Yamaha FJR

Yamaha FJR

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Meet the fresh Yamaha FJR1300ES a bike that is around for 13 years and thanks to its constant upgrades continues to keep it up with the best models in its class.

After the last year’s model received important features such as traction control, ride-by-wire throttle, new headlights the new 2014 model year is packed with electronically adjustable suspensions.

The new electronic suspension adjustment can adjusts to different riding conditions and offers a choice of four settings for preload, including “One Up,” “One Up with Luggage,” “Two Up,” and “Two Up with Luggage,” adding a choice of “Soft,” “Standard” and “Hard” for damping force adjustment for each setting. The suspension setup cab easily controlled using handlebar mounted buttons.

The motorcycle is propelled by the same 1298cc, liquid-cooled, inline, 4-cylinder; DOHC, 16 valves, fuel injected engine which is mated on a 5-speed transmission with multiplate wet clutch.

The new FJR1300ES is offered with a base price of $16,890. The old FJR1300A model that is not fitted with electronically adjustable suspension continues to be available next to the new ES series with a base price of $15,890.

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The Yamaha FJR1300A is the kind of bike that looks good on anybody. It’s part of the Japanese motorcycle brand’s FJR Supersport family and has been fit and finished with the kind of sophistication usually reserved for top-of-the-line touring cars. That’s why it’s no surprise that the FJR1300A is a bike that catches attention wherever it goes; people just can’t get enough of it.

Truth be told, the bike comes with everything. A lightweight aluminum frame matches well with the bike’s impressive performance capabilities. And we haven’t even gone into the ergonomic details of the bike, complete with a stylish weather beating fairing and all the added trinkets that come with a Yamaha -built supersport tourer.

If you’re a rider that enjoys the intoxicating combination of power, comfort, and handling, you’d be hard-pressed to find a supersports bike that will provide you the perfect mix of all three elements in one package quite like the FJR1300A.

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It might seem that the 2010 Honda VFR1200F has come to reinvent the supersport touring segment, but manufacturers such as Yamaha have their own classic approach towards offering a motorcycle that is fast, comfortable and built to last, the 2010 FJR1300A. Those of you who are familiar with the name will say that the FJR1300AE is an even better choice thanks to Yamaha’s electric-shift five-speed transmission, which eliminates the clutch and offers riders effortless electric shifting, but Yamaha has discontinued this model for 2010 and leaves FJR riders completely in charge over the bike’s functions.

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This is a very funny video for Yamaha directed by Mark Toia. It shows a fan of the Japanese brand having troubles deciding himself between three different models, the FJR1300, FZ1 and XV1600 and the guy eventually has himself cloned for the sake of riding the three bikes at the same time. Hmm, I guess I never thought at it that way.

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When hearing the words motorcycle parade, we usually tend to thing at two-wheeled police patrols, but after seeing this, we’ll have to fill another drawer with information in our motor heads.

As you can see, gendarmes are as good at motorcycle ballet (if not better) as the policeman that filled our computer screens maybe a bit too often lately.

Motorcycle Ballet - Watch more free videos

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All the performance, comfort and refinement you expect with effortless electric shifting using barmounted paddle or the foot-operated gearshift. Super Sport touring has never been so smooth.

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The FJR’s 145 horsepower, light aluminum frame, push-button adjustable windscreen, standard ABS, adjustable ergos and more, widen the gap between it and common sport tourers to a gaping chasm.

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