Yamaha YZF

Yamaha YZF

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MIVV developed a perfect combination of innovative aesthetic and applied technology by creating a line of exhaust systems made out of titanium and carbon, delivering the best of performance.

The YZF R6 isn’t a race replica; it’s a racer, developed at racetracks, honed to perfection. For 2006, the R6 is light, powerful and bristling with knowledge gained from years of racing. As a result is one of the most advanced motorcycles ever built by Yamaha. Is also the first production motorcycle with a fly-by-wire throttle system-for flawless response under all conditions.

Open class ultra high performance.
Building on the most sought-after aportbike in the industry, the 2006 R1 has more horsepower and revised frame, swingarm and front forks to sharpen handling, traction and responsiveness.

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The British were pioneers at many things. Some were pleasant and enjoyable, like motorcycles, others not so much, like imperialism. At the very zenith of their motorcycling days, they had performance and handling, but they missed many other things – like oil-tight engines, the ability to make more power after they hit the ’plateau,’ and the ability to consistently imbue their machines with soul. The Italians, on the other hand, understood that last bit rather well. Right from the Cucciolo (...)
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Good times are not measured in seconds. Interested in a middle-weight sportbike but not going after any Supersport championships? The YZF-600R has amazing performance - in tune with the everyday needs of the real world.

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The YZF-R6 was born on the track to take you to extremes. We used our racing know-how to create a supersport bike that delivers the performance and feel you need to explore new limits. Outstanding features include MotoGP-derived YCC-T for ultra-precise throttle control and aluminium Deltabox frame for intense cornering performance.

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Yamaha’s new R1 it is even more aggressive looking and even more sporting. This fifth edition of one of the great sports bikes is all new while still keeping the great feel of the past. It has a new engine, now with a four valves per cylinder (in titanium) and has variable injection dimensions. The electronic acceleration is also new as is the frame and front and rear fork. Now the brakes have two 310 disk up front with radial pins and six mini pistons. The body has also been redesigned (...)
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All-new, light, powerful and packed with trickle-down MotoGP trickery, the YZF-R1 is the most advanced Open-class production motorcycle ever built.

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