Yamaha YZ

Yamaha YZ

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The 2014 Yamaha YZ85 is a compact off road machine that was carefully developed to represent the perfect learning platform for beginners.

The motorcycle is propelled by a light, liquid-cooled, 85cc, crankcase reed-valve-inducted engine which is linked to a six-speed transmission. The engine is housed by an ultra-rigid, single-backbone, semi-double-cradle frame that delivers a perfect mix between lightness and rigidity.

To be able to tackle the tough terrains without baking down, the motorcycle needed a set of capable suspensions. Therefore, the 2014 Yamaha YZ85 is equipped with fully adjustable suspensions that allow a wide range of adjustments according to the terrain and the rider’s skills.

It is also worthy of being mentioned that the motorcycle rides on lightweight 17-inch front and 14-inch rear rims which are shod in Dunlop knobby tires. The wheels are combined with 220mm front disc and 190mm rear disc brakes that come with stainless steel rotors.

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The Yamaha YZ450F has received a complete makeover for 2014. The new motorcycle comes with a long list of style and technical upgrades which make it better, lighter and stronger than the previous generation.

One of the most important upgrades made to the Yamaha YZ450F is the all-new aluminum Bilateral Beam frame that is rigid enough to offer a stable ride but also light enough to not feel heavy during high jumps.

The motorcycle’s handling is also enhanced by the reworked suspensions and the new steering head pipe position which was moved 10mm closer to the rider.

However, the big news here is the new EFI, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 4-stroke, 449.7cc engine. The 2014 unit features revised piston, intake and exhaust valves, ports, valve mechanism, ignition timing, and fuel injection mapping so you can expect to first class performances throughout the power band.

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Yamaha has totally redesigned the YZ250F model for 2014. The new motorcycle comes with a comprehensive list of upgrades and raises the bar higher in terms of handling and power.

The most important upgrade is represented by the all-new new EFI, Liquid-cooled DOHC 4-stroke; 4 titanium valves engine which sends its power to the ground through a constant-mesh 5-speed transmission with multiplate wet clutch. It is also worthy of being mentioned that the transmission and the shift mechanism are also new and focus on reducing drive-force loss during gear changes.

The motorcycle’s backbone is represented by a newly designed aluminum Bilateral Beam frame which further enhances the handling and maneuverability.

To be able to tackle any terrain without baking down, the Yamaha YZ250F is fitted with front 80/100-21 Bridgestone M404-A and rear 100/90-19 Bridgestone M403 tires.

The stopping power is assured by front and rear hydraulic single disc brakes (250 mm and 245 mm respectively).

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Meet the 2014 Yamaha – an agile motocross motorcycle aimed at dirt-riding lovers. One of the main concerns of Yamaha’s engineers before designing the YZ250 was to make it as light as possible. Therefore there is no wonder why the end result is so impressive, as the motorcycle’s wet weight is rated at only 227 lb.

To achieve this low weight Yamaha fitted the YZ250 with a light aluminum frame and swingarm which also play an important role in keeping the bike’s handling performances at a high level.

Besides the light frame, the bike is also equipped with similarly light 21-inch front and 19-inch rear Excel rims shod in rugged 80/100-21-51M front and 110/90-19-62M rear tyres.

The motorcycle’s center piece is a liquid-cooled 2-stroke; reed-valve inducted, 249 cc engine which is mated on a constant mesh transmission with wet, multiplate clutch.

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The Yamaha YZ125 rewards its rider with a tasty mix of power and agility which help you deal effortless with a wide range of terrains.

In terms of comfort, the Yamaha YZ125 features an ergonomically designed seat, a well made handlebar and an nonintrusive fuel tank. You won’t have any complains about the wide folding titanium foot pegs which are lightweight and offer a proper grip.

The bike is boosts a compact 124cc reed-valve-inducted two-stroke engine that is capable of producing a high power-to-weight ratio. Moreover, the reed-valve spacer on the bike enhances acceleration across the entire powerband. The bike is also fitted with the YPVS power-valve along with the six-speed, close-ratio transmission and Digital CDI ignition system.

The stopping power is assuared by YZ250F-style front-brake caliper and wave-style front and rear discs.

