also a premium quality of the Vision Tour with the linked abs providing Victory Vision riders with confidence-inspiring braking. High resolution sensors on each wheel monitor the wheel’s speed, and should they sense anything out of the ordinary, the abs system provides instant, effective braking, slowing down the bike and allowing the rider to maintain control the whole way.

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Writing about the 2009 Victory Vision , I didn’t had enough fingers on one hand to count the number of models available, but their 2010 lineup simplifies things at least from that point of view. Instead of having the Victory Vision Street/Premium/Tour/Tour Comfort/Tour Premium and a very beautiful 10th Anniversary Vision Tour, they’ve simply kept the Victory Vision Tour and created an all-new Vision 8-Ball model for 2010.

That’s rather interesting because we expected the Vision family to grow even bigger, but at least it makes it easier for customers to pick a bike.

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With each year in which Victory comes up with new models, Arlen Ness and his son Cory Ness put their minds to work and create each one’s limited edition models, which are supposed to enhance the visual of the bikes as well as show their customization potential. While Cory Ness designed his own approach towards the Jackpot, his father saw the 2010 Victory Vision as a challenge and gave a try with this bike. The result: an eye-catching touring motorcycle.

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Victory Motorcycles have reached their first decade of production and which better way to celebrate the occasion than with a limited edition anniversary model? The manufacturer has concentrated on its most distinguishable model, the Vision Tour, which apart from a fiery red color is just a little bit longer and comes filled with anniversary emblems.

What we must definitely mention is that Victory will only sell 100 exemplars of this new, greater model and all have already been booked. But that’s no impediment if you’re not ostentatious as the Touring lineup also contains the already famous Victory Vision Tour, Tour Comfort and Tour Premium, as well as Street and Street Premium models, which are new for 2009.

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Polaris Industries has produced a very special 2009 10th Anniversary Victory Vision Tour motorcycles in a number of 100 exemplars. That could very well be news for the motorcycle industry, but Victory pushes further this pedal and announces that the limited edition models sold out online in just 7 minutes. That means that if you blinked you could miss yours.

The American motorcycle maker has already notified the 100 very excited riders who will receive these special models and they’ll take delivery of their bikes in the near future.

Check out the Anniversary model at their website!

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Practically Victory’s most refined motorcycle ever, the all-new Vision is simply a design and engineering masterpiece, a machine that redefines the luxury-touring concept with its radical and yet refined look. No matter model (Street, Tour, Street Premium, Tour Premium or Tour Comfort), the bike is best characterized through a long and low chassis which gives it maneuverability and a new 106-cubic-inch Freedom V-Twin engine which will keep any rider in its traveling schedule.

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