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Electric bike manufacturers such as Zero Motorcycles are just revving up on their ascendant market path and it order for them to achieve high standards, demands head towards highly experienced engineers with innovative ideas to make their green bikes stand out from all points of view.

What we’re talking about here is a happy case as Abe Askenazi, who worked as Vice President of Engineering for Buell in the last 14 years and who was free of contract after Harley-Davidson annihilated Buells from the production line, is now seeing his way towards Zero Motorcycles.

It is great to see the American company investing in know-how because this is the only way they’ll make it on the short and long run. Hit the jump to read the full press release.

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Zero Motorcycles has announced their entry into the 2010 TTXGP series, which turns them into competitors for Team Agni and CRP Racing. The company’s race bike will be built around a Mavizen TTX02 chassis, the same as on KTM’s RC8 superbike, while the battery packs and electric motors will be those of the Zero’s Z-Force.

Sounds like the competition is getting stiffer and stiffer in the TTXGP’s electric motorcycle racing series, eGrandPrix and we can’t wait for next year’s May, when the first race is scheduled at Infineon in California.

Press release is attached after the jump.

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Today, May 1st, at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, Europe’s Quantya Track all-electric dirt bike faces the Zero X, America’s top electric motorcycle in a showdown as never before. During the half time show of the AMA/Maxxis MiniMoto Supercross race, five bikes from each manufacturer will go head to head in quiet dirt-spreading action towards the finish line.

30 pounds lighter and 69 per cent more powerful, the Zero X starts as a favorite, but the Track is sure to give it a hard time which is precisely what the crowd has gathered for.

Press release after the jump.

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What we’re seeing here is a totally camouflaged Zero X motorcycle being ridden to hunting. The off-road model is brought back in the public eye after the launch of the Zero S , an electric urban commuter.

The reasons why the bike in this video is great for hunting and for nature lovers in general are more than obvious: it doesn’t pollute and doesn’t make any engine noise whatsoever so a skilled rider and hunter shouldn’t scare all the dears away.

See action footage after the jump.

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It is now official! The world witnessed the unveiling of Zero’s S model, the first ever road legal supermoto powered by a lithium-ion battery. Like all early technologies, the electric bike doesn’t dethrone any traditionally powered supermoto, but the 31 horsepower and 84.6 Nm powerplant performance figures aren’t to be ignored either. Considering the bike’s 102kg, the top speed is of 96.6 km/h. Ok, so it isn’t that impressive, but the bike is expected to sell in a great number.

Instead of fuel capacity and mpg, now we’re talking about charging time (which in this case if of four hours) and range (also, a decent 97 km). From the very first glance, the Zero S doesn’t look quite like any regular supermoto two-wheeler because of the battery replacing the noisy four-stroke motor. That’s also most likely the reason why this bike features a fairing, apart from the basic one that the bodywork was needed in order to call the thing attractive.

The bike has a price tag of $9,950 and will start being delivered next month. We’re just waiting to see the most ostentatious of you out there on the supermoto tracks. But until then, here’s Zero’s official video for this bike precisely on a supermoto track.

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The last weekend saw Zero Motorcycles undergoing the 24 Hours of Electricross competition which ended up setting two Guinness World Records, one for the furthest distance traveled in 24 hours on an all-electric off-road motorcycle (500 miles) and the other for the largest electric motorcycle race (50 competitors racing for 10 teams).

Satisfied with the results, founder of Zero Motorcycles and organizer of the race, Neal Saiki said that "this event proved that electric technology can endure the same level of competition as their gas-powered counterparts, however, the power resources to compete are drastically different. The total cost to power all 10 motorcycles for 24 hours was approximately $100,"

Here’s a video from the first international endurance competition for off-road electric motorcycles won by team HotChalks MDV.

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Zero Motorcycles offers to everyone owning an electric motorcycle, ATV or quad the change to put their name in the record books on 4th of April. They are the organizers of world’s first 24 hour off-road endurance event destined to electric bikes and all riders are invited to a racing incursion in the world of battery-powered vehicles.

The event will take place in San Jose at the 408MX Motocross Track and it is all covered By Zero Motorcycle, including free food and drinks for everyone. All that you have to do is register until March 20th and be there on the event’s date.

All competitors will win a prize, but only those who make it to the podium will take home a trophy. Even those who don’t own an electric bike should be prepared for a surprise from Zero Motorcycles. Ok, that’s all I’m saying apart from the fact that buying a Zero X motorcycle can get you approximately $745 back in sales tax deduction.

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Jay Leno has invited Neal Saiki, the inventor of Zero Motorcycles, to talk about the 2009 Zero X motorcycle which has just become available for purchase at the Zero Motorcycles website.

“After years of designing electric motorcycles we’re still innovating to go faster and further. The 09 Zero X is another evolutionary leap forward. We’ve made several key changes based on suggestions from both pro riders and our current customers,” said Neal Saiki, inventor and founder of Zero Motorcycles. “We are definitely the leader in electric motorcycle technology and we intend to remain out front.”

The new model year electric bike incorporates mostly chassis upgrades (frame, suspension, brakes and wheels) as the powerplant was sorted out ever since the groundbreaking ’08 entry.

Highly performing and zero polluting, the Zero X is powered by a 23 horsepower electric motor and features a lithium-ion power pack that fully charges in approximately two hours. The aluminum frame is actually a very advanced unit as well so overall the bike ends up weighing 151 pounds.

Zero X’s performances are comparable to the ones of modern day 250cc four-stroke dirt bikes and the bike is destined to challenging terrains. Still, it can be fitted with a street legal kit and hit the streets.

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