Yamaha Raider

Yamaha Raider

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The custom styled Yamaha Raider is a pretty new motorcycle, as it made its big debut in 2008. Since then, the bike has been constantly upgraded and the 2014 version also get its share of small modifications, most of them in terms of style.

The bike didn’t received any major technological upgrade for 2014 and is powered by the same 113-cubic-inch (1854cc), air-cooled V-twin OHV, 4 valves/cylinder engine which is mated on a five speed transmission with wet, multiplate clutch.

In terms of style the bike comes with a chopped-out rake, raised handlebars, and a big 21-inch wheel out front.

It is also worthy of being mentioned that the bike weighs 730 lb and scores a fuel efficiency of 42 mpg.

As far as prices are concerned, the 2014 Yamaha Raider can be yours for no less than $14,990 and should be available at your local dealer since July 2013.

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The Yamaha Raider SCL is a special version of the popular Raider model and is available in only 500 units.

The Yamaha Raider SCL can be easily recognized thanks to its newly developed, rich Crimson Red paint accented with an Intense Black color. It also comes with custom 5-spoke chrome wheels co-developed by Star and Performance Machine and a comfortable genuine leather two-tone seat with embroidered SCL logo.

The unique character of the Yamaha Raider SCL is also underlined by the exclusive metal SCL badge with hologram placed on top of the fuel tank.

At the heart of the Yamaha Raider SCL lies a 113-cubic-inch (1854cc), air-cooled, V-twin OHV, 4 valves/cylinder engine which is mated on a five speed transmission with multiplate wet clutch. The engine delivers a fuel efficiency of 42 mpg.

The Yamaha Raider SCL can be yours for no less than $19,990.

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The 2012 Yamaha Raider SCL is being prepared as a limited edition model that will only carry 500 units, and with good reason. The bikes are made with the highest quality material, complete with special elements including specially developed wheels by Performance Machine, among other things.

So why would you take the time and effort to bruise your elbows just to get a piece of the Raider SCL? Because you’ll be only one of 500 that has a chance to own one.

To get you up to speed with what you’re in store for with the Raider SCL, each of the bikes will come with a six-layer paint finish with a high-metallic Blazing Orange paint and a numbered, limited edition aluminum tank badge. The bike’s seats are made from finely crafted genuine leather with an embossed SCL logo and orange color matched stitching. There’s also a chrome belt guard, stainless mesh throttle cables and clutch/brake lines, and custom 5-spoke chrome wheels co-developed by Star and Performance Machine. And just to remind everybody of the bike’s exclusivity, the SCL comes with an exclusive metal badge with a hologram that has been placed on top of the fuel tank as a constant reminder to its owner that only 500 of these unique machines exist.

At the heart of the beast is a powerful 1,854cc air-cooled, OHV with 4 valves per cylinder, pushrod 48-degree V-twin engine that pumps out max torque at just 2,500 rpm and max power at 4,500 rpm for powerful,
relaxed cruising. As far as handling goes, the bike carries an all-aluminum cast frame that’s light, rigid, and tuned for light, athletic handling.

All told, there’s a reason why the Yamaha Star Raider SCL is a special edition. Everything about it is more than just your average cruiser.

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Yamaha wants to make you believe that the Raider S chopper is one of the can’t-miss bikes in its market. And knowing these people for as long as we have, there’s nothing about their proclamations that feels like they’re blowing smoke up our behinds.

This is the magic of Yamaha. They can build up their products to such ridiculous heights, more than living up to the lofty expectations set for them. The Raider S is another example, one that Yamaha built while combining "chopper"-inspired styling with a superior handling chassis, and all-around top-notch performance.

There are no compromises with the Raider S, only a generous helping of some of the world’s best bike builders putting their collective talents together to create something that’s really as mouth-watering as it looks.

Custom cruisers continue to push to the extreme ends, and that’s why there’s a Raider S. No ifs ands, or buts about it; this bike is as good as advertised - maybe even more.

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It’s got a maverick name - the Raider XV1900 - and is made by one of the most popular brands on the planet: Yamaha .

The Yamaha Raider XV1900 is bad news for everybody else. But for the one that sits on it and rides the highways of the world, the Raider XV1900 is as menacing a machine as you can find in the industry today. The 2011 Raider not only looks good, it also offers an incredible riding experience that comes as a result of combining "chopper inspired" styling with a chassis that offers superior handling and a powerful engine.

The engineers at Yamaha responsible for the Raider XV1900 left little in the way of complaints for the bike. Quite simply, it’s the perfect bike for the hardcore rider looking for a new stallion to run the road roughshod.

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You know your company’s slogan is perfect when people not only start repeating it, but living it. So when Star Motorcycles coined the term, “We build it, you make it your own,” we figured that many riders would step up and personalize their own Road Star, Roadliner or Raider cruiser to suit their own tastes. And they have. But the message has hit even a more powerful chord as some historically important custom bikes have already been created around Star Motorcycles, taking Best in Show at some (...)
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At its launch last September, the all new Raider immediately earned high marks from enthusiast magazines conducting road tests and comparisons. Now it has won another important victory by taking the “2008 Metric Cruiser of the Year” award at the 9th Annual V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati, Ohio on February 2-4, beating out a host of competitors in the process. What’s more, this makes it three years straight that a Star Motorcycle model has won an award at the V-Twin Expo as the Roadliner took the (...)
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You’re looking to a whole new kind of Star, a bike called a modern performance custom. Chopper-inspired but built to perform. Good luck outdoing this bike’s combination of looks, performance and Star build quality.

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