Yamaha YZ

Yamaha YZ

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Yamaha has released a video explaining the modifications done to their quarter-liter motocrosser of latest generation, the YZ250F. The bike now features a bilateral beam frame, while the engine now benefits of new valve train, carburetor and exhaust.

Overall, the new 2010 Yamaha YZ250F is supposed to offer a new riding position, handle sharper and deliver a more power with less noise. Sounds tempting to me!

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This may not be the latest commercial that Yamaha made for their dirt bike lineup, but it sure is the most inspiring seen yet. Looking at it, most riders feel like gearing up and hitting the dirt on whatever model they got and that’s precisely what I’m planning to do now.

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Those who were wondering what more could there be changed at Yamaha motocross bikes in order to improve performance are most likely to receive their answer with a single look at this spy picture of the 2010 Yamaha YZ450F reverse-cylinder.

This Powerpoint rendering shows how the new construction method allows the bottom end of the engine to move forward in the chassis, improving weight distribution and enhancing handling. This way, the exhaust pipe has a straight path towards the silencer and doesn’t need to be taken in consideration when doing the math for the front wheel clearance and also the inlet tract can be simply redesigned to go straight from the fuel injector to the combustion chamber. It even makes us wonder why Yamaha didn’t consider this possibility for the YZ450F so far.

Yamaha is supposed to unveil the completely new dirt bike within the next months and we reckon that it will blow away the competition.

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The 2009 MX Championship has already started getting riders, motorcycles and their crews in trouble. These are by far the coolest pictures we’ve come across yet and by the small unstained blue on the front fender, we can confidently say that we’re dealing with a Yamaha dirt bike.

Apparently, as the bikes become better performing, organizers make sure that tracks are even harder to race on and that’s what the audience loves about motocross racing.

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New year’s YZ450F intends on taking even further the levels of performance and sweetness that come together with the Yamaha name so it brings up a range of small, but decisive refinements concerning especially handing and style. This might be exactly the bike you’ve been craving for as Yamaha ruled the AMA Motocross Championship last year.

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Yamaha has just launched the Team Replica of the new YZ 450F, a notorious MX1 motorcycle in which’s seat David Philippaerts won the World Championship only a month ago.

This limited edition celebration model is destined to European motocross fans looking for a new kind of experience on a dirt bike. In order for their requirements to be accomplished, Yamaha Monster Motocross Team has teamed up with Yamaha Racing, the new model ending up featuring upgraded frame and motor compared to the simple version of this bike.

There are also many carbon fiber pieces which reduce the overall weight and also give a clue on this bike’s performance capabilities. The Kawasaki-like graphics stand as a reminder of actual race version and make the 2009 Yamaha YZF 450F Team Replica even more special.

Yamaha plans on making only 100 such bikes for the European market, something that makes them even more craved for.

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Yamaha has just launched the new YZ, WR and TT-R lineups so all of you motocross and off-road enthusiasts ca already start digging for information on the model you’re interested most.

As you can expect, refinements brought the improvement of performance, steering, and the dirt spreaders became even lighter compared with 2008 so you will be seeing more and more previews of these models on our website. Stay tuned!

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Yamaha Factory Racing’s Grant Langston won his first U.S. Open invitational title in Las Vegas, NV on Saturday evening, October 13, while L&M Racing’s Chad Reed came in a close second. The huge results for both 2008 YZ450F riders is especially encouraging with the ’08 World and AMA Supercross seasons just around the corner. For his overall win, Langston collected an impressive $100,000 and earned a key strategic advantage – a heap of well-deserved confidence – before the beginning of the (...)
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Lighter is better.
Now even lighter-new refinements along with an aluminum frame housing an amazingly compact engine results in the consummate combination of power and lightness no other 125 can match.

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