All components are mounted on a superior aluminum frame which is paired with a modern swingarm and a speed-sensitive 48mm KYB fork.

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When it comes to dirt bikes, Yamaha is one of the most appreciated manufacturers. Its models are packed with the latest technologies, boost capable engines and also offer first class performances and agility.

The Yamaha YZ85 makes no exception and its sporty nature is highly appreciated by the motocross lovers. The motorcycle rides on a lightweight 36mm KYB inverted cartridge fork featuring 10.8 inches of travel along with the rear suspension that features fully adjustable Kayaba link-type shock with 11.1 inches of travel.

The 2013 Yamaha YZ85 has been fitted with an 85cc liquid-cooled, crankcase reed-valve-inducted, two-stroke engine that inhales through a 28mm Keihin flat-slide carburetor, providing flawless throttle response across the powerband.

The engine is combined with the Digital CDI ignition system which releases more exact spark and monitors engine speed to make sure optimal timing for faster, stronger response during hard acceleration.

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After the radical makeover received in 2010 the Yamaha YZ450F continued to receive small upgrades which help it remain on the same line with its rivals. The year 2012 brings a series of small upgrades as well. The most significant modifications were made to improve the ride, smoothen the gearbox and to give the engine a better response.

To help the bike absorb bumps easier, Yamaha gave it a new set of valves which help the suspension to deal easier with the difficult parts of the track thus transferring fewer vibrations to the saddle.

The engine’s modifications were kept to minimum and the unit received a more rigid shift fork to improve the transition between second and third gears. There were also made a few tweaks to make the throttle smoother and to increase its response in the low-mid range.

The engine is mounted on an aluminum double “S” bend Bilateral Beam frame which is perfectly suited for off road driving.

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After has spent a lot of time on muddy tracks and harsh terrains, the old Yamaha YZ250 was blessed with a complete upgrade in 2010. The bike entered in 2011 without any changes, but the year 2012 has brought a new series of upgrades which help it remain at par with its rivals.

The YZ250F is one of the best looking small bore bikes in its class and we’re glad to see that Yamaha decided to keep the overall designed unchanged. Most of the upgrades were to the engine, frame and chassis, so all the action took place under the skin. Thanks to the new tweaks, the engine’s power was increased in the upper rev range. On the other hand, the upper frame rails have been changed from a two-box section to a three-box section to control flex, while the cast swingarm section and the engine brackets were also modified.

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All dirt bikes have a special aura which makes them slightly different than the rest of their siblings. One of their secrets is their perfect balance between comfort, practicality and performance, three ingredients that will always guarantee a fun riding experience.

One of the best bikes in this class is the Yamaha YZ250, designed to make you adrenaline levels explode every time you jump on the saddle.

The YZ250 is powered by a 249cc liquid-cooled reed-valve-inducted two-stroke engine which features special-design carbon fiber reed-valve petals for a sharper throttle response. The engine is mated on a five-speed, close-ratio transmission with heavy-duty, multiplate clutch. You can bring the bike to halt with the help of the front-brake caliper and wave-style front and rear discs.

The YZ250’s backbone is an advanced, lightweight aluminum frame which offers superior handling abilities. To reduce weight even more the removable aluminum rear subframe is constructed of square-section tubing.

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Super light weight, instantaneous power, less expensive to maintain, and reduced noise. We can run off more things to describe the new Yamaha YZ125, but we get the feeling that you already get the point.

With the advent of all those four-stroke bikes proliferating the market these days, it would seem like an easy thing to do to just let the two-stroke models wash away into the ocean, but not Yamaha . Always known for putting customer preferences to heart, the Japanese bikemaker has brought new life to the two-stroke YZ line-up with the introduction of the new YZ125.

The YZ125 features class-leading power flowing from a liquid-cooled, 124cc crankcase-reed-valve-inducted two-stroke engine that feeds through a close-ratio six-speed transmission for outstanding acceleration. Corner-exiting power and state-of-the-art handling capabilities comes courtesy of an advanced aluminum frame and swingarm, making he YZ125 about as good a two-stroke bike as you’ll find in the market these days.

The fact that it’s stamped with a Yamaha logo only adds more appeal and comfort.

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