Yamaha V-Max

Yamaha V-Max

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Strong, imposing and muscular – these three words can perfectly describe the 2013 Yamaha VMax VMX17.

As far as design is concerned, the Yamaha VMax is certainly one of the most attractive bikes from the streets. Its aggressive character is underlined by every curve of the body and we especially like the unique fuel tank, the modern headlight and the ergonomic seat.

Power comes from a 102-cubic-inch (1679cc), liquid-cooled, 65° V-4, DOHC, 4 valves/cylinder engine which is kept in leash by a five speed transmission. The engine is wrapped around a cast aluminium frame that offers a perfect compromise between rigidity and lightness.

The motorcycle rides on 120/70-R18 59V front and 200/50-R18 76V rear Bridgestone Radial tyres.

The 2013 Yamaha VMax VMX17 is offered with a starting price of $22,999 and comes with 1 year limited factory warranty.

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Californian Roland has multiple track records and the 1998 AMA 250GP Championship under his belt. After 32 broken bones he traded in his helmet and leathers for a computer and a welding torch, designing and building award-winning machines that mark him out as a fresh new talent on the custom scene.

Unconventional, outlandish and ‘way-out’, his designs have landed him a Biker Build-Off Rookie of the Year title and 2Wheel Tuner Brappy Award for Best Appearance Enhancement Product for his innovative Contrast Cut finishes.

One of the most dramatic models developed by Sands is the Yamaha V-MAX, a motorcycle that was launched for the first time in 1985 and has rebirth in 2008, becoming a biking icon.

At the heart of the Yamaha V-MAX Hyper Modified by Roland Sands lies a V-type 4-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, 4-valves engine with a displacement of 1,679cc. The engine cranks out 200PS @ 9,000 rpm and has a peak torque of 166.8 Nm at 6,500 rpm.

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Marcus bought his first bike, a Yamaha RD350LC, at the age of 18. He knows what makes Yamaha unique. After bowing out of Moto Cross in 1992, following a serious accident, Marcus invested the proceeds from the sale of his machine into a set of tools and a bike-lift. He set up a workshop in a converted barn and established Walz Hardcore Cycles.

The German invented and developed the world-famous Drag Style frame, a new kind of custom bike. Europe’s most successful bike builder, his creations have appeared on 60 magazine covers and in more than 600 magazine articles and Marcus was the 2006 winner of the Discovery Channel’s hit show Bike Build-Off.

One of its latest creations is the hyper modified VMAX model which is and extreme bike “designed for visual stimulation, balancing aggression and aesthetics”

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Yamaha had the great idea of choosing the best motorcycle builders and ask them to play with their new V Max. One of these famous builders was Frenchman Ludovic, which spent a lot of time and creativity to develop its unique version of the Yamaha V Max.

Frenchman Ludovic has a factory in Annecy-le-Vieux, near the Swiss border, where he turns out two, three and four-wheel creations – including unique car/bike hybrids such as R1-engined bespoke quads and a supercharged 84bhp Yamaha TMax.

Ludovic combines his background as a design graduate and passion for muscle machines. It’s a mix of brain and brawn that results in mad modifications that could come straight out of movie – Mad VMAX. He’s famous for his silhouette style and for his first iconic VMAX customization: taking a wrecked 1991 model, fitting special parts and an LCD screen with a rear-view video link to create a unique hyper-modified VMAX.

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Think of the ultimate bike that offers a marriage between brains and brawn and there’s a good chance that you’ll come up with one bike: the Yamaha V-Max.

The V-Max is really in a class all its own. The muscular looks combined with sporty handling and Yamaha’s latest electronic engine management technologies make for a bike that offers the ultimate riding experience.

The bike’s engine alone - a 1,679cc DOHC, liquid-cooled, 16-valve V4 engine - is reason enough to drool over. But this bike is more than just the powertain that makes it run, there are also plenty of elements that help in its overall awesomeness. It has steel valves that are used for excellent durability. There’s also a chain and gear camshaft drive system that’s responsible for increasing engine productivity. High-performance camshafts provide incredible engine performance while a centrifugal decompression device on the exhaust cam allows for seamless starting.

You’ll also get a Mikuni fuel injection system that uses four 48mm throttle bodies fitted with T.P.S. (Throttle Position Sensor) and numerous other sensors. An oxygen sensor has been fitted into the exhaust, providing excellent throttle response, great fuel economy, reduced emissions, stable idling, and no choke to fuss with during start up.

