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world record

It seems that every time there’s a discussion about a hot lap around the Nurbugring, we immediately assume that another edgy supercar is at it again. The list of manufacturers that have taken stabs at the ’Ring is as long as the course itself so excuse us for being a little excited watching a motorcycle take center stage around the track.

The lap comes courtesy of Bridgestone test driver, Tim Rothiq, and a Kawasaki ZX-10R . We won’t have to remind you about the face-morphing characteristics of the Kawasaki superbike because Rothiq was able to do it for us.

The ’Ring offers plenty of challenges even for the most astute of riders so watching Rothiq navigate around the track and blast through it in spectacular fashion is a sight to behold.

Don’t be fooled by the 7:50 time being way short of the record 7:14 lap time of the Lexus LF-A ; the latter is a supercar after all. It’s about as impressive a bike lap as you’ll find anywhere.

And a big kudos to Tim Rothiq for his incredible effort coercing the Kawasaki ZX-10R to behave during the lap time. Lord knows the slightest mistake can lead to a pretty nasty spill.

Check out the video and enjoy the ride, folks!

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There’s a saying that records are always meant to be broken and Bill Warner recently proved that in scintillating fashion.

With a high-powered Suzuki motorcycle, the resident of Wimauma, Florida used the Loring Timing Association Land Speed Race as the site of his record-breaking run, becoming the fastest man on a motorcycle with a top speed of 311.945 mph.

What’s more impressive than Warner breaking the record at such a sprightly age is the fact that he completely blew away the existing record of 273.356 mph with relative ease.

The event was organized to host a number of record-setting attempts, but none came in a more convincing fashion than the way Warner blew past the existing mark, even if the attempt brought some certifiable danger to it. It certainly goes without saying that breaking 300 mph on a motorcycle presents certain dangers, including the ability to keep the bike in control at such high speeds. "The bike was bouncing, hopping, skipping and sliding," Warner said. "Needless to say, I got it stopped safely. It was a little scary."

Congratulations to Warner for his record-setting achievement. Just goes to show that with a lot of hard work, coupled with some luck, any record can be broken on any given day.

Ducati has managed to set an all time motorcycle record at the historic Pikes Peak International Hill Climb this past weekend, making it the second consecutive victory in the historic race.

The man behind this impressive result is Dunne, owner of Ducati Santa Barbara in California, along with his Multistrada 1200 . Dunne started the record breaking weekend during the qualification days when he managed to qualify on pole for the race. When it came to the actual race, Dunne got the holeshot at the start and never looked back. The time across the finish line was 11:11.32; a new course record for motorcycles.

"We were definitely anxious to get out and race today;" said Dunne about his race. "When the flag dropped I got the holeshot and went for it. The whole week’s worth of setup work with my technician Sam Swain came together and the Multistrada 1200 worked flawlessly to give us the win. With the help of Spider Grips, Dumontec, BrakeTech and Burley Motorsports we can go home with an all time record!"

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Young Australian Jackson Strong has just set the new world record for the tallest frontflip from ramp to ramp with an outstanding 85-foot performance. The event took place in Cairns, Australia and it was part of the Crusty Demons (Strong’s daredevil freestyle backup group) 2010 Tour.

After the jump, Jackson Strong said: "I’ve been working on the front flip on a dirt bike for a long time." "I’ve had four crashes doing the same trick. The first crash I actually lacerated my liver and had internal bleeding and kind of that was a bit of a scary one I spent seven days in intensive care," he added.

We are amazed to see the young aussie putting that amount of effort into having his name in the Guinness world book of records.

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It is unlikely that someone would think at fitting a motorcycle with larger exhaust pipes than the ones seen in the attached video, so these are probably the largest to end up on the web so far. Still, a question remains: why would anyone want to do that? Also considering the quiet neighborhood this guy revs that bike around we’re suspecting a ticket isn’t too far away.

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Australian freestyle motocross celebrity Robbie “Maddo” Maddison has just established a new world record after bringing his Honda 500 dirt bike up to 77 mph and successfully jumping over the Corinth Canal, which has a width of 279 feet. The 28-year-old rider traversed at 300 feet above the channel surface and his biggest obstacle was, obviously, fear. Hit the jump for the video and full press release.

Photo credit: Predrag Vuckovic, Jörg Mitter and Stefan Aufschnaiter

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Meet motorcycle enthusiast Leslie Porterfield. She was recently confirmed by the Guinness World Records book as being the world’s fastest woman on a motorcycle. Although she established the 232.522mph record in the 2008 BUB Speed Trials at the Bonneville Salt Flats, she has only now been officially declared the fastest woman to ever go beyond the 232mph pass.

Porterfield, who also owns a motorcycle dealership – High Five Cycles – in Dallas, Texas said: “I couldn’t believe it when they called. It’s takes awhile after filing the paper work with the FIM (International Federation of Motorcycling) to get the record certificate, and then with Guinness – this has been going on for awhile and when they called I was just thrilled.”

The American woman achieved the speed record on a 2002 2000cc Turbo-charged Suzuki Hayabusa and the achievement comes to raise the 229.361mph stake set in 1978 by motocross rider and stuntwoman, Marcia Holley with a single engine streamliner motorcycle.

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When hearing about the world’s most expensive chopper you usually get the “what, is it gold plated?” reaction and we can understand the irony, but it seems that someone did think at gold plating a chopper with 24 karats gold and ask $500,000 for it. The thing does look like a work of art, but we wouldn’t go as far as calling it a jewel. Isn’t this too much?

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American freestyle rider and daredevil Seth Enslow is now the new record holder for the world’s longest jump on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle after jumping an impressive 183.7 feet (56m) at Sydney’s Barangaroo. This sets his jump 18 feet (5,4m) further than his predecessor’s (Bubba Blackwell) record.

But there’s also a funny part about this event. Because the viewing media missed the first jump, Enslow had to take the jump twice and that’s when he smashed his family jewels so hard on the gas tank that it managed to crack the paint. He was fine in the end, but we reckon he won’t have any grandkids to tell his tales to.

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Moosshiqk, world's smallest electric bike

Our reader Santhosh from India has built the world’s smallest e-bike measuring 12 inches in height and 18 inches in length. Called Moosshiqk (the Sanskrit word for mouse), the 8.8 lbs (4 kg) battery-powered prototype can be dissembled and assembled in less than 60 seconds, but Santhosh can’t really say he’s “gone in 60 seconds” because the top speed of this unique pocket bike is of approximately 7.5 – 9.3 mph (12 – 15 km/h) with a payload of 154.3 lbs (70 kg), meaning that children will be able to ride faster and stay green as well. So, does this qualify as a world record or what?

Thanks for the tip Santhosh!

P.S. The reason it has a pair of bicycle-like handles for a seat is because the thing also rides backwards.

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