Yamaha YZ

Yamaha YZ

The Yamaha YZ250 is a legend in the world of two-stroke bikes and for all of its years in the sun, the model still doesn’t fail to impress.

In a nutshell, it’s still considered as one of the best bikes in its class and for good reason. It comes as a more palatable 2-stroke with plenty of features derived from its more powerful 4-stroke counterparts. It’s got one of the best power-to-weight ratios of any bike in its class, thanks in large part to a light aluminum frame housing a patented YPVS Power valve-equipped engine. Plus, its a lot cheaper to maintain than most bikes in Yamaha’s fold.

On top of that end, it features the same Yamaha -inspired design that has long been a trademark of the YZ family. Carrying a distinct style to go with top-of-the-heap performance isn’t an easy thing to do in the motorcycle industry.

Very few models have achieved such acclaim and to Yamaha’s credit, one of those models regarded as such is the YZ250, one of the truest two-stroke bike the market has to offer.

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Competitions are always meant to be won; that’s been the onus for everybody who has ever laced up a pair of racing shoes to compete in off-road motorcycle racing.

So when you’ve decided that you’re 100% serious about winning off-road bike races, there’s only one company that you look for to satisfy your lust for competition: Yamaha .

Built on a history that includes championships in motocross and enduro races, Yamaha offers the most competitive engine and chassis packages, plus class-leading technologies and legendary build quality.

Part of Yamaha’s championship DNA is building bikes for all types of people, even for the young 9 to 14-year old kids that want to start breaking into the scene. For this particular instance, that bike is the YZ85, born from the company’s award-winning YZ competition bikes.

The YZ85 is the ideal bike for the up-and-comers of the scene. It’s got tremendous performance capabilities mixed in with superior handling to allow even the greenest of drivers to warm up to the bike in no time.

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Yahama has been around GP racing for the past 50 years and to commemorate this silver anniversary, the Japanese motorcycle maker will be unveiling a special livery for the YZR-M1 motorbike. Likewise, this special livery will also dress up the brand’s MotoGP racebikes at Assen TT and Laguna Seca.

As for what you need to look out for with the bike, the “YZR-M1 WGP50th Anniversary Edition” livery will come in a unique red and white paint scheme that celebrates the two-tone livery of the Yamaha Factory Racing team. There’s also a special 50th anniversary logo that will be used by the team this season. This logo will be displayed on the fuel tank of the 2011 YZR-M1 bike, as well as on the uniforms of all the members of the Yamaha Factory Racing Team, and team riders Jorge Lorenzo, the reigning MotoGP World Champion and 2010 Rookie of the Year Ben Spies.

The bike will make its official debut at a special event on June 22, 2011 where it will be broken in by no less than Lorenzo and Spies themselves. That event is still a little over a month away so in the meantime, you can check out photos and a video of the special edition bike.

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Yamaha may not raise the stakes in the 250cc motocross/supercross class with their 2010 YZ250F model, but the bike does come with a new, more compact "Bilateral Beam" frame and KYB suspension that allow the rider to control it easier. Also, the engine now features modified valves, is being fed through an upgraded carburetor and breaths through a revised exhaust with “D” shaped exhaust port. All the modifications translate into more low-to-mid rpm power, which is precisely what the rider needs during motocross races. We have put together an article based on Yamaha’s press release, so hit the jump to read it.

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In 2010, Yamaha plans to rule all competitions involving 450cc dirt bikes with their entirely redesigned YZ450F model. This is a bike that with ingenious engineering solves a big problem for all bikes in its category – space. It features a reversed cylinder engine allowing the entire reorganization of the engine bay and it is all mounted on a completely new, lighter frame. The rest is just a matter of finesse and it is all covered in the following article.

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The Yamaha YZ450 is one of the best motocross bikes now around and little did we knew it can be adapted to a whole lot of riding conditions and even be turned into a 60’s style café racer if someone’s got the energy to undergo the demanding process of making a fact out of an innovative idea such as the oil-in-frame, just to give an example. The bike also features drilled engine plates and underseat pipe, but you’ll only notice that if you’re interested enough to look beyond the sleek fairing.

It is too bad we don’t have more information about this unique combination of style called YZ450 café racer as it was surely a bright idea and an exciting project.

Source: MCN
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Yamaha’s 2010 YZ85 stands out as one of the best means to power you from mini bikes to the real think. Even though it still is an evolutionary step in an ambitious rider’s career, this is the bike on which the first racing skills are being developed and that’s all that matters sometimes.

A smaller replica of the YZ250 and YZ125, the revised two-stroke model is sure to be a great success because no matter what you’ll do, it doesn’t manage to stay behind even if you play around with palls on bigger, but not smokier rides.

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Designing a dirt bike is never easy, but it seems that Yamaha has got the perfect recipe as it pulls it through, managing to release better performing competition bikes with each year that passes. For 2010, the YZ125 carries on further perfecting its already great features such as the engine and chassis. Even though not the most important model year because the bike was great from the very beginning, it does catch our attention once again and that is never a bad thing.

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Looking for a quarter-liter two-stroke dirt bike? Well, find out that the YZ250 is one of the most appreciated models in Yamaha’s 2010 motocross lineup not only for being designed to win with its YPVS Power valve-equipped two-stroke engine claimed to perform better than any previous generation, but because two-stroke motors are a very rare breed nowadays. Still present, this one is housed in a light aluminum frame, which allows it to turn the machine into an even greater blast out on the track, especially now that it is being fitted with ProTaper aluminum handlebars and Excel rims.

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Given the fact that the motorcycle press has long shown the reverse-cylinder 2010 Yamaha YZ450F and, implicit, destroyed the maker’s element of surprise regarding this model, Yamaha has come up with a video showing James Steward as the inside man answering to ridiculous rumors heard by Yamaha employees, including Jorge Lorenzo, Valentino Rossi and James Toseland.

The video is supposed to create some buzz about this new model and to announce the launch date – September 8th.

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