The V-Max also comes with a lightweight main Electronic Control Unit (ECU) that’s made up of three ECUs in total. One is the main 32-bit ECU that controls the ignition and fuel injection process, while a 2nd and 3rd integral ECU controls the Yamaha’s YCC-T & YCC-I systems. Then there’s the Air Induction System (AIS), which is responsible for injecting fresh air into the exhaust port area to fully combust any unburned fuel.

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The 2012 Yamaha V-Max is the kind of bike that should be on top of everybody’s wish list. It’s not so much the fact that it’s an awesome ride in itself, but the bike’s combination of advanced sportbike technology and forward thinking style makes it a definite must-have.

Sure, some people have had mixed reactions as far as the bike’s design is concerned, but make no mistake about it, when it comes to pure, torque-bending performance, the V-Max is in a class of its own.

Crank the throttle and you’ll be unleashing a 1,679cc, 65-degree, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected four-valves-per-cylinder, DOHC engine that pumps out 174 horsepower, enough to literally make you drive the seat off of your pants. On top of that, the V-Max also has both the Yamaha Chip Controlled Intake (YCC-I) technology and the Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T) technology, providing the kind of smooth and crisp response riders have long looked for.

As far as its design, the V-Max’s looks remain relatively unchanged since its major redesign in 2009. About the only changes you’ll see is that it comes with a new color, Matte Black, as well as new side-cover finishes that match the bike’s distinctive intake cover, and gray stitching on the seat cover.

The bike also features a lightweight aluminum chassis - weight is reduced to 683 lbs because of it - that puts the engine low and forward for mass centralization, resulting in a machine designed to handle just about any road surface. Likewise, the suspension system - cartridge-damper-type front forks that have substantial 52mm inner tubes with oxidized titanium coating and a link-type Monocross rear suspension - allows the bike to handle particularly well, even for the high standards of a tried-and-true muscle bike.

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If power cruising is your thing, the Yamaha VMax will satisfy all your needs and more. We’re not even exaggerating with all the proclamations because this bike is the embodiment of vicious.

Bearing a package that comprises of just about every checklist you may have for a powerful cruiser, the VMax definitely takes no prisoners, an art Yamaha has perfected in all its years in the industry.

Unlike a lot of other motorcycles in the market today, the 2011 Yamaha VMax has a bite that’s as menacing as its bark. It combines a muscular design with sporty handling, and awesome power that’s unrivaled in the business. The forward-thinking style of the bike, coupled with the latest in sportbike technology, gives the VMax plenty of performance that riders can enjoy whenever their urge for some thrill-seeking adventures begins to kick in.

It’s not even a question anymore as far as the VMax is concerned. The only you need to worry about is saving up to own a piece of this monster on wheels.

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It’s time to make your 2-wheeled monster even cooler! Yamaha has released a slew of new motorcycle parts that are now available at your local Yamaha dealer. Dress up your VMAX 2009-2010 models with upgraded parts that will definitely add a certain amount of wow to your ride.

We do admit that theV-Max is an excellent bike, but as is true with every other motorcycle out there, a good bike can always be better. Yamaha’s understanding of this concept has lead them to provide VMAX wide wheels, new billet pieces, and a new cover, allowing the rider to bring an even higher quality look or a more head-turning body.

For motorcycle enthusiasts, maintaining and upgrading your greatest possessions is a must. Whatever the costs is, it doesn’t matter as long as you can provide your super bikes with the best and sufficient care.

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After the unveiling in Madrid a few days ago the Star V-Max makes a whole new entry, which I can say is more characteristic to a muscle bike. Words of presentation seemed to be in vain as the public goes crazy when the beast roars as it does an amazing burnout, proving it has got the torque and horsepower to shred that massive rear tire in an instant.

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Yamaha proves to have caught the big wave in 2008 as there has been intensive work being put into the development of the new V-Max and the results are simply fabulous. You will wonder how do we know all that or if this is yet another speculation related to the Yamaha icon when it comes to muscle bikes, but no, this is the real thing fresh out of the drawing board.

Unveiled in north of Madrid on a small airport and accompanied by jet planes flying in formation, the new V-Max is expected to regain its former glory and, of course, remain truthful to the amazing acceleration figures that everybody craves about.

If it will keep on going like this, we will soon see it flying on the sky right next to the Spanish Eagle Patrol.

Spanish Air Force - First Run

Spanish Air Force - Second Run

Source: Motoblog

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