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For all the drama and hype surrounding Michael Schumacher’s return to Formula One, the seven-time world champion doesn’t have much to show for it. Struggling may be an appropriate word, but whatever Schumacher has going for him, his performances on-track have not resulted from it.

So, while it’s easy to point the blame on the lackluster car Schumi’s driving, the emergence of teammate Nico Rosberg, who, incidentally drives the same Mercedes F1 car, has put Schumached under quite a quandary. In an effort to show that he still has ’it’, Mercedes has decided to give Schumcher a new chassis engine for the F1 season’s next race in Barcelona on May 9, 2010. There are no rules being broken by having two completely different chassis on the same race car so, it may not be that far-fetched to have the Mercedes teammates racing the remainder of the 2010 season in two different cars.

If and when it does happen, Michael Schumacher will have to take care of the rest and the only way that he can take that big retirement gorilla off his back is to stir up one impressive result after another because, to be honest, the Schumi we’ve so far seen this year, is merely a shell of the Schumacher we’ve come to love.

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With more and more factory backed teams preparing to make a break from Formula One in 2010 due to conflicts regarding rule regulations and budget disagreements, it’s a welcome relief that there are a host of new entires for next season, like the USF1 effort, or a champion of the past like Lotus.

Last seen in 1994, Lotus is potentially seeking a comeback in Formula One to recapture some of that old glory it had back in its heyday when it won a total of seven world championships and boasted a field of Hall of Fame drivers that included world class drivers like Jim Clark, Graham Hill, Jochen Rindt, Emerson Fittipaldi and Mario Andretti.

The principal behind Lotus’ re-entry into Formula 1 is no other than Mike Gascoyne, the venerable F1 veteran who is now part of the Litespeed Formula 3 team that was able to secure the rights to use the Lotus brand in its bid to re-enter the prestigious world of F1.

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The winner of the title last year and one of the three championship leaders, Kimi Raikkonen, pushed last sunday, before the race, a well respected photographer, that has been taking pictures on the Formula 1 for the last decades.

Here is what he posted on his webpage:

Following the incident involving Kimi Raikkonen and Paul-Henri Cahier on the starting grid of the British Grand Prix in Silverstone, that saw the finnish driver assault the photographer, we decided that it was necessary to clarify a few points.

There never was any contact between the two men, nor did Paul-Henri ever touch Kimi’s equipment. Furthermore, the distance at which Paul-Henri Cahier was taking a picture, although close, was completely standard. The photographers who take pictures at Grand Prix races are all professionnals who have been accredited by the FIA, and as the dozen other photographers who were standing next to Paul-Henri Cahier prove, there was nothing unusual or unethical about this situation.

Finally, Paul-Henri Cahier has been an F1 photographer for almost fourty years and has been close to the greatest champions, but none of them has ever behaved in such a rude manner. It is understandable that drivers might get irritable because of the pressure they undergo, but Kimi Raikkonen never even attempted to express his discontent in a non violent way. Paul-Henri Cahier luckily did not suffer any injury, and so does not intend to take any action, but he regrets the arrogance with which Kimi Raikkonen treated someone who was merely doing his job.

If you want to see the video of the incident, click here.

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After a busy year, in which they were accused of stealing Ferrari’s secrets, after being disqualified from the Formula One’s Constructor Championship, that they could easily have won, after their driver Lewis Hamilton lost the Driver Championship by 2 points, finally McLaren can be happy. They have a better car than Ferrari. A car that won eight of Formula One’s 17 races, a car – MP4-22 – that won the Racing Car of the Year award at the Autosport Awards ceremony held in London. Paddy Lowe, the (...)
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Lewis Hamilton received last night the prizes for Best British Competition Driver, Best International Racing Driver and Rookie of the Year at the Autosport Awards held at the Grosvenor House Hotel on London’s Park Lane. Viviane Senna, who presented Lewis with an award, compared the British driver with her brother Ayrton Senna: “He reminds me of Ayrton, as a pilot.” After receiving his awards, Lewis said that he was more nervous when he received these awards than he was in 1995 at the (...)
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Giancarlo Fisichella responded to Bernie Ecclestone’s “advice” to leave Formula One, writing an open letter on his official website. The letter said: “Dear Bernie, I read with interest your interview in Auto Moto und Sport, faithfully published by your own web site. You are the father of Formula One and like a father you have talked about your children, including me. I wanted to remind you dear daddy, I mean dear Bernie, that I am the one who won the first Grand Prix in Melbourne in 2005 (...)
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Bernie Ecclestone told to the German magazine Auto Motor und Sport that Ralf Schumacher and Giancarlo Fisichella would better quit Formula One rather than to drive for Force India in 2008. Ecclestone “advice” comes after the Indian billionaire Vijay Mallya announced that at the Jerez test Schumacher, Fisichella, Christian Klien, Tonio Liuzzi, Franck Montagny, Roldan Rodriguez and Giedo van der Garde will try to obtain a driver’s seat at Force India. Bernie said about Ralf’s and Fisichella’s (...)
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Force India F1 Team is preparing for the four day test (4 – 7 December) held at the Circuit de Jerez in southern Spain. For the test Force India has called no less than seven drivers: Roldan Rodriguez and Giedo van der Garde that will drive for one day each, Giancarlo Fisichella, Franck Montagny and Ralf Schumacher will join the team for a full day’s testing, Christian Klien and Vitantonio Liuzzi will also participate for one day thanks to their outstanding performance in Barcelona. (...)
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Adrian Sutil and Christian Klien are willing to do everything in their power to drive for the new Formula One team Force India. Adrian Sutil signed a long term deal with his current outfit last year and, although his name was linked in the last weeks with other team, he declared that he is now waiting to see who his teammate at Force India would be. He said: “I have a valid contract with Force India for 2008 and I am not looking around elsewhere.” He thinks that Force India will choose (...)
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Ralf Schumacher is still looking for a team that would let him drive in the next Formula One season. The former Toyota driver would really appreciate a contract offer from McLaren, that after Fernando Alonso’s departure hasn’t yet decided who will be Hamilton team mate for the 2008 season. Ralf declared about the free driver position at McLaren: “Every driver out there in the market would love to sit in their super car.” Ralf Schumacher could be a solution for McLaren, especially now when (...)

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