Yamaha Majesty

Yamaha Majesty

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The 2014 Yamaha Majesty is a comfortable scooter developed with efficiency and versatility in mind. It is propelled by a liquid-cooled, 4-Stroke single; DOHC engine with a displacement of 395cc. The unit is brought to life by an electric starter and transfers its power to the rear wheel through a fully automatic transmission.

The engine has enough grunt to help you deal great with city traffic and is also able to keep it up with highway speeds. As far as efficiency is concerned, the Majesty delivers an estimated fuel consumption of 50 mpg and has a fuel tank capacity of 3.7 gallons.

The engine is mounted on an aluminum, die-cast alloy frame with a steel tube subframe which sits on 41mm fork tubes and rear long-travel, coil-over shock absorber.

The scooter rides on 14-inch front and 13-inch rear tires mounted on a set of tasty cast wheels.

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Meet the Yamaha Majesty, a practical scooter that offers a perfect compromise between power, comfort and agility.

Talking about power, the scooter is propelled by a strong, liquid-cooled, DOHC, four-valve, single cylinder engine with forged piston and single-axis counterbalance. The engine’s power is kept in leash by a fully automatic transmission and is brought to life by a push button electric starter. As far as efficiency is concerned, the Majesty achieves an estimated fuel economy of up to 50 mpg and comes with a fuel tank that holds 3.7 gallons of gas.

The Scooter rides on 14-inch front and 13-inch rear tires wrapped around a pair of on stylish cast wheels.

The stopping power is handled by 267 mm hydraulic front and rear disc brakes.

As far as prices are concerned, the Yamaha Majesty can be yours for no less than $6,850.

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Riding a motorcycle need not be all about performance. There is always a place in the market for bikes that offer a highly utilitarian purpose without having any of the all-world capabilities. That’s the group where the Yamaha Majesty fits in. As a cross between a scooter and a motorcycle, the Majesty is a rugged and reliable machine that provides enough power to run at highway speeds while also boasting of enough room for two to go with ample storage space.

The Majesty comes with an aluminum, die-cast alloy main frame with a steel tube sub frame that’s both light and rigid, offering the kind of increased performance and handling that makes for an all-world scooter. The full instrumentation fitted just in front of the scooter comes with all the pertinent information a rider needs in his travels. That includes an analog speedometer and tachometer, and an LCD multifunction display that includes a fuel gauge, coolant temperature gauge, ambient temperature gauge, plus V-belt, and oil indicator lights.

Make no mistake, the Majesty isn’t the cup of tea for performance-minded individuals. It "only" has a 395cc liquid-cooled four-stroke engine with a fully automatic transmission. The bike features an electronic fuel injection system that delivers superb throttle response and low-maintenance reliability, while the dual chamber air box, air injection system, and exhaust catalyst technology reduce air pollution.

All told, the Yamaha Majesty passes all the requisites of a top-end scooter. The size, handling, and performance numbers of the Majesty allow it to be the kind of ride that every scooter-riding savant craves.

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