Circuit de Catalunya (barcelona)

Circuit de Catalunya (barcelona)

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The three day testing session held in Barcelona is over. Now the Formula One teams are analyzing the data obtained by their drivers and are preparing for the next testing session, and of course for the next Formula One season. The “luxury” test driver Michael Schumacher had in the first two days the best time, in the third testing day Kovalainen had the best time, by the way Schumacher didn’t race in the third day at Barcelona – probably Ferrari didn’t had enough money to pay their “luxury” (...)
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Today started the preparation for the 2008 season with a three-day testing session at Barcelona’s Circuit de Catalunya in Spain. All the 11 teams are preparing for the next season, the engineers and drivers started to work on the key rule changes for next season - the banning of traction control and the obligatory use of a standard ECU to control their cars’ engine electronics. Ferrari asked Michael Schumacher to help them with the preparation for the next season, the German knowledge of (...)

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