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Zero S

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Zero decided to upgrade its S model for 2014. The new model year features a long list of improvements which help it deliver better performances in terms of power, ride and handling.

Among the modifications made for the 2014 model year you’ll find larger 43 mm forks, a redesigned chin fairing, new triple clamps and a new dashboard. Moreover, the bike’s ground clearance has been raised by an inch and the suspension is now oriented more towards comfort.

The 2014 Zero S is propelled by a Z-Force, 75-7 passively air-cooled, high efficiency, radial flux permanent magnet, brushless motor which delivers a maximum power of 54 Hp (40 KW) @ 4,300 rpm and 68 Ft-Lb (92 Nm) of torque. The engine is mated to a clutchless, one-speed transmission and can propel you to a maximum speed of 95 mph.

As far as battery packs are concerned, the Zero S gives you the possibility to choose between three versions (8.5 kWh, 11.4 kWh and 12.5 kWh).

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The Zero S is a sporty model developed for those who are searching for a fast yet efficient bike. The motorcycle has received a set of pretty significant upgrades for 2013 and the most important is the new electric motor.

The new unit is 93% more powerful, generates 62% more torque and yields 20% greater city range compared to the old one. As far as the autonomy is concerned the Zero S is able to travel 137 mi (city), or 85 mi (highway), on a single charge which makes it the most capable motorcycle in its class.

You won’t complain about the bike’s acceleration either, while the maximum speed is also pretty good being rated at 95 Mph.

Other notable features include Nissin brakes, passenger pegs and a customizable dashboard.

The Zero S is available at a starting price of $13,995.00.

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Zero Motorcycle announced a series of upgrades for its S models. The company declared that after the new upgrades, both the S ZF6 and S ZF9 come with a longer life, increased top speed (142 km/h) and an improved range (up to 160 km).

The Zero S motorcycles are now packed with a new set of batteries which are rated to 3,000 complete charge cycles before hitting 80% capacity and have a life expectancy of up to 308,000 miles.

The Zero S is offered in toe versions namely in 6 and 9 kWh configurations.

Recharging time for the Zero S 6 kwh takes approximately 6 hours (100% charged) and 5.3 hours (95% charged) through a standard outlet, while the 9 kwh model takes 9 hours (100% charged) or 8 hours (95% charged).

There are also quick-charge options that can shorten the recharge times by up to 75 percent.

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Zero Motorcycles recently presented their 2010 product lineup and because the Zero S is their first and most advanced street model yet, the plug-in bike demads a fair share of attention. While most will consider it the electric equivalent of a supermoto powered by a 250cc internal combustion engine, as we’ve come to find, this think is capable of offering an entirely different riding experience due to the lack of engine sound and a classic transmission, all despite it’s limited 67mph top speed.

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California residents with a soft spot for electric motorcycles are now offered the possibility to buy the Zero DS and Zero S bikes at the special price of $7,495. That’s $1,500 less than what residents in the other 49 states will pay for the same bikes and it is all made possible through the California Clean Vehicle Program rebate and ten percent federal tax credit.

Zero Motorcycles will start a "Discover the Experience Tour" in order to popularize their 2010 product lineup – which is actually made of four electric models – and the $1,500 rebate applicable for their two bikes with the most chances to sell. Read the full press release after the jump.

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Zero Motorcycles has come a short way from idea to the world’s main electric motorcycle manufacturer and their 2010 product lineup already counts four models suiting four different riding tastes: the Zero S, which is your daily electric commuting bike, the Zero DS, pretty much an S model with off-road abilities, the Zero MX, what you would call an electric dirt bike and, finally, the Zero X, the plug-in trail bike. Sounds cool already? Click past the break for the official press release and launch video.

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It is now official! The world witnessed the unveiling of Zero’s S model, the first ever road legal supermoto powered by a lithium-ion battery. Like all early technologies, the electric bike doesn’t dethrone any traditionally powered supermoto, but the 31 horsepower and 84.6 Nm powerplant performance figures aren’t to be ignored either. Considering the bike’s 102kg, the top speed is of 96.6 km/h. Ok, so it isn’t that impressive, but the bike is expected to sell in a great number.

Instead of fuel capacity and mpg, now we’re talking about charging time (which in this case if of four hours) and range (also, a decent 97 km). From the very first glance, the Zero S doesn’t look quite like any regular supermoto two-wheeler because of the battery replacing the noisy four-stroke motor. That’s also most likely the reason why this bike features a fairing, apart from the basic one that the bodywork was needed in order to call the thing attractive.

The bike has a price tag of $9,950 and will start being delivered next month. We’re just waiting to see the most ostentatious of you out there on the supermoto tracks. But until then, here’s Zero’s official video for this bike precisely on a supermoto track.

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