Zero DS

Zero DS

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The 2014 Zero DS comes with a set of improvements which help it deliver better performances. The motorcycle has a pretty versatile character and feels similarly comfortable both on the street and on the dirt. It is built on a twin spar frame which sits on a set of fully adjustable suspensions.

Power comes from a Z force, 75-7 passively air cooled, radial flux permanent magnet, brushless motor which puts out a maximum torque of 68 Ft-Lb (92 Nm) and 54 Hp (40 KW) at 4,300 rpm.

The unit can propel you to a maximum speed of 80 Mph (129 Km/H) and can reach 100 kmph in 5.2 seconds. As far as batteries are concerned you can choose between three capacities - 8.5 KWh, 11.4 KWh and 14.2 KWh.

The motorcycle is offered with a base price of $12,995
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Compact, agile and strong, the 2013 version of the Zero DS is especially developed to reward you with a thrilling ride whenever you jump on its saddle.

The Zero DS is built on the platform of the new 2013 Zero S and is equipped with a completely new electric motor. The engine is powered by a modular power pack system which is available in two configurations: ZF 8.5 (one module) and ZF 11.4 (two modules).

Compared to the previous unit the new motor is 93% more powerful, generates 62% more torque and yields 13% greater city range offering an autonomy of 100 km for the ZF8.5 and 132 km for the ZF11.4.

As far as the charge is concerned the Zero DS can be charged to 95% at charging stations in an hour or less.

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With every year that passes the electric motorcycles gain more and more terrain and in the latest years they managed to be more successful than ever.

The motorcycle is propelled by a highly efficient air-cooled, DC Axial Flux Permanent Magnet motor which is powered by a set of Lithium-Ion Intelligent Power Pack batteries with a life expectancy of from 34,000 to 70,000 miles. The normal recharge time is ranging from two to four hours, but there are also available optional quick charge units which can cut the required recharge time approximately in half. The battery charging may be accomplished via either standard 110V or 220V outlets and the costs of recharging are ranging from $0.21 up to $0.48.

The motorcycle’s suspension was especially developed for off road riding, so it can deal with any type of terrain without any problems.

Among the features offered by the motorcycle you’ll find a locking front fork assembly, ignition key and high performance compound brake pads.

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The 2010 Zero DS is an electric bike with guts. It promises 96lb/ft of torque, all while weighing 277 pounds, and claims to have the ability to keep the rush coming on all kinds of terrains. What you’ll like about it the most is that it keeps its word on everything.

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California residents with a soft spot for electric motorcycles are now offered the possibility to buy the Zero DS and Zero S bikes at the special price of $7,495. That’s $1,500 less than what residents in the other 49 states will pay for the same bikes and it is all made possible through the California Clean Vehicle Program rebate and ten percent federal tax credit.

Zero Motorcycles will start a "Discover the Experience Tour" in order to popularize their 2010 product lineup – which is actually made of four electric models – and the $1,500 rebate applicable for their two bikes with the most chances to sell. Read the full press release after the jump.

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Zero Motorcycles has come a short way from idea to the world’s main electric motorcycle manufacturer and their 2010 product lineup already counts four models suiting four different riding tastes: the Zero S, which is your daily electric commuting bike, the Zero DS, pretty much an S model with off-road abilities, the Zero MX, what you would call an electric dirt bike and, finally, the Zero X, the plug-in trail bike. Sounds cool already? Click past the break for the official press release and launch video.

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