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world record

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Kane Friesen is a Canadian stunt rider and the current record holder of the world’s fastest nose wheelie after managing to lift the rear end of his 2006 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R at the amazing speed of 137 mph and then coming to a complete stop. The previous record of 98 mph was set by Gary Rothwell in 2002, but like the wheelie master himself says: “my personal goal is 135 mph to set the bar so high up that no other rider wants to even attempt it any time soon.”

Former professional body piercer, Kane’s longest wheelie was of 12 miles, while he’s fastest stoppie measures more than 900ft.

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Monkey bikes have never been expensive, breathtaking and neither the less record braking machines, but they do fit in a category of their own and, although never heard before, the words “World’s fastest monkey bike” have lead nine-time Dakar competitor Ivo Kastan to building what’s most likely the fastest ever monkey bike.

The Czech motorcycle enthusiast will take his specially tuned Honda monkey bike at Bonneville later this month, where it plans to take the small blast up to speeds of more than 106mph, confirming the “fastest ever” supposition and also setting a new record for the naked 175cc four-stroke class.

What’s left to say is that the bike features no rear suspension whatsoever, meaning that it can provide a very harsh ride. We wish Ivo Kastan the best of luck for his attempt!

Follow the jump for three interesting videos with the team preparing and testing the bike for Bonneville.

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Ronnie Renner broke his own world record established last year at the famous Santa Monica Pier, when he jumped 59’ from the ground with his KTM motorcycle during the third edition of the Red Bull Experiment.

Last Saturday in Chicago, the daredevil managed to reach 63’ 5" from the ground and his performance was certified by Guinness World Records, making the American motocross star the main attraction of the Red Bull High Rise event.

“It’s been crazy. I’m so pumped to have done it,” said Renner after his jumps. “What a killer vibe! All these people coming out to see me and they were psyched. I could hear the crowd cheering.”

Hit the jump to see the video from the amazing event.

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Last month’s end brought TDR Scooters the world record for a single cylinder 178 cc fully automatic twist and go scooter, at the Santa Pod Raceway (England), with an impressive 11.9037 at 108.27 mph for a quarter of a mile. Also, during that lucky day on May 30, the record was followed by an 11.9760 at 105.73 mph.

Those with doubts are invited to check out the photo gallery.

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Ever wondered what a multiple number of J402-CA-702 Model 373 turbines would do to your average drag bike? Apparently, the 1,000 pounds of trust that each one of those delivers in order to normally power cruise missiles are enough to transform a day at the drag track into a world record setting date.

Achieving 200mph in 7.887 seconds, this thing is claimed to be the current record holder in its field.

See video after the break.

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Buell’s 1125R sportbike was acquainted for being fast, but not the fastest one out there. Meanwhile, things have changed as the 1125’s Rotax-built Helicon V-twin engine powered the bike to a precise speed of 148.7 mph. Ok, but that’s no record-breaking speed you might say and I couldn’t agree more. All that needs to be mentioned is that the respective speed was achieved on ice, which changes the situation completely.

Stunt rider Craig Jones got behind the handlebar of an 1125R equipped with studded tires and a shot of nitrous for the attempt that took place on Lake Dellen in Sweden. The lake ices only for a short period in mid winter but when it does it allows for these kinds of activities to take place on its surface. I just cannot see why other manufacturers don’t come up with such fairly unusual achievements.

See video after the jump.

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The last weekend saw Zero Motorcycles undergoing the 24 Hours of Electricross competition which ended up setting two Guinness World Records, one for the furthest distance traveled in 24 hours on an all-electric off-road motorcycle (500 miles) and the other for the largest electric motorcycle race (50 competitors racing for 10 teams).

Satisfied with the results, founder of Zero Motorcycles and organizer of the race, Neal Saiki said that "this event proved that electric technology can endure the same level of competition as their gas-powered counterparts, however, the power resources to compete are drastically different. The total cost to power all 10 motorcycles for 24 hours was approximately $100,"

Here’s a video from the first international endurance competition for off-road electric motorcycles won by team HotChalks MDV.

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This is apparently a world record attempt, one that definitely didn’t end up in the Guinness World Records. The ATV rider attempts to jump his ride over a padel boat, but touches the very top of it with the ATV’s front end, resulting into a disastrous crash.

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Zero Motorcycles offers to everyone owning an electric motorcycle, ATV or quad the change to put their name in the record books on 4th of April. They are the organizers of world’s first 24 hour off-road endurance event destined to electric bikes and all riders are invited to a racing incursion in the world of battery-powered vehicles.

The event will take place in San Jose at the 408MX Motocross Track and it is all covered By Zero Motorcycle, including free food and drinks for everyone. All that you have to do is register until March 20th and be there on the event’s date.

All competitors will win a prize, but only those who make it to the podium will take home a trophy. Even those who don’t own an electric bike should be prepared for a surprise from Zero Motorcycles. Ok, that’s all I’m saying apart from the fact that buying a Zero X motorcycle can get you approximately $745 back in sales tax deduction.

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