Vyrus motorcycles

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According to these sketches, Italian designer Oberdan Bezzi seems to like the Vyrus 987 C3 4V a lot, but finds the bike a little too…naked and has come up with two faired versions of the ingenious original package. The Vyrus Superbike is supposed to be the competition version as it doesn’t have lights or mirrors and it’s rather hard not to spot the slick tires as you check out the hub-center steering chassis design, which is kept on both bikes. The street version is called “Yellow Fever” and it does feature all the necessary for street homologation as well as road tires.

So here you have it, the easiest way to turn beast into beauty…or at least disguised beast. Follow the jump to read the translated official description.

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Vyrus has just released the official pictures of their 987 C3 4V and we’re still having troubles looking at it as to a real production motorcycle, not just because it looks totally off the patterns, but because we have to be aware of the fact that this is an 184hp sportsbike with hub-center steering and a carbon bodywork. These pictures are even better after seeing the Vyrus being assembled in less than three minutes .

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