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world record

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After winning gold in the Snowmobile Speed and Style event at the Winter X Games XII in 2008, Levi Lavallee attempted the first double backflip on a snowmobile at this year’s competition with the same name. The American snowmobile racer did manage to do two complete rotations, but because he went approximately 20 feet longer than he expected, the tough landing didn’t allowed him to ride away.

It is too bad to see this record slip away through his fingers, but considering the stunt that he achieved despite the small distance error, walking away form it means everything.

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Lady Canadian rider, Trillium Muir, proudly holds “The World’s Fastest Woman on a Motorcycle” title after obtaining an ECTA-certified 239.36 mph (382.98 km/h) on her Hayabusa motorcycle at Maxton.

The twenty-eight years old record holder is based in Sudbury, Ontario

World's fastest woman: Trillium Muir

and it has been riding for only four years. Still, it beat the 234.197mph (374.72km/h) world speed record previously achieved by Leslie Porterfield at the BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials in the US.

As Trillium states for FasterandFaster, she got into motorcycle land speed racing after watching such an event at Maxton NC in September 2006. Soon after that, she became the first woman ever to hit 200 mph.

Achieving such a performance implies knowing your bike, doing mechanical work and even wiring is nothing out of the ordinary for the current record holder as she states: “I rode our 2003 Suzuki Hayabusa that has a GT35R turbo from RCC turbos. The bike is also fitted with an Aims data logger, JE Pistons, Crower rods, MTC lock-up clutch, Elka shock, custom-built swingarm, RCC back cut transmission and much more. The motor and the turbocharger were built by RCC. I do most of our clutch work and have the patience for wiring. Anything that needs to be done, I can do it, and have.”

Find more about the fastest woman in the world by reading FasterandFaster’s interview or, better yet, go straight to the source:

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322 feet, 7 1/2 inches. This is the new world record for a motorcycle jump and it was established by Robbie Madison at the Rio hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada on New Year’s Eve. Performing on a Honda CR500, the daredevil and freestyle rider had to face 10-12 mph headwind and still made it all look so easy.

Afterwards, Maddison dedicated the jump to Evel Knievel and mentioned, "It was just such a shame [Knievel] wasn’t here to see the jump as he has always said it couldn’t be done." Furthermore, it incited his audience with a next world record by adding, "I know I can go further than tonight. I wasn’t going to show my full hand before March 29."

We can only wait for the event on the announced date to see if that is possible, but I believe we got a great preview to work with until then.

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Clint Ewing has successfully attempted a Guinness World Record earlier this year by riding a distance of 200 ft. (60.96 m) through a tunnel of fire at Universal City, Los Angeles, USA. NBC TV was there to get the attempt on tape so that’s how we’re sharing the video with you.

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A young man named Colin Furze went from the biggest bonfire record to the world’s longest motorbike one with great ease apparently. No wonder as Colin was determined to set a motorbike world record, not a very expensive one just something fun, enough to make him famous.

The challenge was to build a bike that was longer than 9.6 meters (the previous world record) and simply ride it for 100 meters. His homemade machine, previously a scooter ended up measuring 14 meters and Colin had no problems in riding on a runway at Saltby Airfield in Lincolnshire

Referring at how it ended up doing it, Colin says:

“I had a look through the motorbike world records and all the speed ones seemed far too expensive to try to break, so I thought we go for this - a nice big long one. It’s been a lot of fun.

“It’s taken a lot of building. You start doing something at one end and then you want to do something at the other end and of course your tools are 14 metres away - so you’re contantly walking up and down the garden.”

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Most of us have seen or heard about outrageous motorcycles that are built to stand out from the crowd or measure as much as the entire crowd put together, but we’ve never wondered if they can actually be ridden on legal roads at least with the minimum safety precautions.

It seems that somebody has not only considered this aspect, but also came with a solution to it. By its name, the Gunbus motorcycle is the latest creation of Mr. Clemens F. Leonhardt. Also, this is the first world’s biggest motorcycle expected to go into production so imagine how would be to ride one of these things.

Quite a bang, I’m telling you! With a 410-cubic-inch, air-cooled, pushrod V-Twin the Gunbus stays true to its name: shoots like a gun, drives like a bus.

What we’re still waiting to see is the sidecar which is being designed for it, but we’re sure it is going to be another world braking record. Hey, at least you can take the kids with you and know that they’re safer that on a regular bike with sidecar.

But until, the sidecar arrives (or the kids) check out this blonde girl!

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Last Sunday a new motorcycle world record took place and it didn’t even require the record holder to sit on the bike, not at all riding it. Angelo de Monaco is passionate about motorcycles and he wanted establish a new world record involving these machines. So he had 138 bikes pass over him, beating the previous 136 motorcycles world record. It took him 7 – or better said the bikers – 7 minutes so the laceration is what he had to beat, not a number. Why would anyone do that? You tell me!

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During the years, we’ve kept you informed on everything that was new, outrageous and about everything that broke the rules and now we’ve come across this video which, through its slides, brings those bikes back to your memory and others more. So enjoy!

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The new distance jumping world record was established by the rider referred to as “Bird”. He manages to go nearly 395 feet and easily succeeds to become the new record holder. But will he try it again? We shall see very soon!

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