Zero MX

Zero MX

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Zero has become famous thanks to its electric motorcycles which are considered among the best in the business.

Given the fact that the concern for efficiency and environment is growing bigger and bigger with every year that passes the future of Zero seems to be pretty bright. Also, the electric technologies become more and more advanced and these bikes are starting to be able to compete with success against their petrol powered siblings.

The 2013 Zero MX models are equipped with a new Z-Force motor, which is up to 125% more powerful and offers 51% more torque. With 68 ft-lbs available at 0 rpm and 54 hp on tap the motorcycle rewards you with a sharp acceleration. The electric motor is powered by a modular power pack system which is available in two configurations: ZF2.8 (one module), ZF5.7 (two modules).

The performance characteristics of the Zero MX can be adjusted via Bluetooth and a compatible mobile device.

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On its own, the Zero MX is already one of the most fascinating bikes you’ll come across. But thanks to a number of additional features, the MX has become quite a catch in its own right. One of the extra features provided is the new Z-Force air induction system power pack that is rated for a maximum 2.0 kWH from the lithium-ion battery. These Z-Force batteries carry a quick-charge option that can cut the recharge time up to half.

In addition, the bike’s overall design exudes a picture of refinement, none more evident than in the front end, which has been equipped with a speed sensor that is available on the motor shaft. The graphics layout on the bike also gives the MX a renewed freshness, particularly the combination of the red and white color scheme. If there’s one thing that’s going to need some getting used to, it’s the bike’s riding position and rigid seat. It’s not inconvenient by any stretch; it just needs a little breaking in.

Add in a new set of Birdgestone motocross tires, a dual-piston hydraulic front caliper with 220mm wave-style disc, and a state-of-the-art suspension system that features a remote reservoir feeding the rear shock via a steel-braided line, and you have a motocross bike that’s unique by its own merits.

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Time has come for green dirt bike riding and, why not, racing with the 2010 Zero MX, the world’s first electric motocross ride. Zero Motorcycles also plan on maintaining it on its “most advanced electric dirt bike” position, so for this year they’ve upgraded virtually everything they could: powertrain, suspension, looks.

Furthermore, two versions are available, the Zero MX Sport and the Zero MX Extreme. With more power and stiffer suspension, this last version is the closest thing to a racing electric dirt bike that money can buy. It rewards you with 50 ft-lbs, 23 horsepower and only weighs 172 pounds, so it’s more or less like a mountain bike on steroids.

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Zero Motorcycles has come a short way from idea to the world’s main electric motorcycle manufacturer and their 2010 product lineup already counts four models suiting four different riding tastes: the Zero S, which is your daily electric commuting bike, the Zero DS, pretty much an S model with off-road abilities, the Zero MX, what you would call an electric dirt bike and, finally, the Zero X, the plug-in trail bike. Sounds cool already? Click past the break for the official press release and launch video.

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